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Imagine a world where your watch doesn’t just tell time but tells you how to make the most of it. That’s what the Galaxy Watch6 offers, by merging smartwatch innovation with unparalleled fitness tracking and health management capabilities. This wearable technology is designed to sync seamlessly with your life, providing notifications and a personalized guide to better health.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 6 40mm Bluetooth Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker, Personalized HR Zones, Advanced Sleep Coaching, Heart Monitor, BIA Sensor, Health Wellness Insights, Big Screen, US Version, Graphite


User reviews

Awesome. Nice watch. I already had the #3 but that just allows you to receive calls. The 6 you can make and receive calls. Lots of other nice features also. Only problem for me is it doesn't hold a charge long enough for me. This is a problem bc I like you sleep with it on and also wear it all day. Probably holds a charge for 12 hours sometimes a little longer. I have reception and wifi where I live which send to be a factor. It seems to last longer when I'm at work. Would highly recommend.
This is a great watch. My first use of any brand of "smartwatch", but Samsung has done a great job. Easy to set up, even for a 1st time user like me. Battery life is very good, slept with it on my wrist all night at it still had 49% battery life left. Pretty simple to set up and use. The model I got was Bluetooth and it paired easily with my Galaxy S23 Ultra phone, and it shares information easily. My only complaint is....the band was way too small for my wrist. I ended up buying a fabric band (which I recommend), and it is very comfortable. The watch is light on my wrist and it's easy to go through all the functions with either a tap or a twist of the dial. Great battery life too (did I mention that?!?)! Well built and should last a long time. Looks classy, for any occasion.
Another winning Samsung product. First off, the label next to my name says I’m a VINE VOICE reviewer. That is correct, however, please note that I paid for this watch myself with my own funds and the following are my unbiased and independent comments.I bought this watch brand new about 7 weeks ago. It is the standard 44mm Bluetooth Watch (not Classic, not LTE). This watch takes the best from Samsung (SS) and Google. The features are excellent but please realize that to use them to their full potential, you must use a SS Android Phone that is compatible with the watch. My phone is a SS Galaxy S10+ phone.My experience over the past years with smart watches includes four $300-$400 watches from competitors and none have superseded or matched the performance of this device (excluding battery duration without needing a charge). In addition, I owned the SS Galaxy Watch 5. The Galaxy Watch 6 counters seem accurate when checked with other devices that are calibrated and they are easy to use. For example, I do a lot of walking both indoors and out. The outdoor distance counter and GPS has been right on. When I walk indoors, it’s on a measured track that is exactly one mile. The distance counter on the watch is generally within a couple of percent of the track, which, in my experience, is far superior to those other competitors. With cycling, I’ve found the Galaxy Watch 6 to be great in measuring distances, speeds, heart rate, etc. The SS Health App teams well with the Watch 6.The UI is very similar to, if not identical to the others in the latest SS Galaxy watch family. The apps that are available for this watch are many and I’d guess are all interchangeable.Why did I upgrade from my Galaxy Watch 5? It was primarily due to the Watch 6’s upgrade to the hardware, but to me, it was important to have the technology that will seamlessly connect the watch to a new SS phone when the time comes to upgrade the phone. I understand this feature is available on the Galaxy Watch 6. Earlier versions require you to re-profile the watch settings when you change to a new phone.Did I have any issues with the watch? To begin, as others have noted, battery life could be better, but I am getting 2+ days on a full charge. I’m good with this, even though it is not as good as other brands. As far as recharging the watch, when I first received the watch, it took 2 to 3 hours to recharge, I felt this was excessive. There is the “Samsung Members” app to trouble shoot the device, and in addition, SS can “remote” into the watch through the phone to troubleshoot further. Don’t want to be repetitive, but you need a SS phone for SS Tech Support to do this. After some over the phone troubleshooting with SS and sending the watch back to them under warranty, they found that the charging cable was faulty and was the cause of the long recharge time. SS replaced the cable under warranty (after a 4 week long backorder delay), and now it takes an hour to recharge the watch from 20% to 100%. This is the expected time to recharge the watch. Kudos to SS Service, they were generally responsive in troubleshooting this issue and correcting it.I’m satisfied with this watch, it's appearance, and all it can do and can recommend it if you are in the market for a new smart watch.
Very comfortable, informational and stylish. I am overall very happy with the 44mm Watch 6, it is comfortable, non-obtrusive, and stylish when I want it to be.I am very glad I didn't get the version with the rotating bezel, because this sleeker version provides the same functionality if you simply rotate your finger around the edge.The band that it comes with is comfortable.The sleep function works very well, and provides what I consider valuable and actionable insights.The pulse oximeter is slow and intermittent.The ECG function is nice, if somewhat redundant if you're relatively healthy; you always get 'Sinus Rhythm'. I suppose if you get anything else, you should see your doctor, but I would imagine that's a one time thing.The stress function is useful and appears to be accurate.The Samsung health app is good, but not as flexible as one may desire with a watch of this capability.Battery life is pretty terrible, if you are constantly monitoring pulse, and turn on features that are the reason why you purchased this watch, (advanced sleep, always on display, etc.) you should expect no more than 24 hours of battery.The upside is that it recharges in about an hour.The blood pressure capability is not functional, it would be nice if Samsung provided some guidance as to when it will be available. I was shocked to find, after purchasing, that it didn't work, even though it says it's supported, and currently works on the Watch 5.Without the critical BP function, combined with the battery life and sketchy SpO2 sensor, it is still a pleasurably useful watch own, likely the best available as of this review.But it's not five stars.
Nice watch. BIG. Apps are a little confusing, but the work well on the watch. Watch is Great. Plan to get a new band as the one included is crap. Battery life is ok, just plan to charge it every 24 hours. Parred with my Galaxy phone very well. I expect to use it for 3 years.
So many functions. I am amazed at the quality of sleep app, medication schedules, exercise videos while monitoring heart rate! It even monitors Oxygen levels while I sleep! Plus I can answer phone calls and text on it. I am very pleased. While using all the apps, the battery needs to be charged every day. I usually charge it up while I get ready every morning. But for all it does, plus so much more I haven't listed, I will put up with a little inconvenience.
Received ordered product. well in advance and good condition. Thank you.

