The Ultimate Guide to Best Sports Watches for Triathletes in 2023

Push Your Limits The Ultimate Guide to Best Sports Watches for Triathletes in 2023

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Discover the untapped potential of your triathlon performance with the Best Sports Watches for Triathletes in 2023. As triathlons continue to captivate athletes worldwide, the role of technology in unlocking peak performance has never been more vital.

The thrill of the open water, the exhilaration of the bike ride, and the surge of pushing your limits on the run – triathlon is a sport that tests its participants’ physical and mental fortitude. But as with any endeavor, the right tools can make a world of difference, and in triathlon, that tool is the sports watch.

Unleashing Your Potential with the Best Sports Watches for Triathletes

Sports watches have evolved from mere timekeepers to sophisticated performance trackers, offering a wealth of insights to help you optimize your training and achieve your triathlon goals. Whether a seasoned triathlete or starting out, the right sports watch can be your key to success.

Types of Sports Watches

Types of Sports Watches

There are several types of sports watches designed specifically for triathletes:

  • Triathlon watches – Watches that are customized for triathlon training and racing. They typically feature functions like split timing, interval training, pace guidance, heart rate monitoring, and GPS tracking of distance, pace, and speed. Leading brands for triathlon watches include Garmin, Polar, Suunto, and Lezyne.
  • GPS triathlon watches – Integrated with GPS to provide real-time feedback on your swim, bike, and run pace and performance. GPS watches can track your distance, speed, duration, and splits for each leg of the triathlon.
  • Basic multisport watches – More versatile and affordable options for triathlon training. They have basic features like a stopwatch, lap timer, interval training, and heart rate monitoring. Some also have limited GPS capabilities.
  • Heart rate monitors – Triathletes can use heart rate monitors paired with fitness trackers or cycling computers for metabolic training and heart-based guidance. Polar, Garmin, and Suunto make popular triathlon heart rate monitors.
  • Wrist-worn cycling computers – Cycling computers that securely mount to your wrist for bike training give you speed, distance, cadence, and ride time. Some can pair with a heart rate strap for monitoring exertion levels.
  • Head-up displays – For advanced cycling dashboard needs, head-up displays project information into your field of view. Revolutions per minute, power, speed, and navigation are commonly displayed. These require a mount on your bike handlebars.
  • Fitness trackers – Basic models can work for triathlon training and tracking basic metrics, but dedicated triathlon and sports watches give you more focused swim, bike, and run-specific capabilities. Fitness trackers alone may lack certain features that triathletes depend on.

Features to Look For Sports Watches for Triathletes

Features to Look For Sports Watches for Triathletes


A waterproof sports watch is essential for triathletes. The best options should be water-resistant to depths of 50 meters (165 feet) or greater to withstand swimming and open water training. Anything less will not suit the water-based demands of triathlon.

Battery Life

As a triathlete, you train for long durations and races, so a watch with short battery life will quickly become tiresome. Look for watches that offer at least 12-16 hours of battery life per charge. This ensures you can get through back-to-back long-distance rides and open water swims without interruption to recharge the battery. Some watches have battery-saving modes for even longer endurance.

Display Quality

View them under actual outdoor training conditions when trying on sports watches. Some screens can be challenging to read from certain angles in bright light (sunlight) or poor visibility (fog), impacting visibility and user experience during long training sessions or competitions. Higher resolution, daylight-visible displays are the most durable and optimized for viewing metrics in various lighting conditions.

GPS and navigation

GPS is essential for tracking your distance, speed, pace, and location during triathlon training and racing. Look for watches that can navigate you to venues and provide route guidance.

Interval and workout modes

Features for creating and following triathlon-specific interval workouts and training plans. This includes interval, circuit, program, profile, etc.

Splits and lap tracking

Record and review your swim, bike and run splits or lap times. Some watches can give you the average and total time for each leg.

Support for multiple sports

A watch designed specifically for triathlon will allow you to switch between swimming, cycling, and running easily. Some automatically detect the activity; others require manual selection.

Programmable workouts

Save and reuse customized workouts or follow pre-loaded triathlon programs to train for specific distances and goals.

Heart rate monitoring

Track your heart rate during high-intensity training or racing for metrics like maximum heart rate, aerobic threshold, and exertion levels. Chest-worn straps and optical heart rate are also available.

Wrist-based metrics

Features common in running watches like speed, distance, pace, cadence (for cycling), power (if paired with a power meter), cardiovascular fitness score, oxygen level, calorie burn, etc.

Weather resistance

Look for at least IPX7 water resistance for activities occurring near water, like swimming, open water training, or wet suits. Higher resistance ratings like IPX8 are better for prolonged submersion.

Benefits of Sports Watches

Sports watches can help you track your performance and reach your goals. They’re also great for motivation, as they allow you to see how far you’ve come and how much farther there is to go.

  • Tracking Performance: A sports watch will allow you to monitor all kinds of data about your training, including heart rate, distance traveled, and calories burned. This information helps athletes make better decisions about what they need to do for their bodies to perform at their best on race day–or any other day of the week!
  • Reaching Goals: The ability of these devices not only provides motivation but also acts as a reminder that there are no limits when it comes to achieving our goals through hard work and dedication

Best Sports Watches for Triathletes

Garmin Forerunner 965:

Garmin Forerunner® 965 Running Smartwatch, Colorful AMOLED Display, Training Metrics and Recovery Insights, Black and Powder Gray


User reviews

Great purchase. Super light, very responsive, and accurate.
A lot of data, metrics with high precision sensors. Beautiful watch, high precision sensors, a lot of metrics, wonderful colorfully screens, nice battery are strong points. The downside without searching a solution is bad visibility of the sleep screen at direct sunlight. It is a huge upgrade coming from 735xt, simply another level.
An amazing watch. This is not a plug and go however. I spent around 3 weeks before I ran with it, getting the correct screen cover to work and setting the watch up, looking at you tube videos… have as yet not used all its full capability. I have used functions such as music and Navigation via downloading Strava maps, I can follow a new route quite easily. I like the wake-up routine and of course clear screen which works even well in bright sunlight. Battery life seems fine, the connector is different to my old Garmin. The watch through the voice prompts such as average pace has I believe helped my running. Non-running, the watch has even told me when I am getting stressed. I have not used the watch as yet for sleep analysis and various workout routines. I would hope to keep this watch for many years to come

