The Incredible Health Benefits of Sprouts





When Organic Avenue co-founder and Juicero CEO Doug Evans started growing sprouts on his countertop 20 years ago while living in the remote California desert, he had no idea that his new life purpose as a sprout advocate was also taking root. As he took control of his diet and started researching this sustainable way of eating, “I began to realize that sprouts could be the answer to personal nutrition and food security for people everywhere,” Evans says.

“Just about every vitamin and nutrient can be found in sprouts. It’s simply a matter of which sprout you eat for higher degrees of certain nutrients,” he says. And even those who’ve long gone plant-based can up their game. “Sprouts contain all of the potent, naturally occurring compounds, antioxidants, and micronutrients that exist within the plants in high concentrations.”

Evans set up a sprouting lab, interviewed experts—“from functional and plant-based medicine MDs to ketogenic and paleo advocates/nutritionists, all of whom agree on the value in sprouting”—and wrote the newly released The Sprout Book: Tap into the Power of the Planet’s Most Nutritious Food. He hopes this intro to sprouting, which includes 40 sprout-centric recipes, opens a conversation about a form of nutrition once considered “on the fringe, hippie food, or used only as a garnish or accessory,” he adds. “My mission is to see sprouts move to the center of the plate or at least become a regular part of our diets.”


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