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The Galaxy Watch 6 is more than just a smartwatch crafted by Samsung. It’s a fitness companion that keeps pace with your lifestyle. Whether you’re a serious athlete or just starting your fitness journey, the watch’s advanced sleep coaching acts as your personal sleep coach, ensuring restful nights for more productive days. Tackling health tracking with finesse, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 becomes an extension of your well-being, focusing on bringing advanced technology to your wrist.

With the Samsung smartwatch, getting a comprehensive look at your wellness has never been easier—or more stylish. Dive into the future of wearable technology with the feature-packed Galaxy Watch 6 and experience the epitome of digital health and fitness tracking. Ready to unlock your fitness future? Let the smart technology of the Galaxy Watch6 lead the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Revolutionize your approach to health with the Galaxy Watch6’s advanced sleep coaching.
  • Stay in tune with your body’s needs through personalized fitness tracking.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Samsung Health for a holistic view of your wellness.
  • Benefit from FDA-cleared health features for peace of mind and proactive care.
  • Enjoy the convenience of wearable technology that fits your style and fitness goals.

Embrace Innovative Health Tracking with Galaxy Watch6

As you delve into personal wellness with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, discover advanced health-tracking features designed to elevate your understanding of your body. From monitoring your heart rate to analyzing your sleep, the Galaxy Watch6 is the quintessential fitness tracker for adults 22 years and older seeking comprehensive health insights.

The Advent of Advanced Sleep Monitoring

The Galaxy Watch6 is not just another Samsung smartwatch but a sophisticated sleep tracker offering Advanced Sleep Coaching. By evaluating your sleep patterns with the latest version of the Samsung Health app, version 6.22, this intelligent device provides personalized programs to help refine your sleep habits, utilizing fun sleep animal avatars that make tracking your rest as enjoyable as it is beneficial.