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  • Harness the Power of Solar Charging: Use solar charging technology to power your watch seamlessly throughout long training sessions or multisport events. This innovative feature significantly extends the battery life, ensuring your watch remains up and running even during the most demanding challenges.
  • Navigate with Multi-band GPS: Experience the precision and reliability of multi-band GPS, ensuring accurate pace and distance measurements even in challenging conditions. This advanced feature is crucial for optimizing your training and staying on top of your performance metrics.
  • Embrace Comprehensive Training and Recovery Tools: Unleash the power of Garmin Forerunner 965’s comprehensive suite of training and recovery tools to elevate your triathlon journey. These invaluable tools help you tailor your training schedule, monitor your recovery progress, and maximize the benefits of your workouts.

Coros PACE 2 Premium:

COROS PACE 2 Sport Watch GPS Heart Rate Monitor, 20 days Long Battery Life, Lightweight, Barometer, Strava, Training Plan, Navigation, Sleep Track, Swim, Bike, Run, Strength, Treadmill (Navy Silicone)


User reviews

Great value for the money. Here's my feedback after 2 years with this watch. In short, the good part is the amazing battery life, the light weight of the watch and the load of features available on the watch, including the online training hub.Pros of the watch itself:1. It is very light and convenient for wearing, even during sleep.2. It has an amazing battery life. I used it for 12 whole days between charges, wearing it all day long, with ~40 minutes of daily aerobic activity, which was mostly indoors (very little GPS usage) - and even then, it still had 10% battery when I started charging it. At 10% it starts asking to be charged.3. It has a great always-on display, which is very clear even under direct sun.4. It has very good GPS.5. It connects very easily and reliably with many bluetooth devices, and due to its amazing battery life, you don't have to worry about this bluetooth connection taking too much battery (compared to my previous sports watch - Xiaomi Stratos).6. This is a matter of personal taste, but I love the crown button interface. Works great!7. The configuration of the various workout data screens is awesome! You can configure multiple screens for each workout type, which you can scroll between using the digital crown button, and up to 6 data pieces on each screen.8. The amount of features available on the watch! And recently, it's been added breadcrumb navigation. It doesn't contain maps, but the breadcrumb navigation works amazing and enables you to follow the route easily.Pros of Coros support / app / website:1. Coros support is great! They frequently provide updates of the Android app and the online training hub with bug fixes and new features, and also firmware upgrades with bug fixes and added features.I sent the Coros support team a number of bugs and requests, and they were all fulfilled so far; whatever is not related directly to the watch (app / online site) was usually fixed within a few days, and what's related to the watch itself was included in one of the firmware upgrades that followed. One very good example of that was sleep tracking, which originally appeared in my "Cons" list (because it didn't work for me well), and now works great so I removed it from that list.2. The online training hub is great. It didn't exist yet when I bought the watch, and went live later on for free. It provides a convenient way to create / update training plans, see your entire training history and statistics.3. The EvoLab metrics is great, and provides some derived statistics about the efficiency of the training and the readiness to easy/hard training.4. You can now design routes using the app and upload them to the watch.5. A great new free service was launched (for Coros users), I think towards the end of 2022 - "Coros coaches" - where you can consult with certified Coros coaches about the training plans and how to properly adapt them for yourself.Cons of the watch itself:1. The built-in heart rate sensor is only good for activities where the heart rate does not change rapidly. If the heart rate changes rapidly, it may take some time for the watch to catch up on the change - so it is not reliable for HIIT training, for example.The up side is - I can make the watch use the chest strap and then it will report correct heart rate, and as a result also the other reported data (such as calorie count and training load) will also be more accurate.2. Sports selection and configuration: This is somewhat limited. For example, there's "bike" but no difference between road cycling / mountain biking, there's no "elliptical" (for which I need to use the generic "gym cardio" sport). There's "indoor run", which allows me to select the speed of the treadmill, but this is limited to speeds 3-20 km/h with 0.5 km/h steps between them. My treadmill can only jump every 0.2 km/h, for example I can use 11.4 or 11.6 km/h, but this speed cannot be selected by the watch - only 11 / 11.5 / 12.3. Using the automatic gesture backlight or GPS activity affects the battery life considerably. When using more of these, I have to charge the watch after about 1 week (compared to 12 days without using much the backlight or GPS activity). Even 1 week is awesome, but it shows the toll on the battery life.4. The heart rate display itself during an activity is not color coded (according to the current zone); you can