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ASICS Men’s GT-2000 8 Running Shoe Review

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More than just a running shoe, the ASICS Men’s GT-2000 is an innovation in comfort, support, and lightweight technology. It delivers precision fit and a smooth ride.

Key Takeaways

ASICS Men’s GT-2000 8 Running Shoe Review

The ASICS Men’s GT-2000 8 Running Shoe is great for impact absorption. The rubber sole makes this shoe ideal for any kind of workout. The shoe is available in men’s sizes 6 through 14 and has a wide range of colors.

I have been running for years, and in that time, I have tried out many different brands of running shoes. ASICS has always been a brand I trusted, so when it came time to look for a new pair of shoes, their Men’s Running Shoe was at the top of my list. After reading some reviews online, I decided to give them a try. And I’m glad I did! These shoes are extremely comfortable and provide great support – even on long runs.

The ASICS Men’s GT-2000 8 Running Shoe is great for impact absorption. This shoe comes with a SpEVA midsole that gives you more bounce-back energy, giving you more support on your runs and helping you avoid injuries over time.

ASICS Men's GT-2000 8 Running Shoe Review

About the product

Synthetic and Mesh

Made with a mix of synthetic and mesh materials, this shoe is both comfortable and breathable – perfect for those long runs. The synthetic material provides support and durability, while the mesh allows your foot to breathe, preventing overheating and sweating.

Made in USA or Imported

It’s nice to see shoes still being made in the USA. These Asics men’s running shoes are not only assembled in the United States but a good percentage of their materials are also sourced from within the country. It’s always great to support businesses that keep jobs here at home.

Rubber Sole

The rubber sole on these shoes is just the thing for men who love to run. It provides excellent traction and cushioning, so you can go the distance in comfort. And it’s not just good for running – the rubber sole makes this shoe ideal for any kind of workout.

Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System – Attenuates Shock during Impact and Toe-Off Phases

The GT-2000 8 road running shoe features an updated GEL technology piece and a softer section of foam in the heel for improved comfort and shock absorption. The lightweight FLYTEFOAM technology midsole offers a soft landing with each stride, so you can experience a more energetic stride.

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ASICS has a reputation for making some of the best running shoes, and this model is no exception. What makes it so special is the GEL technology cushioning system which helps to attenuate shock during impact and toe-off phases. This means that your feet will be better protected from the potentially harmful effects of all that pounding on hard surfaces.

FLYTEFOAM Midsole Technology – Organic Super Fibers Help Reduce Packing Out

The ASICS Men’s Running Shoe features FLYTEFOAM Midsole Technology, which uses super organic fibers to help reduce packing out. This means your shoes will last longer and feel more comfortable as you run because they won’t lose shape as easily.

Dynamic DuoMax Support System – Stability and Support Increased

This shoe is perfect for runners who need a little extra stability and support. The Dynamic DuoMax Support System provides increased stability and support, making it ideal for long-distance or trail running.


The shoe is available in men’s sizes 6 through 14, and a wide range of colors. The GT-2000 8 weighs 10.8 ounces (men’s size 11), which isn’t as light as some other shoes on the market but should still be comfortable for most runners.

The outsole features a mix of high-abrasion rubber (for durability) and blown rubber (for cushioning). The midsole material consists primarily of EVA foam with some rubber added to support the foot during toe-off. Asics also includes their ComforDry sock liner, which helps keep moisture from your feet by reducing friction between your skin and the shoe’s upper part.

The upper is made primarily with synthetic leather. However, there are some areas where it gets reinforced by mesh panels or overlaid with different types of materials like nylon or suede. This allows for a snug fit without being too tight around key areas like your ankle bone—or cutting off circulation after long runs!

Fit and feel

The fit and feel of the GT-2000 8 is very comfortable. The heel is snug and secure, while the toe box is roomy and comfortable. The shoe doesn’t have a wide toe box, nor is it too narrow; in fact, I’d say that the GT-2000 8 has a perfect balance of width at the forefoot with just enough room for my toes to spread out comfortably without being cramped or crowded together.

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The GT-2000 8 also has an ideal thickness to its midsole foam layer below your foot as well as its outer sole rubber layer overtop that cushions each step you take while running or walking on hard surfaces like pavement or concrete—making this shoe ideal for those who want something that feels lightweight but not flimsy when they wear it during their daily activities (just be sure not to leave them outside where they can get ruined by rain).


  • The GT-2000 is a great running shoe because it’s designed to protect and support your foot while running, no matter the surface.
  • Since this is a neutral shoe, it provides balanced cushioning and stability for long-distance and short-distance runners.
  • Its impact absorption system works hard to keep your feet safe from injury or soreness by reducing the shock of every step you take.
  • This shoe is also light enough to be considered one of ASICS’ “lightweight” shoes, which means that if you’re looking for something with an extra spring in its step, this will do nicely!


  • The shoe is not for everyone.
  • You should make sure that you like the shoe style before buying it. The GT-2000s are very popular among runners but won’t work well with everyone’s feet and running styles.

Overall take

Looking for a shoe that’s comfortable, durable, and has a springy feel? You’ll want to get yourself a pair of these. The GT-2000 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that can handle long-distance runs and day-to-day training. It won’t let you down!

The only downside to this shoe is that it doesn’t have much support in the heel—but other than that, it is perfect! I highly recommend them if you’re looking for something that will take care of your feet while they carry you through miles and miles of running adventures!

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ASICS Men’s GT-2000 8 Running Shoe is great for impact absorption.

If you’re looking for a shoe with impact absorption, the GT-2000 is a great choice. It’s comfortable and supportive enough to handle high-impact activities like basketball and running but flexible enough to accommodate those who want to use their shoes for walking or light cycling.

The GT-2000 has a unique design that gives it a more tailored fit than previous model versions. It’s also lighter than ever, weighing 10 ounces instead of 11 ounces (according to ASICS). This helps reduce some weight on your feet while still providing plenty of support and protection from sharp objects on uneven surfaces—like rocks underfoot along trails or sidewalks when running around town.

Review and Score

Our Score: 93/100

ASICS Men’s GT-2000 8 Running Shoe is a very good shoe. It has great cushioning and stability, which makes it a perfect choice for running on hard surfaces such as roads or trails.

I am extremely impressed with the quality of this product, and they are very comfortable. I have owned several pairs of Asics running shoes over the years, and these are by far the best. The customer reviews on Amazon reflect my opinion, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. There were a few complaints about the size runs being small, but other than that, people enjoyed them for their comfort and support during long runs or races. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good road running shoe!

ASICS Men's GT-2000 8 Running Shoes, 12.5, Piedmont Grey/Black
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning System - Attenuates shock during impact and toe-off phases, and allows movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle
  • FLYTEFOAM Midsole Technology - Our FLYTEFOAM technology provides exceptional bounce back and responsiveness no matter the distance, utilizing organic super fibers to help reduce packing out that traditionally happens with softer, low density foams
  • Dynamic DuoMax Support System - This evolution of DuoMax system enhances stability and support, with reduced weight and increased platform support
  • Trusstic System technology - Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe
  • Engineered Mesh Upper - Multi-directional mesh material improves ventilation and stability


The ASICS Men’s Road Running Shoe is great for those looking for something comfortable and breathable. The design is perfect for runners who want something that looks good and performs even better. Overall, this shoe is one of the best on the market and can definitely improve your running experience.

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