Fitness Tips: Reasons You Should Do HIIT Workouts

Fitness Tips: Reasons You Should Do HIIT Workouts

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Fitness Tips: Reasons You Should Do HIIT Workouts

Exercise is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a fantastic way to get in a full-body workout. HIIT focuses on cardio and resistance training while also giving you recovery periods to rest. Discover the reasons you should do HIIT workouts regularly as you craft a fitness routine to keep your mind and body healthy.

HIIT Burns More Calories

This type of workout will burn more calories than moving at a steady rate like you typically would during a cardio workout. For example, you can do HIIT training on the treadmill if you love running but want to create challenges for yourself.

Another reason this workout burns more calories than other forms of exercise is that it combines cardio and resistance training. This combination means it targets your muscles during and after working out. You’re more likely to burn many calories during and after you finish exercising since the body repairs itself after that intense round of exercise.

It Builds Muscle

While HIIT burns calories, it also burns muscle, which is one reason you’ll continue burning those calories at rest. High-intensity workouts encourage our bodies to burn more fat. When you add other exercises like squats, pushups, or burpees, you can increase your heart rate while also working your muscles. Additionally, the intensity of HIIT gives your muscles less time to rest during the exercise routine, which helps to improve endurance.

HIIT Challenges Your Brain Too

HIIT also keeps your brain on its toes because you must focus on your body and know what workout you’ll do next. Maintaining proper form is vital to your exercise; sometimes, it can make a world of difference when building muscle.

It’s More Efficient

Some of us are cardio people while others are resistance people, and nothing’s wrong with either type of exercise. However, HIIT gives you the best of both worlds by encouraging a balance of cardio and resistance workouts. Best yet, you don’t necessarily need workout equipment for an amazing HIIT workout!

A Bonus

Many love HIIT because you don’t have to set aside an hour in the day to get your heart rate up. If you only have 20 minutes, that’s fine; you’ll get in a great workout.

It Keeps Workouts Motivating

The final reason you should do HIIT workouts is that it keeps things fun. A workout can get boring when you constantly do the same thing daily. And HIIT workouts are one great way to motivate yourself to work out! For starters, you continuously change your movements as you jump from one form of exercise to the next. In addition, you can create several HIIT workout routines for yourself, so you never grow bored. Find a workout you love so that you’re always excited to get your body moving!