configure the watch to show half a circle with colors according to heart rate zones, with an arrow pointer that shows you where your heart rate is within that circle, but this only works if you display up to 4 data pieces on the workout screen. If you display 6 data pieces, you don't have this circle and no indication of the heart rate range.Cons of the app / website:1. The app shows the details from the watch, but it does not provide much feedback about how to improve. However, in the recent year, Coros coaches have started to write coaching articles which explain how to improve using EvoLab. This is a great source for training.2. Coros EvoLab: This provides a lot of important details about the training, but to get started, it requires some running. I wasn't used to running at all, I was mostly into mountain biking, so this was difficult, but there is no way to activate the EvoLab metrics without the required outdoor running.This got improved a lot recently (in 2023) but it still requires outdoor running. Previously it required a lot more running to activate.
Great running watch. Pros:- Great battery life- Intuitive and useful interface- Reliable and responsive GPS- Great app- Customizable watch face- Good sleep tracking- Light weightCons:- Dim screen when not interacting with it (hard to see time without pushing a button)- Nylon strap is too short, cannot get my hand through it without disconnecting one side from the watch- Pace numbers during a run don't get updated in real time, they are delayed quite a bit
Great purchase. My previous watch was a FitBit Charge 2. Yes, I had it for a while, about 7 years. I bought the Coros Pace 2 primarily for additional battery life, but also for altimeter. And, for the additional analytics for walk and run (though I don’t run often, 70 years on this body), and due to a promised addition of ‘hiking’ by end of year. I backpack and am looking forward to trying the hike application.Likes:battery life much better than former watch. Down to 35% on 7th day with recorded activity about 5 times per week, maybe 10 hours total time tracking an activity. I do have GPS and heart monitoring set at minimums, default settings ran battery down quicker. I’d Like to have the ability to not run GPS and operate on a step converted to mile function to further conserve battery.Sleep monitoring. Much better than the old watch. Sensor works great with sensitivity being acceptable.Many features I have not tried yet. More to learn - fun!Added ‘hike’ with latest firmware upgrade. Can’t wait to try it.Disappointment:Only records mileage from activities. Does not record and convert to mileage normal day movementWhich, in my life, often exceeds activity levels. Steps x stride / feet per mile seems like an easy algorithm to create. Not as accurate as GPS, but for most of what I do I know where I’m at and battery length is more important than location.Overall must say I am very happy with this investment!
Ultra lightweight with amazing battery life. Watch is super comfy and weighs so little you alarmist forget it’s on. The battery life is very good and I only have to charge it weekly even running 5-6x a week with it. Fantastic running watch. The features COROS continues to add are impressive at this price point. I will say it’s not much of a smart watch if that’s your thing. I’d look elsewhere. The one ‘bad’ thing was the Velcro strap which I greatly prefer does wear out. But it took about a year of 24/7 use. Overall there’s no sport watch at this price especially if you find a sale or promo that compares.
Good performing watch. The watch is really impressive for its price point. I use it fir swimming in pool and open water. It is really light but doesn’t feel as bullet proof as a Garmin. My only criticism is that it doesn’t have a swim drill log function. Awesome battery life and accurate gps readings
Great watch and Great customer service. I recently bought a new Coros Pace 2 watch. I love everything about it- easy to learn how to use, does everything I want, and incredibly light on the wrist. The only issue I had was that I couldn’t charge it. I followed all the instructions and troubleshooting to no avail. I contacted customer service and they fixed the problem immediately. They were so friendly to interact with and they sent me a new charging cord which arrived in two days. Problem solved. Also- the unboxing and presentation of the Coros product is just like opening a new Apple product. So easy to get going right away and you already can feel you’ve bought a quality product from a company that cares about high standards and customer experience. Kudos to Coros! Very impressive.
Great Watch and Great Value. This is a great looking watch and does everything you need to track your fitness. It has advanced running metrics and an extremely long battery life. I am very impressed with the value, the built quality, and platform. It also syncs immediately--very fast. It seems like Coros looked at what other companies were doing and ensured their products had the strengths and avoided the weaknesses.
Muito bom um dos melhores que já usei, foi uma compra internacional, a entrega foi antes do prazo.
It’s a Runners watch. Not very good for Hiking. Does not track daily steps. For what it delivers; it is overpriced. Not recommended. Disappointed in this product.
Un reloj ideal para correr y tiene más deportes y su aplicación la siguen actualizando con más funciones
Now I know why all the top runners are using this one. It’s brilliant ! Super long battery and ultra accurate. But it.

