RunUltra Articles – 7 articles on stress, fuels and injuries and first time advice

7 articles on stress, fuels and injuries and first time advice



By Elsa Trujillo

We have some great articles and podcasts for you this week. For your training advice, we have some recommendations to avoid taking your stress onto the tracks and some great pieces on how injuries can be prevented and how to adapt when they go ahead and happen anyway.

For your nutrition needs, there’s a comprehensive piece on overall nutrition and a more detailed article on the advantages of caffeine.

Finally, if you are thinking about signing up to your first 50km, we’ve added Andy Mouncey’s great and encouraging piece on being ready and some helpful tips on how to avoid not finishing. Enjoy.

Training stress

If you thought that a training run might help you to de-stress, think again. According to this article, you need to be relaxed to make the most of your run. Read more.

Preventing injuries

We’ve found a group of ultra running coaches packed together in this podcast, discussing injuries and whether they can be predicted and prevented. Listen on.

Recovering from injuries

If it’s happened and you’re injured, you still have to continue moving forward. We’ve found some helpful tips in this article to keep you going. Find them here.

Fuelling tips

Train. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Emphasis on the “eat”. Here’s a great piece covering all the different aspects of a great nutrition plan for training.

Coffee run

Coffee is not just for waking up your brain in the morning. There’s a range of advantages if you include caffeine in your nutrition plan for training. Read this article to find out more.

Avoiding the dreaded DNF

If you’re training for your first ultra race, we’ve found you some advice in the form of 10 useful tips to help you avoid the dreaded DNF. Listen to the podcast.

Ready for your first ultra?

Our favourite coach, Andy Mouncey, goes into great detail in this article to convince you how you might just be about ready to sign up to that first ultra. Read on.


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