imoo Watch Phone Z6 Kids Smart Watch

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The imoo Watch Phone Z6 Kids Smart Watch is a wearable touchscreen device. It is specifically designed for kids ages 6 and above. This cell phone for kids supports two-way video calls and live monitoring of your family. It has GPS tracking and real-time locating, which keeps you connected with your children in a safe way. Parents can also set up multiple phone numbers for their children to receive calls from. With all these features combined, the IMOO Smart Watch serves as a smartwatch for kids and doubles as a phone for parents.

Bring your child to their full potential by letting them express their creativity with cutting-edge technology. Phone Z6 from imoo is a smartphone watch designed with the concept of “convenience up.” With its realistic look, you will be surprised that it is an android phone built into a watch for kids. With the opportunity of playing games, watching videos, and imagining, children’s intellectual ability and imagination will be further cultivated. It can also work as a secret language between a father and daughter or sister and brother.

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