Personalized Workout Metrics at a Glance

Avid fitness enthusiasts will revel in the Watch6’s capability to track over 90 different exercises, recognize activities like walking and swimming, and present this wealth of data on Samsung’s largest smartwatch screen to date. This fitness tracker lets you easily access your workout metrics quickly, keeping you focused and informed throughout your exercise routines.

Revolutionary BIA Sensor for Body Composition

Set yourself apart with the revolutionary BIA sensor that advances how you measure body composition. Obtain essential statistics like body fat percentage and muscle mass, helping you to tailor your health and fitness goals more precisely. The inclusion of this cutting-edge technology underscores the Galaxy Watch6’s role as a dynamic partner in managing personal well-being.

IHRN Feature – A Step Towards Heart Health

The introduction of the IHRN feature marks a significant step forward in tracking irregular heart rhythms. Should the device detect any anomalies, it prompts you to use the ECG monitor app for a more in-depth analysis, providing insights into your cardiac function and potential irregularities. With the Galaxy Watch6 on your wrist, your heart health is continuously safeguarded.

The Ultimate Sleep Coach: Welcoming Better Nights

Advanced Sleep Tracking with Galaxy Watch6

Imagine ending your day and slipping into a restful night’s sleep with a trusted sleep coach, or more accurately, on your wrist. With the integration of advanced sleep coaching into the Galaxy Watch6, you’re not just investing in a smartwatch; you’re appointing a personal sleep guide to escort you into better nights and energized mornings. The Galaxy Watch6 offers unparalleled sleep tracking, but the experience is amplified when paired with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone—transforming your bedtime routine into a high-tech slumber sanctuary.

Snore detection enabled through Samsung technology gives you insights into the quiet—and not-so-quiet—moments of your night. But the real magic happens with the seamless interconnectivity that requires a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Once connected, your Galaxy Watch6 doesn’t just monitor sleep stages; it acts as a comprehensive sleep coach that evaluates and offers feedback to promote consistently better sleep, night after night.

Below is a snapshot of how the Galaxy Watch6 breaks down your nightly data, enhancing your rest through technology:

Sleep MetricDetails CapturedBenefits
DurationTotal hours and minutes of sleepIdentify if you meet recommended sleep times
StagesREM, Light, Deep SleepUnderstand the quality of your sleep
ContinuityFrequency of waking momentsSpot patterns that may interrupt sleep
SnoringAudio detection and analysisAddress sleep-disruptive snoring
CoachingPersonalized sleep improvement programsDevelop habits for sustained sleep health

By actively incorporating these daily sleep reports into your routine, the Galaxy Watch 6 helps you acknowledge and adjust where necessary, ensuring your slumbers are a temporary rest and a stepping stone towards a lifestyle with rejuvenating sleep as the cornerstone.

Redefining Your Exercise Routine with Smart Technology

The revolutionary Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is here to transform how you engage with your health and fitness. With innovative wearable technology, the Galaxy Watch6 doesn’t just keep pace with your active lifestyle—it propels you forward, making every second of your workout count.

Unlocking Personalized Heart Rate Zones

Whether you’re a hardened athlete or a leisurely walker, the Galaxy Watch6 caters to every fitness level by setting personalized heart rate zones based on your profile and goals. These customized zones enable you to train more effectively, pushing you to optimal performance while maximizing calorie burn—you’re in full control of your exercise intensity.

Galaxy Watch6’s Auto-Exercise Recognition

Take the guesswork out of tracking your sports activities. The smart Auto-Exercise Recognition feature means that your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch automatically detects and logs your exercise, whether you’re into yoga, hiking, or HIIT. It adapts to your routine, freeing you to focus fully on your fitness.

