RunUltra Articles – 7 articles on generous strangers, hips, heartbeats, stretching and first steps in ultra running

7 articles on generous strangers, hips, heartbeats, stretching and first steps in ultra running
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Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Has it been two weeks already? Fear not, we have plenty more reading suggestions from the web for you. This time we start with some inspirational images. Even if you live surrounded by flat grey concrete, they will make your feet twitch. Also, we have a great story from Alice Morrison and the kindness of strangers.

Training-wise we have articles on better use of your muscles, heart rate tracking devices, bad stretching moves and an encouragement to keep running no matter how old you are. Finally, our favourite RunUltra coach, Andy Mouncey, summarises the 10 key aspects newbie ultra runners should take into consideration when thinking about making the leap. Enjoy.

Run Iceland

If you were wondering why so many people have gone Iceland-crazy, here’s why. We’d like to inspire your next run with some stunning running landscapes in Iceland, courtesy of Salomon Running TV.

You never run alone

Running solo doesn’t always mean you’re on your own as Alice Morrison found out when something went slightly amiss after her morning solo run on the beach. Read what happened here.

It’s all in the hip

Running stride efficiency, the correct use of your gluteal muscles when running is a fundamental part of enhancing your running economy and decreasing the risk of injury when out on the trails. Read the article.

Heart rate training methods

If you track your heart rate by strap, wrist or ear, read this article to find out how each method works.

When stretching is bad

Find out what Dane Rauschenberg means when he advises against static stretching before a run. Read the article.

Too old to run? You wish

Beth Risdon investigates if running is beneficial or detrimental to our health as we age. Read the article.

10 things you need to know about ultra running

Still not sure ultra running is for you? Coach Andy Mouncey gives you 10 great pieces of advice to help you make up your mind. Read them here.

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