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  • Experience Effortless Comfort with Ultra-lightweight Design: Embrace the lightweight and comfortable design of Coros PACE 2 Premium, making it a seamless companion during even the longest training sessions. This feature is essential for triathletes who are constantly on the move, ensuring optimal comfort and performance.
  • Unleash Long-lasting Battery Life: Experience an extended battery life that seamlessly supports your training needs. Coros PACE 2 Premium boasts a week of use on a single charge, allowing you to focus on your goals without worrying about frequent power outages.
  • Master Multiple Disciplines with Multisport Tracking Capabilities: Conquer all three triathlon disciplines with the exceptional multisport tracking capabilities of Coros PACE 2 Premium. Accurately track swimming, cycling, and running performances, ensuring seamless discipline transitions.

Coros PACE 3:

COROS PACE 3 Sport Watch GPS, Lightweight and Comfort, 24 Days Extend Battery Life, Dual-Frequency GPS, Heart Rate and SpO2, Navigation, Sleep Track, Training Plan, Run, Bike, and Ski (Black Nylon)


User reviews

Very good watch - running training and races. I prefer to run without a phone. This watch is exactly what I was looking for to support that. Great battery life, size (smallish - what I wanted), weight, readability, functionality, price, the app. Recently completed Ragnar replay road race with this watch; having the navigation option was very useful, just in case you miss one of the markers.No complaints - some very minor usability quirks that are not worth mentioning.
Good value, good battery and enough to use. It's so light that I barely feel it in my hand. I like the design even though the screen isn't that great. I understand, everything has been customized to extend battery life. The Coros Pace 3 has touch but it has a slight lag. At first, I thought it was for runners but that's not true, cardio people like me still find it okay. I was hesitant to choose between Pace 3 and Garmin Vivoactive 5, but the design of Pace 3 beat the other. I hardly listen to music while working out so it's easy to ignore the Garmin. Personally, I like Pace 3 more than Apex 2.
I dont miss my apple watch. This was is really comfortable. I also love how light it is. The battery life is soooo nice. Its so understated how much that improves the user experience these days.Its great value and it has so many options for fitness and not only provides you with data but it does do in a focused and contextual way so you can make changes or improvements to your goals.The screen is soo easy to see during the day and almost looks like a physical display in daylight.Easy to connect with my phone and doesnt lose connection .I have fairly smaller writs but it looks great and could fit bigger wrist well too.
Works great. I've been a fitbit and Apple Watch user for MANY years. The fitbit just didn't work for me for features I wanted as I had started to do a lot of biking and running and I wasn't able to easily see the features I wanted at a glance. After a bunch of research, I found this watch to be highly accurate, clear to see in daylight and indoors in moderate lighting. I had a 10k coming up.... my first and the Pace 3 wasn't out yet and wasn't going to arrive in time, so I decided to try the Pace 2. The user interface is nearly identical to the Pace 2 as I found out later. But the Pace 2 screen is not nearly as easy to read under low light conditions. It's not quality, but rather a different screen tech that just doesn't work great in daylight as much as I wanted. Also, when I ran through tall building areas, it completely lost my pace. It would show a pace many minutes different than what I felt I was running at. The Pace 3 doesn't have this much of a problem as it uses multiple GPS channels to compensate. I returned the Pace 2 and went with the Pace 3. Here are my pro's and cons about this watch.Pro's1) Accurate heart rate better than fitbit, but not as good as Apple watch. (using polar H10 chest strap) as comparison2) GPS routes work well on run and bike. Works much better than Pace 2.3) The price can't be ignored for what you get compared to Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Polar. It's too good a price.4) Love the nylon strap. I work on a laptop all day and the silicon strap buckle part digs into my wrist for nearly any watch and makes me constantly taking it off in serious work moments. The Apple watch and this nylon straps don't have that problem for me. Also the strap is really comfortable.5) Some say the watch lightness makes it feel cheap. I can see how that would be felt. But after multiple hits on the bars and hard bumps on the site of weight machines only to see the watch with no scratches or bumps, I don't think you'll see a problem with the sturdiness like I have. also, the plastic manufacturing makes the watch feel unusually light for a sports watch. Love that.6) Customizable screens to show heart rate, pace, total time, and other stuff for more or less of what you want to see for each sport. For biking I like to see elevation and time and heart rate. For running, heart rate, pace and total time are the keys for me and choosing more stats or less makes the numbers bigger or smaller depending on what you want to fit. Perfect for me and a feature competitive with other sports watches of much higher price points. Fitbit and Apple just suck at this customizable optionality.7) The phone app is really well done to show recovery, heart rate, work out details and syncs well with the watch.8) Allows for multiple bluetooth connections. I use a polar h10 chest strap heart rate monitor and the watch connects well and will therefore have the Polar H10 heart rate override the heart rate. I use the Polar over the Coros heart rate just because I want the most accurate heart rate. No watch in the industry can compete with the chest strap. For casual runs or bike rides, I depend solely on the Coros alone. For high intensity instant reaction.. I'm just picky and prefer the best. Having said that, I would put the Coros at a 9 out of 10 on accuracy. So I'm not overlooking the Coros at all for the heart rate reliability on accuracy.9) The battery life is hella good. 1 week to 1 1/2 weeks with no need to charge is great. Compare that to the Apple watch 1 1/2 - 2 day need to recharge.Con1) the music part as advertised is bologne. You have to literally copy the MP3's to the watch like it's USB stick. No spotify, apple music or etc connection capability at all.2) Temperature for the watch is only for swimming. I does not record body temperature. So you'll only get external water temp for the feature.3) No HRV. Have to get the next tier Coros watch for that. I never used it.. but it does bug me a bit not to have it. And the Coros App has the feature showing on the phone as a blank section which always nags me a bit that I don't have that data. There is a clear statement that HRV is available with the watch.4) the app has this running fitness section that shows predicted time your current performance would forecast for 5k to marathon pacing. But it only updates it with outdoor running and no treadmill running. That's a bummer.Overall, this watch doesn't have glaring cons. If I had more money, I would have gone up a level. But truthfully that would have perhaps got me HRV, longer battery life and better screen. But I'm happy with the Pace 3 screen and battery life. So. Unless I have a lot of extra cash or get the better coros as a gift. I'm loving this watch.Honestly, I'm so blown away by sports watches for athletes. I had only known fitbit features and this Coros like Garmin just blows away what I experienced for features in the fitbit lifestyle type watches. Sports watches are worth it for athletes or people doing regular workouts and make serious efforts to track progress.