Michael Kors Smartwatch: Unleashing Style and Innovation

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The first Michael Kors smartwatch was first introduced in 2014. Since then, we have seen many iterations, but none as stylish as this one. Read on to know what makes it unique!

Michael Kors Women's MKGO Gen 5E 43mm Touchscreen Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate, Contactless Payments, and Smartphone Notifications


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Best gift I've purchased in a while. It's MK what's not to love lol. But seriously 8t is a great easy to use watch that is classy and simple in resin but a gorgeous timepiece.
Best smart watch. I read the reviews before I bought it and a lot of people said the battery died quickly, I bought the watch anyways . I noticed it died pretty fast, but in learning how to navigate the watch and app I figured out I don’t need the face to light up every time your moves to look at it, I turned that off and the battery lasted all day with 40 percent left at the end of the day. I love all the face of the watch options . I can change it to more elegant when I’m going out for the night, and a sporty one for everyday . So many options!!! I love it. Highly recommend!!! It took me a couple days of playing around with it to figure it all out but then again I’m NOT a techy person and I figured it out . Buy it, you won’t be disappointed
Amazing. The watch is wonderful and beautiful!
Pure Crap. Do not buy. I ordered the watch and when I arrived, I followed all directions to begin set up. It never charged or did anything. So I sent it back and was sent a replacement. Guess what? This one wouldn’t charge either. I tried different outlets, charging ports to no avail. Save your money! I love Michael Kors merchandise but he needs to remove his name from this one. It’s made by Fossil by the way. This one is also going back as well and I do not want a replacement. Just a refund
Silver. I just got it yesterday, not sure about how it works yet, but there is no silver on the watch. It is solid black. I ordered the black and silver. Fyi if you are getting it because you like silver.
Works great. I just literally love everything about it. Not a single thing bad to say. It's everything I wanted im a smart watch
It’s okay. Not worth the money. It’s literally just for the name. It dies fast and I’ve had it since last December, I rarely wear it. But yet the watch started peeling months ago.
Gift for my Mom. She loves it! Simple enough for her to navigate herself!!
Me encantan las funciones, súper útil. Puedes nadar con él, mojarlo o sumergirlo.Las carátulas intercambiables en la app están súper lindas.
The media could not be loaded.  El paquete vino totalmente sellado, con los manuales, el cargador, me llegó antes de tiempo. Me gusta mucho el material, la correa es tipo silicón, no se siente pesado, está cómodo, y tiene varias interacciones con el celular.
Fue un regalo para mí bespoda y la verdad le gustó mucho!
No me gusto ya que el producto venia en malas condiciones, usado

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Michael Kors Men's & Women's Gen 6 44mm Touchscreen Smart Watch with Alexa Built-In, Fitness Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, GPS, Music Control, Smartphone Notifications (Model: MKT5134V)


User reviews

Oh no. Beautiful, stylish, elegant, a lil difficult to learn to use lol and can't get it to do everything I want but, I love my michael kors watch. I had the access #2 years ago then moved to Samsung smartwatches which I loved but missed the elegant look of the michael kors watch.UPDATE: I've been noticing when I press to see the time it is slow to light up. When I lift my hand it won't turn on by itself though I set it to do so. I put it to charge an hour ago and just now I put it on and noticed the watch was hot like it got hot while charging. And when I press the button it won't turn on so I press it several times to get it on I try to swipe to go to other things so I can turn it off then back on and it won't swipe at all! This is worrisome cause this watch is not cheap! If I can't get it to work I'll have to return it! Smh
Beautiful. I love my new watch flashy but professional looking. I always get compliments on it.
Absolutely stunning. This watch is absolutely stunning, I LOVE the way it looks. Although, I will be sending it back tomorrow. I just received it and after being fully charged the battery completely dies within 3 hours of just wearing it. Very disappointed after how much I paid for it!
Best smart watch. Love that I can silence some notifications and don’t have to have them all on. This watch does everything I need. And is very stylish. I gets compliments almost every day I’m at work. ⌚️❤️
Nice Watch. Beautiful watch, battery life isn't so great.
Terrible. I’m so upset that this did not work out.Once I powered it on, started the set up, it alerted me to do the software update. So I did that.Then it powered itself off and turned back on, but never fully went to the Home Screen.It stayed stuck on the screen that says Michael Kors Access..whatever…but it never turned off either. It became very hot.So I stuck it on the charger and then it shut off. (Stupid)I waited a few hours took it off the charger and turned it back on. Same thing. Stays stuck on the screen that says Michael Kors…ugh so frustrating as this has a beautiful aesthetic to it.So I returned it. I did pay with my debit card and Amazon DID NOT refund it back to my debit card. They put it on a Amazon gift card account balance.I wasn’t even given the option to choose if I wanted it back to the original payment method.I had to chat with customer service to start my return, then was told you’ll be receiving an email with the return instructions and once Amazon receives tracking for the watch, then your refund will be on its way.I received the email with instructions, it was the only option basically to return, was a UPS Pickup scheduled next day. Because of the lithium battery.I made sure I was home to hand the box to the UPS carrier and he had the return label and adhered it to the box.Then a couple hours later, I got notification from Amazon that I had been refunded for the watch.So I checked the status of my refund and it says it was put on my Amazon account as a gift card.I was so mad!! That’s such shady business Amazon.Frustrating!!!!
Birthday gift. Bought this for my fiancee for her birthday she absolutely loves it definitely a must buy
Love. This may be my best purchase from Amazon so far…first of all I wasn’t looking for it but it just popped up as an item that I might like and when I tell you they were spot on I can’t believe how much I love it…it’s beautiful and I didn’t realize how much I needed it…I get all my messages phone calls and even my heart rate and steps…so many compliments
Se desconecta muy a menudo y hay que estarlo reiniciando muchas veces
Muy lindo. Pero no funciona con Apple no llegan mensajes, no se puede descargar aplicaciones de facebook, etc. Difícil para conectarse a algunas redes de wifi, lo cual no entiendo.! Me encanto pero para lo que me urge no se sirve. así que lo devolveré.
Súper bonito, se conecta fácilmente por la aplicación y tiene buen rendimiento la pila
I get compliments all of the time. It lasts a full day on a charge if I don't use it for calls. Only complaint is that the side dial is made from a different material and makes my hand break out, so I have to wear it above my wrist bone which is a little annoying. But otherwise I absolutely love it!
Chulada de reloj llego perfecto original de calidad y uso diario👌🏻

