Biohack Your Way to Longevity: Free vs. Expensive Methods

Biohack Your Way to Longevity: Free vs. Expensive Methods

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Once they might have seemed dreamers, idealists, or eccentric. They now constitute the rapidly rising caste of biohackers, the people who undertake to turn eternal life into reality. For free.

Biohack Your Way to Longevity

Imagine living to 100! That’s like being here for 10 Halloweens, 10 Christmases, and 10 summer vacations all rolled into one super-long life! Way cooler than just a bucket list at 80, right?

People are living longer than ever before. In Greece, kids your age can expect to live 6 whole years longer than their grandparents did! It’s like having more time to play with friends, learn new things, and travel around the world.

Scientists are like super-smart detectives, figuring out ways to help us live even longer, maybe even to 100 or even 120 years old! Imagine being here to see flying cars or even people living on the moon! Pretty awesome, huh?

Ben Greenfield: The fittest person on Earth

Do you want to go back to bed as soon as you wake up? Are you dealing with negative thoughts, stress, and unhappiness in your job, relationships, or how you look? Let me introduce you to Ben Greenfield, an expert on living a long life.

This biohacking expert thinks that finding your life’s purpose can make you age slower and live healthier. He says that anyone can do this, based on his own experience.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes him stand out:

Lifestyle and Practices



Exercise & Meditation

Daily routines include exercise, meditation, barefoot walks, and earthing practices.

Nature Connection

Enjoys climbing trees, swimming in natural bodies of water, and immersing in cold showers and saunas.

Health Monitoring

Regularly checks blood and stools, experiments with phototherapy, and follows a strict sleep schedule.

Personal Growth

Reads a new book weekly, homeschools his twin sons, and engages in activities like bow hunting.

Achievements and Beliefs

  • Completed 13 Iron Man triathlon races, demonstrating an extraordinary level of physical endurance.

  • Believes in the power of purpose to reverse aging and promote a healthy life.

  • Advocates for experimental therapies like consuming worms for health benefits.

  • Balances a disciplined lifestyle with a glass of alcohol daily and quality family time.

Impact and Motivation

Ben’s journey focuses on personal health and helping others. He draws strength from his Christian faith. He explores the limits of biohacking. Though his methods are extreme, Ben feels at his healthiest and strongest. He aims to motivate others on their health paths.

Bryan Johnson: Forever…life

We think of Bryan Johnson as someone who has sacrificed a lot to demonstrate that immortality is not just science fiction. Bryan Johnson, the visionary entrepreneur, is on a quest to defy aging and achieve human immortality.

The Immortality Quest

Bryan Johnson is passionate about living forever. Some scientists doubt this is possible, but he doesn’t agree. He uses his own data and numbers to show his commitment. He follows a strict routine that includes his diet, exercising, and special therapy.

The Transformation

Key Events


Entrepreneurial Success

Earned $800 million in just over two years by revolutionizing the payment industry, leading to a transformative life change.

Blueprint Initiative

Launched in 2021, focusing on anti-aging interventions and creating a robust medical network for comprehensive health checks.

Health Milestones

Achieved remarkable results within 18 months, boasting heart health of a 37-year-old and overall health markers below his age.

Lifestyle and Practices

  • Nutritional Strategy: Follows a specific diet plan with 2,250 daily calories spread over three meals, ending food intake by 4 PM for uninterrupted sleep.

  • Morning Routine: Begins the day with exercise, meditation, and consumption of 25 dietary supplement pills to kickstart his vitality.

  • Special Broth: Ingests a unique broth containing various ingredients like chlorella, amino acids, creatine, collagen peptide, flavonoids, and Ceylon cinnamon.

  • Beauty Regimen: Incorporates phototherapies and innovative treatments like plasma transfusion to maintain skin rejuvenation and overall well-being.

Vision for the Future

Bryan Johnson imagines a future where, by 2030, aging is slowed down by 25%. This is achieved through products and interventions everyone can access. Despite rumors about the high costs of maintaining beauty, he stays focused on his objective. He values living longer more than dealing with physical discomfort.

Mark Hyman: Doctor (of Clinton), will I live?

American doctor Mark Hyman offers an affordable approach for the average income person. This method is available at the Rose Bar in the Six Senses Ibiza hotel. Paying €15,000 per year, one can follow a controversial longevity method. This method has many enthusiastic fans, including the Clinton family.

Approach to Functional Medicine

  • Root Cause Analysis focuses on finding and solving the basic reasons for health problems. It does not just treat the symptoms.

  • Diet Philosophy encourages eating mostly vegetables (75%) and good proteins (25%). It says to avoid sugar and processed foods. Only forest fruits are allowed.

Innovative Therapies and Techniques



Ice Baths

Utilizes cold therapy for rejuvenation and recovery.

Infrared Sauna Sessions

Promotes detoxification and relaxation through heat therapy. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

Improve healing and vitality by enhancing oxygen delivery to tissues.

Ozone Therapy

Involves taking blood out, mixing it with ozone, and putting it back into the body. This process boosts immune function and health.

Vision for Longevity

Eternal Youth: Trusts in special treatments to prevent illnesses, including Covid-19. Aims to achieve unending youth.

Longevity Goal: Wants to live to 120 years old. Plans to stay active and enjoy life completely.

Legacy: Hyman is committed to leading-edge health methods. The success of his techniques will be assessed over the next sixty years.