{Dec 10 2023} UpdateStill love the watch. Here are some lessoned learned about the watch though.1) The web browser use has a calendar activity area to pre-plan workouts which initially seemed great. You get reminders and planned forecast of fit level for doing this. But it has some issues in this feature that force me to no longer use it. #1: if you go longer or shorter than planned on a treadmill workout, it won't recalibrate the mileage or allow you to recalibrate distance. What I mean is it won't let you manually adjust treadmill distance with what it says onto the watch for minor adjustment. If you do a manual workout, it will let you adjust.2) I enjoy the stickman graphic on the phone app to show me recovery and showing me how recovered I am.3) The battery life continues to amaze me. I like the warnings it gives me when battery is running low.4) The case continues to show it's resiliance. I've banged it so many times and I don't see a scratch.5) I find the screen easy to read indoor and outdoor at all times of the day. And I require reading glasses. There are 65-70% of the watch faces I can't use cuz the font is too damn small as I don't have the glasses. There are so many watch faces to chose from. Love that.6) I use the fabric band and I never take it off in shower, jacuzzi or bath. It dries rather quickly and doesn't bother me.{Dec 22, 2023 Update}Recent firmware update did the following1) Added HRV which nullifies my comments earlier. Great news.2) Removed the annoying lock symbol smack in the middle of the screen that would show every time you want to look at the time. They moved it out of the way and to the side. Good work Coros.3) Added weather forecast.Still loving the watch.Coros, if you're reading this. Please add the ability to have the Coros app show live HR on the Coros app so that it can show while I have the Coros app running front and center on my phone while on the treadmlll. Fitbit, Polar, Garmin all do that.. why not yours? Also, add the ability to control how long the watch fades to lower brightness after first glancing the watch. For those of us that are older that need reading glasses... the fonts are just too small on 85% of the watchface options.
Light and practical. I use it mainly for tracking steps, running, and heart rates. The display color is retro LCD like a Casio watches of the 80s. There are many interesting looking watch faces.I don't love the band that came with it. Fortunately, Amazon sells many 22mm quick release bands that works with this watch.It has functionality of receiving notifications fro iPhone. However, unlike apple watch, it does not lock the screen when you take it off. So if you lose it, then people can see all your messages. The work around is to disable notifications from sensitive apps.I also have an older Apple Watch. I like Pace 3 because it's circular, light, seemingly infinite battery life, cute retro watch faces, and extremely good price.
Awesome. Best value for the money. Legendary battery life. Easy to use and a pretty in depth app. GPS tracking is on par with watches 2 times it's price. Light and comfortable.
Good tracker, awful app. I liked that this watch was accurate ,light and comfortable. It has a lot of choices for faces and seem well built. The app downloaded and sync easily with the watch. The problems is the face seems dull and unreadable with most of the faces, unless you view in direct sunlight. I tried to find an adjustment to increase the luminosity but I couldn't find one. The app is not as user friendly as the other apps I've had before; like Withings and Huawei and Apple. It is uninspiring and does not give updated real time information when paired with watch. These issues made the watch almost unusable while working out. The readings were accurate when compared to some of the gym equipment results.
Great sports watch. I wanted to give myself some time before leaving a review for this. I was coming from an Apple Watch SE that I did like but the battery for the Apple Watch just wasn’t doing it for me. Finding this watch for its price is amazing all the health features and the app are very well thought out and nice looking. I don’t miss the Apple Watch at all but the main reason for that would be that I didn’t use the Apple Watch for any of the smart features. If your someone who wants all of those features you probably won’t wanna make that switch but if your buying the watch to track runs and hikes and value battery life this is a great watch to get!
buen reloj, preciso y comodo
Es un reloj muy bueno y super precio. Lo he estado usando y mide las pulsasiones incleiblemente bien, pesa casi nada, quiza la correa es un poco corta al momento de colocarlo, pero ya que está en la muñeca se ajusta perfectamente.La plataforma está genial y todo el entorno Coros super, lo recomiendo ampliamente. llegé bien empacado y tiempo.
Quello che cercavo...
Super Bedienung. Sehr genaues , schnelles GPS. Für den Preis perfekt.
Me ha sorprendido muy gratamente la marca Coros, su calidad de construcción y su software funcionan a la perfección.Su pantalla es transflectiva y se ve mejor cuanto mejor le da la luz del sol, el reloj está siempre encendido lo que para mí es importante, y la batería te aguanta fácil una semana con entrenos incluidos.El pulsometro, registro de sueño y GPS perfectos.Si lo combinas con la correa de nylon, te queda un conjunto muy cómodo y ligero, ideal para ejercicio, dormir y trabajo.El táctil es un poco tosco, y al final terminas usando más la rueda que es muy cómoda, situada además en la diagonal, haciendo más difícil las pulsaciones involuntarias.El reloj va muy fluido y tiene unos menús intuitivos.No trae mapas pero si puedes usarlo para seguir un trayecto.En resumen, no hecho en falta nada , pesa muy poco , se ve muy bien, aguanta muy bien la batería y encima es de los más baratos de su categoría.

