RunUltra Articles – 7 articles on Kilian Jornet, flat and mountain training, ultra mistakes, body enhancements, hyperthe

7 articles on Kilian Jornet, flat and mountain training, ultra mistakes, body enhancements, hyperthermia and ankle sprains


Last updated: 24-Aug-18

By Elsa Trujillo

In honour of one of our running heroes who, yet again, smashed another record, this week, our selection of running articles is very much mountain-based.

Our Kilianesque selection includes the man himself explaining his humble running kit, and some advice on training for the mountains on the flats or down some real mountains when you’re lucky to have them.

In addition, there’s a piece on how to prevent heat stroke in summer running conditions and some great advice on ultra mistakes and how to “enhance” your bodies, ladies, once your spring chicken years are over. Finally, RunUltra’s favourite physiotherapist has some great exercises to cure your ankle sprains. Enjoy.

The legend continues

You might have heard that Kilian Jornet beat the Bob Graham Round 36-year standing record by almost an hour last weekend. Watch the mountain master pack a basic kit for another great feat of fell running.

Is it hot where you’re running?

If it’s hot where you live or hot where you’re going to be running next, please take extra care when training or competing. Here is an article to help you avoid heat exhaustion, or worse, a heat stroke.

Live in the flats?

Living in the Netherlands, the Everglades or the Australian outback does not mean you have to travel to do some mountain training. Here’s an article by David Roche on how to train yourself to run down a mountain like Kilian Jornet.

Are you a mountain goat?

If, however, you do have access to great mountains like the Rockies, the Alps or the Pyrenees, read this article by Morgan Sjogren on how to train for the mountains specifically.

Ultra mistakes

The chances are, if you’ve run an ultra, you’ve made a mistake. Jennifer Bonn writes about hers in this article.

Body enhancements

Runner Elizabeth Hoekstra discusses aging bodies, mental issues, and running enhancements for the over 50 ultra running woman. Read her article here.

Are you in ankle trouble?

And if after all your mountain training and Kilian-emulating running you experience ankle trouble, our very own RunUltra physiotherapist has some great advice to heal your aching joints.


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