A Display that Keeps You on Track

Visibility is key in any workout, and the Galaxy Watch6 doesn’t disappoint. Featuring an expansive AMOLED display, this Android watch ensures your real-time fitness tracking data is always crystal clear, even in direct sunlight. Its robust design maintains unrivaled legibility, so you can monitor your progress without breaking stride.

  • Bright and beautiful AMOLED display offers vivid clarity.
  • Instant access to fitness stats with a flick of your wrist.
  • Customizable watch faces that put health metrics front and center.

With these state-of-the-art smartwatch features, your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is an essential wearable technology that tracks and truly enhances your fitness journey. It’s not just about keeping time; it’s about optimizing every moment for your well-being.

Heart Rate Tracking & Irregular Rhythm Detection

Galaxy Watch 6 Review: Unlock Your Fitness Future

Your Samsung Galaxy Watch6 is not just another smartwatch; it’s a vigilant guardian for your heart health. With the new Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) feature, your watch harnesses essential pulse rate data to identify episodes that may suggest irregular heart rhythms. These advanced smartwatch features work diligently to ensure you’re aware of potential health risks, like atrial fibrillation.

Incorporating your device’s continuous heart rate and episodic irregular rhythm notification capabilities with the trusted Samsung Health app, including its ECG app, could be the key when managing daily well-being. They provide a gateway to tracking fluctuations and understanding the wider implications of your health tracking data.

Be proactive about your heart health with the Samsung Galaxy Watch6. Stay informed, stay secure, and keep your wellbeing in check.

  • Real-time monitoring of your heart rate to maintain your fitness goals.
  • Regular updates with pulse rate data to identify episodes of irregular rhythm.
  • Episodic irregular rhythm notification, alerting you to take immediate action.
  • Seamless integration with the Samsung Health app for comprehensive health management.
  • Access to an ECG app directly on your wrist, approved by the FDA for its precision.

The table below outlines the benefits of the Watch6’s advanced heart monitoring features:

FeatureDescriptionUser Benefit
Heart Rate MonitoringContinuous tracking of heart rate data during rest and activity.Enables users to maintain optimal exercise intensity and monitor resting heart health.
Irregular Rhythm NotificationPeriodic scans to detect patterns suggestive of Afib.Offers early warning signs for potential heart issues, promoting timely medical consultation.
ECG AppFDA-approved feature for deeper heart rhythm analysis.Provides a detailed understanding of heart rhythm irregularities following a notification.
Samsung Health IntegrationAll data synched to a comprehensive health app.Allows users to view historical data and identify trends in their heart health over time.

With the Galaxy Watch6, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got best-in-class technology wrapped around your wrist—a true partner in your health and fitness journey.

Elevate Your Style with the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Discover the convergence of high-profile elegance and cutting-edge wearable technology with the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic. Renowned for its exquisite design, crafted using high-quality materials, this smartwatch is not just about functionality—it’s a fashion statement that wraps supreme 24/7 comfort around your wrist. Whether in a formal suit or gym attire, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic complements your look while offering seamless integration into your active lifestyle.

Elegant Design Meets Comfort

The rotating bezel of the Galaxy Watch6 Classic stands as a hallmark of intelligent design, marrying the timeless appeal of classic watches with the forward-thinking innovation of the latest smartwatches. Its distinctive rotating mechanism facilitates effortless navigation through menus and apps, heralding an interactive experience unmatched in wearable technology. Not only does its beauty capture the eye, but its comfort-centric build also ensures it can be worn around the clock, redefining the essence of a fitness tracker.

Customizable Watch Faces for Every Occasion

Your smartwatch should be as versatile as you are, and with customizable watch faces, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic offers supreme adaptability. Choose from an abundant selection of watch faces that align with your mood, outfit, or the event you’re attending. Whether going for a run or attending a high-end gala, your watch face can be effortlessly tailored to suit the occasion. With the largest watch face in Samsung’s lineup, visibility and style go hand-in-hand, making it not just a device but an integral part of your personal brand.