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  • Embrace Enhanced Connectivity and Versatility: Experience enhanced connectivity and versatility with Coros PACE 3. Receive notifications from your phone, make payments, and control smart home devices directly from your wrist.
  • Unleash Advanced Performance Monitoring: Leverage Coros PACE 3’s advanced performance monitoring tools to gain deeper insights into your training data. Analyze metrics like running power, ground contact time, and vertical oscillation to fine-tune your running technique and optimize your performance.
  • Navigate with Enhanced Precision and Reliability: Experience enhanced precision and reliability with Coros PACE 3’s upgraded navigation features. Utilize Multi-band GPS and 5 ATM waterproofing to track your workouts in any environment.

Garmin Forerunner 745:

Garmin Forerunner 745, GPS Running Watch, Detailed Training Stats and On-Device Workouts, Essential Smartwatch Functions, Black


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I Love the 745 & it can Hold its Own versus the 265S. I have four different Forerunner models and the 745 is a favorite. I got it 2 years ago as an upgrade to my 45s and have used it as my main time piece, not just my main fitness tracker or main exercise gadget. The big capability improvement over the 45s was the ability to track strength training, do multi-sport activities such as swimming, cycling, and running; and it also had capability to add various cycling sensors such as cycling speed and pedal cadence. Often the only time I did not have it on was when it was plugged to recharge, which usually was while I was in the shower after a workout. The main outdoor activities I did with it was biking (in which case it was attached to the handlebar, on a handlebar mount, acting like a bike computer), walking, hiking, and running. Indoors I used it with a treadmill, a stationary bike, indoor pool, for strength training, and doing other cardio exercise. The two main metrics that I tracked for every workout was active calories expended and the exercise training load. I then tracked my daily active calories and my weekly training load. In order to “pace” myself during a workout, I used heartrate zones while running, and then speed and cadence metrics while on the bike. I also found the 745 handy for recording my strength training sessions. Every morning I looked at the sleep report, my body-battery level, and the recovery tracker—these 3 together served as my “training readiness” indicator. They tended to correlate, for example if sleep was poor, body battery would be sub-optimal also. The "training readiness" indicator in my new 265s is a 'nice-to-have' because in theory I can look at one metric to tell me if I'm ready for a big workout, but in practice, I still look at sleep, body battery, and recovery. The one thing I would have preferred on the 745 would be a narrower strap. For my 6.25-inch wrist, a 22mm strap is just too wide. And this is not just about aesthetics. I find the narrower band on my more recently acquired 265s noticeably more comfortable. I think the 745’s 1.2-inch (30.4mm) screen size is in the “sweet-spot”. I find Forerunners with 1.3-inch (32.5 mm) displays too big for my wrist (for example the 265) and the 1.1-inch display a tad too small (the one on the 265s). If only there is a Forerunner 265-medium with a 1.2-inch screen size, that would have been the model for me. My dream Garmin Forerunner would be a Forerunner with all the capabilities of the 965 (except the mapping and navigation features), paired with a 20mm band that tapers to 18mm (or even 17mm), sporting a 1.2-inch AMOLED (same size as the 745 display) so that the watch case diameter would be a respectable 43.5mm and not the gargantuan 46.1mm-sized case of the 265 or 47.2mm-sized case of the 965. Garmin can call it the 765 (an upgrade to the 745). A pipe dream, I think; that is because Garmin did not release a 755, so it seems the 745-line may be an evolutionary dead end. For now, my 2-year-old 745 can still hold its own. Sure, I have now switched to the 265s for nighttime sleep tracking and treadmill running, but on the bike, the 745 still beats the newer 265s both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors the huge reflective MIP display works really well in bright sunlight. Indoors, I can set the 745 MIP background light to “always-on” for the entire workout. In contrast to a MIP display, the AMOLED version of “always-on” is to dim the background light after a few seconds, which is disappointing. I want an ‘always-on’ that does not dim, Forerunner MIP displays can do that, while Forerunner AMOLED display can’t do that (at least not just yet). When I bought the 745 two years ago, I really needed the capabilities it had, which my 45s did not have. But now, even with my 265s on hand, there seems to be nothing the 265s can do that the 745 cannot do, and in a particular use-case (placing the watch on the bike handlebar mount) I still prefer the 745 over the newer 265s. To conclude, I think the 745 is a solid piece of kit and in some use-cases can still hold its own against the latest Forerunner models.
Love this watch. This is a great fitness watch that is easy to use with so many features! I use it for running, hiking, biking, HIIT training, and more! Definitely a good value for the price!
This one is a keeper, excellent for cyclists too. I am pretty sure there are a lot of reviews out there pertinent the details of this watch so no point in getting into that in detail.It is great for cyclists since it has the ability to connect to a Smart Trainer and thus having the power and distance recorded by the watch. Nice!The watch is mostly sports oriented so if you are looking for a smart watch just look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a training tool, look nowhere else cause this thing got you covered.Only drawback I find is that the only music controls it has are pause and play, but I don't mind, the pros the watch has are far better than that minor detail.Battery life is good, between 4 and 5 days of 5 day/week usage and 1 day of GPS usage. Of course the more GPS usage, the less battery life.I don't see anyone regretting this unit. For me, a keeper and will surely buy another one if this one gets lost or ruined
Lovin' it. I bought this Forerunner after a mixed experience with a two year old Solar Instinct. While the battery life on the Instinct can be phenomenal (32 days in lower power mode), this Forerunner isn't bad (normal mode) at about eight days. And it does so much more and so much better. This Forerunner linked right up with My Samsung A71 phone. The free Garmin Connect app is working beautifully with it. I'm in my mid 70's and simply trying to keep myself in decent shape. I don't do marathons or any running since I broke both legs in five places six year ago. The Forerunner is giving me all the feedback I need and want: heartbeat, steps, stair climbing, body battery, tracking me in my Hobie pedal kayak as well as on my bike, intensity minutes, sleep tracking, respiration and calories. And it does it well. The older Instinct was awful at counting flights of stairs (important to me since I descend to my dock 70 feet down from my back door on a daily basis and I want credit for it!) This Forerunner hasn't missed a beat. My wife asked for my older Solar Instinct. Now I'm hearing "Hey, it didn't count the last two times I climbed stairs!). I keep saying we should buy a 745 for her. But she's frugal. Given my continuing happy experience with my 745, I expect to win her over eventually. The 745 would even fit her better, being a thinner watch. I've read reviews by folks who like the 745 more then the newer 945. Given the differences between the models and at what cost you get them, I'm certain the 745 was the right choice for me. I'm quite happy with it. My only nit: I got the "red" band. It's more pinkish-orange than red. But I'm getting used to it
Buena compra. Excelente reloj y llegó en buenas condiciones
Tive outro forerunner 745 antes. Me parece que a qualidade de sempre nestes poucos dias de uso está mantida. Agora é esperar o tempo decorrer.
Excelente compra para triatletas
Relógio excelente, preciso, com várias funcionalidades. O fato de não ser touch, inclusive minha opção, não dificulta o manuseio. A marca tem tradição de qualidade e o que mais gosto além dos programas de exercícios é a capacidade de ser um player integrado ao Deezer. Posso fazer minha atividade com fones bluetooth sem precisar carregar o celular para as músicas. Usando o tempo todo e 1 pgm de exercicio de 1h por dia com música, em média, gasta 1 carga de bateria por semana, o que é excelente.
Great watch. Fits perfect and looks great. Has everything I need. Only thing missing I hoped it had was the power manager function.
A duração da bateria é excelente, assim como a precisão dos kms rodados, frequência cardíaca, tempo, GPS. Funciona perfeitamente em pareamento com o celular.

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  • Enhance Training Motivation with Music and Payments: Elevate your training experience with the convenience of music storage and wrist payments on Garmin Forerunner 745. Listen to your favorite tunes and make quick transactions without needing your smartphone, staying motivated and connected throughout your triathlon journey.
  • Optimize Performance with Advanced Training and Recovery Tools: Leverage Garmin Forerunner 745’s comprehensive suite of advanced training and recovery tools to optimize your performance and minimize the risk of injuries. These tools provide valuable insights into your training metrics, helping you make informed decisions to achieve your triathlon goals.
  • Embrace Durability for Rugged Training Environments: Experience the durability of Garmin Forerunner 745, designed to withstand the rigors of triathlon training and racing. Its robust construction ensures it can accompany you through the most demanding challenges.

Polar Pacer Pro:

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced Ultra-Light GPS Fitness Tracker Smartwatch for Runners with Training Program & Recovery Tools; S-L, for Men or Women, Grey-Black


