Amazfit Cor Review: Feature packed

This Amazfit Cor review covers all of the important features including design, comfort, display, battery life, fitness tracking and more.

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This Amazfit Cor Review aims in highlighting the main features, advantages, and drawbacks of Xiaomi’s wearable.


After the success of Amazfit Bip, an extremely affordable smartwatch with 45 days of battery life; Amazfit is trying to break into the world of fitness trackers with all the Amazfit Cor.

The Cor is a budget physical fitness tracker that comes at $55, only approximately $10 under its smarter cousin, the Bip. The Cor surfaced back in January in China, and now it’s becoming an international release as Huami looks to strengthen Xiaomi’s dominance at the affordable exercise tracker marketplace.

metal curve appearance

And on paper, it creates a fantastic case. This item is packed to the gills with features, but do those attributes, and its nondescript looks add up to something worth its low price? Or are you better off turning to the priciest Bip or a much more expensive Fitbit? Keep reading to find out.

Amazfit Cor: Design

The Cor looks familiar to the various wearables like the Charge, Vivofit, Gear Fit2 Guru or Huawei Band 2 Pro.

However, it’s exceptionally generic; a little each one of the above. It looks both comfortable and forgettable at the same moment. There is little that’s visually interesting here, except for perhaps the marine-grade stainless steel, which gives it a tiny touch of sophistication.

amazfitt core smartband

The built material feels much better than its price suggests when you are tackling it, which is striking. Unfortunately, it’s another story when you put it on, since the quality of the materials doesn’t carry over to just how bulky the Cor feels about the wrist. It is a nuisance under sleeves and in bed. Despite being 4 g lighter than the 36-gram Fitbit Charge two, the Cor feels milder.

To begin with, the buckle on the band is a bit frustrating. The band is determined by a very simple loop and clasp mechanism: loop the underside band through the top band and then grip.

It sounds straight forward, however, this ends up with you try to determine that you did not get it as tight onto your wrist as you believed you had. So then you’ve got to keep adjusting and pulling until you get it as tight as you want. If you don’t do this, it’ll rattle around on your wrist like an oversize watch.

Main Features

The Cor has a 1.23 inch IPS LCD screen and can track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality. It also has built-in heart rate monitor and activity tracking features such as running mode, cycling mode and swimming mode.

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It is equipped with IP68 water resistance rating; 5ATM waterproofing (up to 50 meters)

You can connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 to sync data from the device to the Amazfit app on your phone so you can keep track of your progress over time. The app will show you how many steps you’ve walked each day, how many calories you’ve burned off during workouts or while sleeping, etc… And if you’re really into stats like we are here at Techaeris then this is definitely for you!


The 1.23 inch IPS LCD screen is too tall. On an exercise tracker, you have the fundamental unit that is hard and solid, usually made out of some sort of metal. That challenging section of the fitness tracker is all about as tall as my wrist, that is a bit bulky. This makes it harder to have a solid fit because there’s more space for the strap to not adapt to your wrist.


big color touchscreen

The screen is mostly fine. It does a decent job when exposed to the sun. However, it is not as premium as other screens like the Apple Watch. It performs far better indoors, naturally. It would have been fine if the screen was simpler to look at though because turning it can be a chore. You are supposed to tap the tiny home area below the display, but hitting it in an ideal way is hard, which may be extremely annoying while you’re on a jog. The swipe interface functions mostly well, while there are a few tiny niggles that will take you by surprise – such as the exercise program automatically launch into a workout once you click on it.

Elsewhere, you’ve got a comfortable heart rate sensor on the bottom, 5 ATM waterproofing so you can take it swimming, an accelerometer, and detachable straps, should you want to replace the layout.

Amazfit Cor Review

The Cor may look nice, with a little sprinkle of sophistication thanks to that stainless steel. However, it also can be a bit frustrating actually to utilize.

Activity Application

As seems to be the theme using this tracker, the Cor is a combination of impressive and unsatisfactory elements. The exercise app is very simple to operate. You simply press a button to start and there you go. All you have got to do is start the exercise app and that’s it.

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Amazfit Cor Review

Tracks most activities

There are no modes to pick from. There are no exercises to choose from. It simply tracks whatever activity you are doing. On the companion program, these workouts – no matter what they are – are simply listed as”exercise”. So while it’s waterproof and it can come with you where you exercise, it will mostly only track your calories and heart rate.

In case you’re looking for more advanced solutions with more metrics, your best bet is to turn elsewhere. The Amazfit Cor would like to keep things as simple as possible. Once it lacks in categorizing workouts, it actually performs great when it’s monitoring.

Tracks most activities

When monitoring heart rate, it did a good job when placed up from the Wahoo Tickr X, exactly enjoy the Amazfit Bip did. My maximum heart rate was the exact same on the two devices, but my normal heart rate on the Cor was reduced by roughly 10 BPM.

Then there is sleep monitoring, which largely did a good job of keeping up with all the Fitbit Charge 2. It had been about in line with my bedtime and gave me a bit more deep sleep time compared to the Fitbit, but two or three times it went completely off the rails and obtained my wake-up time was wrong.

The Charge 2 correctly knew when I woke up daily without fail. However, the Cor would seemingly take turns. One day it would understand when I was getting up, then another day it could only feel that I awakened hours after I really did. It’s likely the Cor struggled my groggy moves as I got up from the bed.

Activity Features

The Cor isn’t for you in the event that you want detailed exercise metrics. In fact, it’s probably going to fail you. However, if you’re looking for a simple physical fitness tracker that can do a fairly solid job of monitoring your heart rate, the Cor at least ticks those boxes.

The Cor offers a variety of smart features. Swiping down from the main face, you’ll find a menu of various choices. These include a summary of your day with your step count, distance covered, current heart rate. Also, calories burned and how static you’ve been.

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to be better yourself

You are also able to get a running record of your notifications. It is always handy to have a location where you can look back at all of your alerts, but it’s also hidden from a menu. It would have been far more suitable if it was one of the main swipe gestures from the main face.

The alarms on the Cor simply mirror those popping up on your mobile phone. App support is pretty good though, which means you will probably see everything going on, from the phone calls and text messages for your Facebook alarms, WhatsApp messages and much more. However, these can be filtered through, to prevent your wrist going every couple of seconds.

Notifications feedback

That is just as well since the notifications feedback is particularly loud. Don’t forget to turn on. Don’t Disturb option in case you’re sleeping.

In addition to that, you’ve got Huami’s standard set of attributes. Weather will tell you that the weather (obviously), and you can set that up in the companion program. There is also a timer and alert, in the event you want to receive your clock. In the settings app, you’ll find a few choices for alternative watch faces. The watch face can be different enough from the default to be interesting although not interesting enough to switch to.

You’ll also receive a few more advanced watch faces you can change, but you will have to download them, and Huami warns they’ll affect your battery life. All in all, the Cor has a robust set of features for a fitness tracker.

Battery Life

Huami claims about 12 days of battery life from the Cor. I’ve had the device for approximately a full week now. Did four runs and receiving lots of notifications.

Amazfit Cor Review

After all this, I’m down to 48%. It’s safe to say the 12-day guarantee from Huami is likely an underpromise-overdeliver sort of situation, and I have seen nothing to make me believe otherwise. It was a bit weird that a GPS-less fitness tracker could have about one-third the battery life of this Bip, a smartwatch using GPS, but here we are.


If you’re searching for a gym tracker with great battery lifetime, the Cor is surely going to fit the bill.

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