FeatureGalaxy Watch6 Classic Advantage
MaterialsHigh-quality materials for luxury feel
ComfortDesigned for supreme 24/7 wearability
CustomizationVast array of customizable watch faces
NavigationIntuitive rotating bezel interface
Display SizeThe largest watch face for enhanced visibility
FunctionalityCombines style with practical fitness tracking features

Seamless Connectivity and Independence from Your Phone

Imagine a world where your smartwatch doesn’t just complement your phone—it stands on its own. That’s the reality with the Samsung Galaxy Watch6. Equipped with seamless connectivity, this Android watch redefines how you interact with your suite of Galaxy devices seamlessly, ensuring you can always stay connected, even without your phone. Whether for a quick grocery run or a morning jog, the need to carry your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Android is becoming a thing of the past.

Thanks to smart technology, activities like making calls, sending texts, managing your playlist, and even snapping a photo with your phone’s camera can now be done directly from your wrist. This remarkable integration is all part of the Galaxy ecosystem, linked through your Samsung account, to create a user experience that’s as effortless as it is intuitive.

With the latest advancements in wearable technology, the Galaxy Watch6 affords you the luxury of on-the-go communication without sacrificing any of the functionalities you’ve come to depend on in your smartphone. This innovative smartwatch ensures that your digital life flows uninterrupted, giving you freedom and convenience without missing a beat.

  • Make and receive calls with a built-in speaker and microphone
  • Send, receive, and reply to text messages
  • Control your smartphone’s camera and capture the moment from any angle
  • Stay updated with real-time notifications

As you embrace the autonomy offered by the Galaxy Watch6, you discover a new realm of potential. Your daily activities become unchained from the physical constraints of your phone, promising you a sense of liberating independence. The future of personal tech is not just smart; it’s savvy—freeing you up to focus more on what you love and less on where your phone is.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 43mm Stainless-Steel Smartwatch w/ Fitness Tracker, Heart Monitor, BIA Sensor, Bluetooth – Black


User reviews

The physical bezel is worth it. If you are torn, get the watch with the physical bezel. The digital bezel on the 6 works fine, but it is not nearly as satisfying.
Great so far. Well I ordered this on Thursday afternoon and got this Friday afternoon so A+ on the shipping that's for sure lol. I don't have prime or anything so that was a pleasant surprise.On the actual product it's pretty great. No issues so far. I actually bought a Watch 6 like three weeks ago from best buy and returned because I saw the price for this on Amazon (430 with tax compared to 290 with this) so I'm glad I made the decision. I thought I was screwed because it said latin america version but once it connected to my phone the language changed to English so that was a great relief lol. If it does screw up I'll edit the review but if you're reading this review and it doesn't changed I would buy it. Great deal.
Great upgrade. I had a Galaxy Watch 4, I got the Watch 6 Classic on sale for $210. It was a returned item, but looked brand new. It was worth the upgrade for the extra features.Excellent watch, and the battery seems to be marginally better.
In order to enjoy full functionality, you must pair it with a galaxy phone. I bought the phone because I liked how it looked, and seemed to have features I wanted, like ECG and blood pressure measurements. However, these very features, such as ECG and blood pressure measurements, require Samsung apps...which will only install onto Samsung phones. I don't own one...in fact I dislike them in the extreme (too much bloatware). This should be PLAINLY revealed in the information presented, but it isn't. I probably could have spent hours on the Internet figuring out how to make it work on my phone, but it pissed me off, so I returned it. I ordered a pixel 2 instead. Screw Samsung.
Battery SUCKS#@!. Otherwise great watch. Samsung needs to fix the battery life. Cost too much to stay on a charger
Nice Looking Watch. Overall I am pleased with the Smartwatch 6. Battery life I thought would be slightly better than the Smartwatch 4 but I don't think it will be by much. My biggest complaint was the short band it arrived with. I have an 8 inch wrist and the band shipped was too tight. Had to order a longer band as soon as received it.
his watch is amazing. I love it.
Esta muy padre, si vale la pena. La batería es la que deja un poco que desear pero aun así me gusto.
The media could not be loaded.  Muy bueno, software oficial y completamente nuevo 👍
no funcionan la mayor parte en mexico version extrangera

