Best Yoga Mats for Beginners: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Mat

Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

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Discover the top 5 best yoga mats for beginners. Our expert guide includes features, benefits, pros, and cons to help you choose the perfect mat!

Ready to channel your inner yogi but unsure which mat to choose? It’s time to roll out the red carpet for your yoga journey! Discover the best mats for hot yoga, sensitive knees, and on-the-go practices in our beginner’s yoga mat guide. No more slipping, sliding, or sore joints—just pure zen. So, stretch out those limbs, take a deep breath, and explore the mats that’ll transform you into a warrior of wellness!

The Importance of Yoga Mats for Beginners

The Importance of Yoga Mats for Beginners

For beginners, yoga mats are essential as they provide comfort, support, and stability during yoga practice. When starting, it’s essential to have a mat suitable for your level and style of yoga. Not having the right mat can lead to discomfort, injury or even discourage you from continuing your practice.

A good quality yoga mat will enhance your practice, making it more enjoyable and fulfilling. Moreover, yoga mats provide a non-slip surface that helps maintain proper alignment during poses.

They also offer cushioning that protects your joints from hard surfaces and provides traction to prevent slipping. These factors are especially crucial for beginners who may not be familiar with proper form or balance.

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Criteria Used to Select the Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

Criteria Used to Select the Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

The best yoga mats for beginners must meet specific criteria to ensure their effectiveness and suitability for new practitioners. We considered several factors when selecting the top five mats on this list. Materials: The materials used in making each mat should be eco-friendly (without harmful chemicals), durable, and easy to clean.

Thickness: A good thickness level is between 4mm – 6mm as it provides adequate cushioning while still allowing pose stability. Grip: A mat must have a non-slip surface, enabling you to maintain stability during poses.

Durability: A beginner needs a mat that can withstand constant use without showing signs of wear and tear too soon. Investing in a high-quality yoga mat is one of the best decisions you can make as a beginner yogi/yogini.

With numerous options available today, finding one that fits your preferences might seem daunting but fret not! Our guide to the top five best yoga mats for beginners will set you on the right path.

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Top 5 Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

Top 5 Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise, and it has many benefits for the mind and body. However, practicing yoga poses can be uncomfortable without a proper mat. Yoga mats provide cushioning and grip, making it easier to hold postures.

The market has various options to choose from when selecting a yoga mat. Here are the top five best yoga mats for beginners based on features, benefits, pros & cons, and customer ratings.

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Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Lite Yoga Mat – Lightweight For Women and Men, Non Slip, Cushion for…
  • BEST IN CLASS MAT: The lightweight version of our PRO multipurpose workout mat is the #1 recommended mat by fitness instructors and yoga therapists all over the world, built to last a lifetime
  • HIGH DENSITY CUSHION: Ultra-dense, 4.7 mm cushioning provides superior support, stability, and joint protection, along with comfort on any surface
  • RESPONSIBLY MADE: Each mat is meticulously handmade in an emissions-free German facility with 100% latex-free PVC that has been certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX; Handmade products may vary slightly in length, width and/or thickness
  • BREAKING IN YOUR MAT: The non slip grip of the mat will improve with use, and textured top layer allows you to flow between postures without sticking; Keep practicing to break your mat in over time
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our closed-cell material helps keep out moisture, but to keep your mat clean and smelling fresh, use our Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh spray and Botanical Cleaner *other cleaning solutions are not tested/recommended*

The Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat is highly recommended by yogis worldwide, making it one of the best choices for beginners. This premium mat comes with exceptional quality, ensuring durability while providing excellent comfort during practice sessions. The Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat’s smooth surface absorbs sweat to improve traction during use, ensuring you maintain grip throughout your yoga session.

The Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat is incredibly lightweight at only four pounds, making it easy to carry wherever you go. Additionally, this mat is made from non-toxic materials; therefore, you can practice with peace of mind knowing that your health won’t be affected negatively.

However amazing this mat may sound, there are also some drawbacks worth mentioning. For instance, this top-rated yoga mat comes at a higher price than other beginner-friendly alternatives.