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Great replacement for an older Polar M series that served me well for 10+ years. This version has several improvements that I appreciate:Magnetic charge/sync cord attachment - great improvement!More sensors for wrist based heart rate - improved accuracy.Works great with the H10 heart rate strap.Integrates well with the Polar sync app; seamless transition.I use the continuous heart rate monitoring; great feature.I only take it off to recharge every three days.Sleep monitoring/evaluation is the only feature that I'm not 100% happy with. It sometimes misses a night's sleep and I have to manually enter the times sleep began and ended.Overall, very happy with the watch!
A fantastic sport watch for the price. I run, swim, open water swim, and bike using this watch and it tracks them all well. The timer is good, but I do wish the text size of the count down timer was bigger. Heart rate monitor seems accurate. I have been impressed with this watch and it looks good, too. I can't imagine needing anything more.
Perfect running and daily watch. I love this watch! It is light enough to wear all day without noticing it and the Pacer Pro has all the features I could want as a runner and cyclist.The build quality is superb and the form factor is sleek though durable. I like knowing I can swap bands if I want to switch up the look! The HR sensor has been accurate and I like that it tracks my HR all day and while sleeping. Also, being able to control my music and podcasts is really handy!The Flow app (works with the Pacer Pro) is a great tool in keeping tabs on my training, measuring my sleep, and guiding my recovery as well as performance. The running programs are also really useful and I have found them to be great for my 5k training.If you’re looking to upgrade your watch game, the Pacer Pro is a great choice that will last for years to come! Highly recommended.
After 11 months of every-day usage, this watch has been a good value. I have had my Pacer Pro for 11 months and worn it almost constantly. The reliability and accuracy have been great. I have not had the issues reported by other reviewers of the watch restarting, losing its memory or losing connection with the phone.Sleep monitoring -- not as great my previous Fitbit (Charge 5). Occasionally a day's sleep is missed from the dairy but adding the sleep time just takes in a few seconds. More often, the start or end of sleep is off (almost always shorter than I think it should be), but again, it is simple to correct, and the added time is analyzed for sleep quality.Until 3 months ago, almost all of my running was done on a treadmill, and the only useful stat from the watch was my heart rate. (For comparison, I start running with an H10 strap also, but the watch and strap were close enough that I quickly dropped the strap.)For the past 3 months, I have been running outside and using a formal training plan (80/20 Endurance for half marathon on Training Peaks), and the watch has become very useful. Setting up my training plan for the next few days is pretty simple on the Polar Flow web site, and when I am running a planned workout, the Pacer will let me know when a phase or interval of the run should start and end and will signal when I am out of the target range of heart rate. Usually just ending the workout on the Pacer will automatically send my workout information to Training Peaks, but occasionally I need to manually trigger a synchronization with my watch to my phone, which will relay the information to TP. My running paths have good visibility to the sky, so my GPS tracks are very accurate. I have not noticed any information recorded by the Pacer that is not echoed to Training Peaks.Overall, I am very happy with my Polar Pacer Pro.
Worth the money. I have used Garmin watches and they do a lot very well. Most recently the fenix 7 solar. That is a great watch but bulky and heavy. I thought I would try the Pacer Pro at 41 grams. It is very comfortable, you barely notice that you have it on even when sleeping. The GPS is accurate and connects quickly. It measures sleep extremely well. I run but also do many other cardio exercises and they have everything I do as a workout. Also has strength training. The Polar app is comparable to Garmin for what I look at.I gave up music (although I always had trouble with that with Garmin), maps, and the touchscreen. Also Polar does not give you the abundance of watch face options as Garmin and it seems like replacement watch bands are not as plentiful or really as seamless as with Garmin. All that said, for me, the Polar Pacer Pro brings what I need in a fitness watch at a very good price! And it is incredibly light and comfortable!
Impressive watch. I've had lots of brands of fitness watches, and like many people, it's easy to just go with the familiar like Garmin. I haven't had a Polar watch before, but I had a chest strap at one point which worked well. After a lot of research, I landed on the Pacer Pro because of the amount of running specific data it provides and I didn't want to spend that much money.If you focus on running, this is a great watch with lots of helpful data points that can help you train. I'm a data analyst and I liked how granular data gets and how the app and website present information. For example, at times I struggle with feeling exhausted at the beginning of my runs. The watch has a very easy to use heart rate gauge that makes it very easy to stay in a zone. It makes a big difference. Compared to watches from other companies, I don't think there's another one that offers the suite features the polar pacer pro.
Not accurate counting laps:(. I purchased the Polar Pacer Pro sports watch with high hopes, but I'm extremely disappointed with its performance in tracking swimming laps. It's just not accurate at all. I've tried it multiple times in the pool, and it consistently miscounts laps or doesn't register them at all. This watch has been a frustrating experience, especially for a swim enthusiast like me. I expected better accuracy from a sports watch at this price point.
Entregue no prazo. Acabamento e Funcionalidades TOP!
Muy buen producto. No le encuentro una desventaja.
Après avoir essayé quelques autres modèles Polar à un prix plus abordable, celle là est vraiment mon coup de cœur ! Cette montre est vraiment parfaite, complète, précise et je n'ai même pas tout vu et essayé encore...
Funciona muy bien, una de las mejoras compras.

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  • Unlock Advanced Running Dynamics for Personalized Insights: Uncover granular insights into your running form with Polar Pacer Pro’s advanced running dynamics. Track metrics like cadence, stride length, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time to identify and correct inefficiencies in your running technique.
  • Tailor Your Training with a Built-in Running Program: Utilize Polar Pacer Pro’s built-in running program to create a personalized training plan that aligns with your individual goals and fitness level. This feature provides valuable guidance and support as you pursue your triathlon aspirations.
  • Optimize Recovery with Seamless Recovery Pro Monitoring: Harness the power of Polar Pacer Pro’s recovery pro feature to optimize your recovery process. Track your sleep, stress, and heart rate variability to identify optimal rest periods and prevent overtraining.

Suunto 9 Peak Pro:

SUUNTO 9 Peak and Peak Pro Sports GPS Watch for Demanding, Performance Driven Athletes and Adventurers