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As you contemplate the vast landscape of wearable technology, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 emerges as more than just a gadget; it’s your partner in redefining well-being. When you buy Galaxy Watch6, you’re not just securing a device with impressive specs. You’re choosing to journey towards a more balanced and health-focused life. From the advanced health metrics to the seamless interaction with Samsung’s ecosystem, every aspect of the Galaxy Watch6 is designed with your lifestyle in mind. The ability to shop Samsung’s latest innovations, like the Galaxy Watch6, offers you a perfect blend of smart technology and style.

The Galaxy Watch 6 44mm Bluetooth version ensures that you stay connected without being bound to your phone, a convenience that’s becoming increasingly essential. Whether swimming laps or in back-to-back meetings, the watch keeps you informed and on track. And when it comes to elegance, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic adds a touch of sophistication to your wrist, effortlessly blending with whatever you wear while keeping all the smart benefits within reach.

Monitoring your health, managing your fitness, and elevating your day-to-day activities are seamlessly integrated into the new Samsung Galaxy Watch6. The value proposition is clear considering the Galaxy Watch6 price and its slew of features. Dive into the Galaxy Watch6 reviews, and you’ll see why it’s garnered praise. So, if you’re ready to make a smart move for your health and convenience, head over to Samsung US or shop at Samsung to explore the latest wearable innovation. Leap and see how the Galaxy Watch6 fits your wrist and your life.


What makes the Galaxy Watch6 ideal for fitness tracking?

The Galaxy Watch6 is packed with features such as an advanced BIA sensor for body composition, personalized heart rate zones, and auto-exercise recognition, making it an ideal smartwatch for fitness tracking.

Can the Galaxy Watch6 help improve my sleep quality?

Absolutely, the watch offers Advanced Sleep Coaching with personalized programs to help you improve sleep habits. It also monitors your sleep stages and can detect snoring, making it an effective sleep coach on your wrist.

Does the Galaxy Watch6 come with health tracking capabilities?

Yes, it is equipped with health tracking capabilities, including the ability to monitor heart rate and detect irregular heart rhythms through the FDA-cleared IHRN feature integrated with the Samsung Health app.

What is the BIA sensor on the Galaxy Watch6?

The BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) sensor on the Galaxy Watch6 measures body composition, giving insights into metrics such as body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body water, and more to help manage and track your fitness progress.

How does the Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) feature work?

The IHRN feature on the Galaxy Watch6 periodically checks your heart rate and notifies you of any detected irregularities, suggesting you take an electrocardiogram (ECG) through the Samsung Health app for further analysis.

Can the Galaxy Watch6 automatically recognize my workouts?

Yes, the Galaxy Watch6 features Auto-Exercise Recognition that can track over 90 different exercises and automatically records popular activities without you having to manually start the workout on your watch.

Is the Galaxy Watch6 Classic different in design from the standard Galaxy Watch6?

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic stands out with its traditional watch aesthetics, featuring a rotating bezel for easy navigation and customizable watch faces, making it both stylish and functional.

Can I make phone calls or send texts using the Galaxy Watch6?

Yes, with the Galaxy Watch6, you can make calls, send texts, and even control your smartphone’s camera. It offers seamless connectivity and allows you to perform a range of functions without needing your phone nearby.

Is the Samsung Health app required to use with the Galaxy Watch6?

Many of the advanced health tracking features of the Galaxy Watch6 are integrated with the Samsung Health app, so using the app will maximize your experience and health insights.

Where can I purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and find more about its price and availability?

You can shop for the new Samsung Galaxy Watch6 on the official Samsung US website or via the Shop Samsung app. There you’ll find detailed information about pricing, availability, and any ongoing promotions.