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat – Durable & Thick Gym Fitness Mat, Non-Slip Natural…
  • THE PERFECT YOGA MAT: Discover the ultimate yoga experience with the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat. At…
  • ENHANCED STABILITY AND GRIP: Crafted from natural, open-cell rubber, our mat provides superior…
  • NATURAL MATERIALS: At JadeYoga, we prioritize your well-being and the planet’s health. Our mats are…
  • SUSTAINABLE RUBBER PRODUCTION: Sustainability lies at the core of JadeYoga’s philosophy. Our mats…
  • BE THE CHANGE WITH JADEYOGA: When you choose JadeYoga, you’re not just investing in a premium yoga…

Another highly recommended option for beginners is the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat. This eco-friendly mat comes from a natural rubber material that provides excellent cushioning without compromising stability during strenuous postures like inversions or balancing poses. Additionally, Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat’s thickness makes it comfortable enough on concrete floors if you don’t have access to carpeted spaces or studios with sprung floors.

One issue worth mentioning about the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is that it has a distinct smell when newly purchased. Although this scent disappears with time, it may make some users uncomfortable during their first session.

Liforme Yoga Mat

Liforme Original Yoga Mat – Free Yoga Bag Included – Patented Alignment…
  • TRANSFORM YOUR PRACTICE – This Premium Yoga mat is designed to be the most innovative &…
  • ULTIMATE GRIP – This premium mat benefits from the ground-breaking Liforme “GripForMe”…
  • REVOLUTIONARY ALIGNMENT SYSTEM – Our intelligently designed unique “AlignForMe” system helps…
  • TRULY PLANET FRIENDLY – Liforme incorporates the most ‘body kind’ specially engineered…
  • MADE BY YOGIS, FOR YOGIS – Liforme Yoga Mats are loved and adored by 100s of 1000s of Women and…

The Liforme Yoga Mat is another fantastic mat choice for beginners. This mat has a patented alignment system that guides you to help you maintain proper form while practicing yoga poses. It’s also non-toxic and eco-friendly, made from biodegradable natural rubber and sustainable materials.

Liforme mats have an exceptional grip system that ensures stability and traction, making them perfect for people who sweat heavily during practice sessions. One disadvantage of this top-rated yoga mat option is that it’s relatively expensive compared to other beginner-friendly alternatives.

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

YOGA DESIGN LAB | The Combo Yoga Mat | 2-in-1 Mat+Towel | Eco Luxury | Ideal for…
  • THE COMBO MAT: For those of you who like to sweat – this is your yoga mat! An eco-friendly,…
  • DISCOUNT YOGA SET / KIT OFFER: Buy two or more YDL products and get 10% or more off your order….
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Recycled PET microfiber top layer is made using 15 plastic bottles. Base layer is made…
  • EASY TO CLEAN: We recommend hand-washing to extend the life of your mat. If you choose to machine…
  • PRO TIP: For optimal grip, wet your hands or spritz a little water on your mat before practice….

Suppose you’re looking for a colorful and stylish yoga mat that performs exceptionally well during yoga practice sessions. In that case, the Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat is an excellent option. This top-rated yoga mat has a unique design consisting of a microfiber towel-like surface bonded onto a natural tree rubber base providing enough cushioning without slipping.

The combination ensures you can hold postures without losing balance or comfort, even if you sweat profusely. However, one disadvantage of this combo mat worth mentioning is its thickness, which may not provide sufficient cushioning for people who require more padding during their practice sessions.

Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat with Yoga Mat Carrier Sling

Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat with Carrier Sling, Navy, 72″L x 24″W x 1/4…
  • CLASSIC YOGA MAT: These durable, yet lightweight exercise yoga mats are extra-thick (1/4 Inch) for…
  • STICKY NON-SLIP TEXTURE: Yoga mat is featured in classic colors with a textured non slip surface for…
  • NON-TOXIC & 6P FREE – PVC yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free of DEHP,…
  • INCLUDES YOGA MAT CARRIER SLING: Included with your yoga mat is a carrying sling/strap so you can…
  • DIMENSIONS: 72″L x 24″W x 1/4 Inch Thick (3.5 lbs.)

This budget-friendly Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat comes with an additional carry sling making it an excellent option for beginners on the go. It offers excellent traction and stability thanks to its textured surface, which enhances grip while minimizing slips and skids on all floors.

Moreover, the Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat offers ample cushioning while maintaining good support throughout your entire practice session. However, one issue worth mentioning is that this mat’s durability may not be as long-lasting as other high-end yoga mats.

Sweat-Proof Your Practice: Mats for Hot Yoga Enthusiasts

If you’re diving into the steamy world of hot yoga, you’ll need a mat that can handle the heat. The Jade Yoga and Manduka Pro mats are popular among hot yoga devotees, providing an excellent grip that won’t slip even with sweaty hands. For extra protection, consider adding a yoga towel to your setup, keeping your mat dry and secure during intense Ashtanga or hot yoga classes.