User reviews

Reliable, battery duration, comfortable for the daily use. Excelent sportwatch that looks and feels as a smartwatch.
Wow..finally a watch I love and love to love. Ok, there are ton of reviews and you tubes on this watch so I don't need to go there, right?1. I hated all the Garmin watches I ever owned ( I owned several ) because the software and east of use were horrible and impossible and the batteries never lasted, ever. The Suunto is just the opposite, all love and ease, beautiful easy and logical interface and software, wow. Did I say perfect? Let me say that..Perfect!2. Great battery life, even on all the time and under constant strain. Wow.3. Beautiful watch on the wrist. Comfortable, super cool band that works and just so lightweight and powerful. Tracks all my activities and has great phone app.Buy this watch. Forget Garmin, Samsung and Fitbit..I spent thousands over the years...now I am done.
Great watch. Light, beautiful and easy to use!
Well Designed Smart Watch. I have to say that the watch looks great. The outlook was carefully designed using good material.PRO1. it looks beautiful.2. the battery last about 4 days under normal usage3. easy setup to pair with my Google phoneCON1. the font is little small to read, wish the font size can be enlarged as an option.
The longer I have it the more I love it. This watch is awesome! I record everything on it from mountain bike rides to everyday workouts to my hike across the Grand Canyon. The amount of information this watch gives me in real time is jaw dropping.
Buggy software. First, the watch appears to be well made and I like how the band clips to itself. On the downside, the software isn't the least bit friendly for a new owner. Additionally, when using GPS, the altitude and compass should automatically calibrate. This is the way my Delorme GPS unit operated thirty years ago. Furthermore, when walking, this watch has me walking 3.3 - 3.7 MPH while my older watch records me at 2.6 - 2.9 MPH at the very same location. I understand there are software updates that may fix some of these issues, however, fitness watches are not new to market and this isn't Suunto first watch.
Leaps and Bounds Ahead of Garmin. After the plastic bezel on my Garmin Forerunner broke for a second time in under 2 years, I decided that I wasn't going to pay another $150 for a third refurbished one.This watch has a metal bezel so that won't happen again.After having it now for nearly a month, I've noticed a number of things.• The satellite connection is faster.• The GPS tracking is more accurate.• The heart rate monitor is more accurate (the results are nearly identical to my Polar H10 Chest Strap)• The end of the watch band has a post that keeps it in place against my wrist,• It has a combination of buttons and touch screen• The battery life is on par with Garmin• The app and stats are easier to read and navigate.• It has a much smaller profile against my skinny wrist.Any questions?
Poor Screen & Poor Open Water Tracking. I use GPS watches primarily for training for marathon open water swimming. I've used a Suunto Ambit3 Peak for years, and when I bought it it was superior to anything else available at the time. I purchased the Suunto 9 Peak in hopes that I'd get better tracking with the multiple GPS system tracking in this newer product. Sadly, the tracking in open water is absolutely terrible no matter how the watch GPS is configured. My many years old Suunto Ambit3 Peak is significantly better at tracking open water swims than the Suunto 9. In addition, the screen on this watch is really hard to read outdoors in sunlight.This is a great device for indoor activities. However, the screen's poor outdoor visibility renders the device inferior to almost anything made by any other manufacturer in the last year or two. This device was returned and replaced with a Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar which has a far superior screen, and much better tracking for open water swimming than either my old Suunto Ambit3 Peak or the Suunto 9.
Llego mucho antes de lo previsto, características y calidad Suunto siempre es recomendable, necesario descargar los manuales del fabricante
Have been using this watch for running for just over a month. Very happy with it easy to use lots of information and features.
Très bon suivi lors des sorties, bonne autonomie pour de longue sorties, l'application contient une full de données pour nous aider
Excelente lo uso para bici de montaña 🏔️
Bought this for my husband and he loves it! The app has great defaced charts making it easy to understand and increase fitness

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  • Experience Premium Multisport Performance with Titanium Construction: Elevate your triathlon experience with Suunto 9 Peak Pro’s premium multisport performance. Its durable titanium case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensure long-lasting durability during even the most challenging conditions.
  • Enjoy Long-lasting Battery Life for Extended Training Sessions: Unleash the extended battery life of Suunto 9 Peak Pro, allowing you to train without the constraints of frequent charging. With a week of use on a single charge, you can focus on maximizing your performance without worrying about power outages.
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Fitness Apps: Seamlessly connect Suunto 9 Peak Pro to various fitness apps, including Strava and TrainingPeaks. This feature lets you track progress, share data with coaches and teammates, and gain valuable insights from advanced training analysis.

How to Choose the Right Sports Watch for You

Choosing the right sports watch for you is considering your needs, researching different models, and trying different models.
The first step in choosing the best sports watch for you is to consider what features are important to you and how they might be useful during training or racing. For example, if you’re looking for an all-around training tool that can track multiple activities–including swimming, cycling, and running–you’ll want one with GPS capability to accurately measure distance traveled during each workout (and provide other helpful metrics such as speed). If, instead, your focus is primarily on running but also includes biking as an occasional activity, then having both GPS and heart rate monitoring may be optional since they will only help a little while on two wheels.
On top of these considerations comes research: read reviews from other buyers who’ve tried out specific models before purchasing.

FAQs About Sports Watches for Triathletes

As the world of sports watches expands, questions abound. Here, we address some frequently asked questions to provide clarity on your journey to selecting the ideal watch.

Can I Wear a Sports Watch During Swimming?

Yes, modern sports watches designed for triathletes are built to withstand swimming. Look for water-resistant watches with swim tracking capabilities for accurate data even in the pool or open water.

How Accurate Are the Heart Rate Monitors?

Heart rate monitors in sports watches have become increasingly accurate, offering real-time insights into your exertion levels. However, factors like fit and skin contact can influence accuracy.

Are These Watches Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely. While some watches offer advanced features for seasoned triathletes, there are budget-friendly options that cater to beginners’ needs, such as basic tracking and heart rate monitoring.

What’s the Difference Between GPS and GLONASS?

Both GPS and GLONASS are satellite positioning systems that provide location accuracy. Watches with GLONASS support can connect to more satellites, potentially offering improved tracking in challenging environments.

Can I Listen to Music While Swimming?

Listening to music while swimming is a feature offered by select sports watches. However, this capability is usually limited to pool swimming due to the challenges of maintaining a wireless connection in open water.


The journey of a triathlete is one of dedication, perseverance, and pushing one’s boundaries. In this pursuit, the right sports watch evolves from a mere accessory to an indispensable ally.

The landscape of sports watch technology continues to advance, ushering in new horizons of performance tracking, training optimization, and personal growth. As you embark on your triathlon adventures, remember that the right sports watch is more than a timekeeping device – it’s a gateway to unlocking your full potential as an athlete.

Choose wisely, train relentlessly, and let your sports watch propel you toward triumph.


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