Cushioning for Comfort: Thick Yoga Mats for Sensitive Knees

For those with sensitive knees or bad joints, a thicker mat can make a difference in your practice. The Manduka Eko and Liforme Original Yoga Mat offer extra cushioning, ensuring you can comfortably hold poses. A thick yoga mat may be bulkier than a standard one, but the added support benefits make it worth the extra weight. Listen to your body and choose a mat that provides the comfort you need to embrace your yoga journey fully.

On-the-Go Serenity: Travel-Friendly Yoga Mats for the Mobile Yogi

A travel mat is essential if you’re a yogi who’s always on the move. Brands like Yogi Bare, Sweaty Betty, and Alo Yoga Warrior Mat have created lightweight, foldable mats perfect for tossing in your suitcase or gym bag. Reversible and synthetic rubber mats are also excellent options for portable practice, ensuring you never miss a yoga class no matter where life takes you.

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Comparison of the Top Five Mats

Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat¹Eco-certified PVC4.7 mm71″ x 24″ or 79″ x 24″$92 or $100Lightweight, durable, non-slip, lifetime guarantee
Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat²⁴⁵Natural rubber4.8 mm68″ x 24″ or 74″ x 24″ or 80″ x 28″ (XW)$84.95 or $89.95 or $99.95 (XW)Eco-friendly, non-toxic, cushioned, grippy, various colors
Liforme Yoga Mat⁶⁷⁸Natural rubber and eco-polyurethane4.2 mm72.8″ x 26.8″$140 or $145 (black and gold) or $155 (XL)Eco-friendly, biodegradable, alignment system, ultimate grip, extra large
Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat⁹ [^10^] ¹¹Natural rubber and microfiber towel3.5 mm or 1.5 mm (travel)70″ x 24″ or 72″ x 26″ (XL) or 68″ x 24″ (travel)$95 or $105 (XL) or $62 (travel)Eco-friendly, recycled materials, water-based inks, mat and towel in one, beautiful designs

I hope this helps you choose the best yoga mat for your needs.

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Materials Used in Making Each Mat

Materials Used in Making Each Mat

The materials used in making a yoga mat can determine its durability, texture, and comfort. Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat is made of eco-certified PVC, which is long-lasting and provides excellent grip.

The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is made of natural rubber and has an open-cell design that offers superior grip even when wet. Liforme Yoga Mat is constructed with natural rubber and eco-polyurethane, providing a firm grip to prevent slippage.

The Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat uses natural tree rubber for the base layer with a microfiber top layer for better grip. Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat with Yoga Mat Carrier Sling comprises PVC for its durable construction.

Durability, Comfort, Texture, and Thickness

Durability-wise, Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat wins with minimal signs of wear over time. Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat lasts long but can get scratched due to its natural rubber surface.

Liforme Yoga Mat’s innovative grip texture ensures durability over time while providing an ideal balance between cushioning and support for all practices. The thickness of the Manduka ProLite yoga mat (4mm) provides excellent cushioning while maintaining stability during balancing poses.

Texture-wise, Jade Harmony Professional’s textured surface offers superior traction even when wet compared to any other mat on this list. Liforme’s GripForMe system increases traction as your hand’s sweat during practice.

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What is the ideal thickness for a yoga mat for beginners?

A mat that is 6mm thick is ideal for beginners. It provides enough cushioning for comfort and stability during poses.

Are expensive yoga mats worth the investment?

Expensive yoga mats can last longer and provide better grip, but it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money. A good quality mat within your budget is sufficient.

Can I use a towel instead of a yoga mat?

A towel can be used as a temporary solution but it doesn’t provide enough cushioning or support. A yoga mat is designed for safety and comfort during practice.

What material is best for a beginner’s yoga mat?

A mat made of PVC or TPE is ideal for beginners as they provide good grip, cushioning, and durability. They are also affordable and easy to maintain.

How do I clean my yoga mat?

Clean your mat with a mixture of water and mild soap after each use. Rinse thoroughly, hang to dry, and avoid direct sunlight to prevent damage.


In conclusion, your journey to becoming a seasoned yogi begins with the right foundation: your yoga mat. Whether you’re sweating it out in hot yoga, seeking extra cushioning for sensitive knees, or practicing on the go, there’s a perfect mat tailored to your needs. Remember, the best yoga mat for beginners supports your practice and allows you to grow comfortably. So, unroll your newfound companion and embrace the world of yoga with confidence, balance, and serenity. Namaste!


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