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Michael Kors Women's Gen 5E 43mm Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate, Contactless Payments, and Smartphone Notifications.


User reviews

Bueno bonito y no tan caro. Es fino elegante muy útil y con excelente conectividad vale la pena el gasto
Ok. Love this watch, battery dies fast And it freezes from time to time and I've had it for 2 weeks only 🙁
Excellent. Me agrada mucho es perfecto para lo que nesesitaba🤗🤗
Perfect. It was a gift
Beautiful Watch but NO Interchangeable Band. This is a lovely watch but I was looking for something with interchangeable bands, which this is not.
Cheap band-heavy cheap face. Immediate upon pulling this out of the box I didn’t like it. The band feels very cheap and the face is really heavy, too heavy for the band. I currently own an MK watch, nearly identical, that I’ve had for years and I love it, but wanted to go digital. It’s noticeably thicker and I feel would get banged on stuff easier. It’s a no from me.
Love!! Gorgeous, it does everything. Excellent for Android. I absolutely love this watch! I love the look of this watch, it is so beautiful. For an Android user I really love the functionality of this watch. It’s very close to being just as good as my Samsung Galaxy Watch, I have found ways to tweak it to get it to work almost perfectly for me. It does everything!!! I would personally never buy a watch unless it can make and answer phone calls (which this does, it has a mic/speaker) and be able to text – this has it all. I love the screen and the watch faces and the always-on faces. With the always-on screen you don’t have to worry about tilting your wrist and hoping your screen comes on when you need a peek at the time. You can do so much customization to their watch faces. You can have animated faces and do a whole bunch of stuff. Very cool!The screen looks great, very crisp and clear. It’s the same size face as my Galaxy Watch face. This does not have a bezel, just one button on the side. You navigate by sliding from top, bottom and side to side. You can get quite a few different apps for this watch. Texting is really easy, the keyboard is very smart even if you press the wrong buttons, it understands what you’re trying to say. Phone calls are clear and you can be heard well. It vibrates as well as notifying for texts and calls. The only thing I haven’t been able to get it to do is also alert for my alarms that are on my phone as they go off, I used to like snoozing my phone alarms from my watch. Now, I just have to set alarms on both the watch and my phone. It does everything else my Samsung does and looks ten times better.I can get the battery to last 24 hours with normal use and the always-on clock screen is on. I don’t have the sound on, just vibrate. The screen brightness low. You do need tools to size this watch, luckily I had what I needed from a previous band purchase.I honestly get compliments every day and I have already recommended this watch to some friends and I am very proud of it and incredibly pleased with it. You will not be disappointed! I recommend.
Beautiful smartwatch! I love that I can send and receive calls directly on it, too. Works great. This Michael Kors Women's Gen 5E Smartwatch has impressed me, thus far. I've been trying to find something that would be more compatible with my iPhone outside of an Apple Watch, and I think this may be my answer. Once you download the app on your phone, you can quickly sync what you need and get your phone linked to the watch. I did not experience any issues or glitches during setup. This already has a microphone, so you can make as well as receive calls - in addition to normal notifications. Many other smartwatches I've tried out in this pricing range would merely notify me when calls were coming in (and then I'd have to go get my phone to take the call), but I can actually answer the calls directly on the watch itself with this.Getting this set up wasn't difficult, but be prepared to spend some time fiddling around with it to get it to your liking. I love the fitness aspects on this, as it has all the basics I need to keep me on track (and monitor my heart rate, etc.). There's a tutorial that sort of walks you through and shows you what to press and where to look for things, which was really helpful for me. When in doubt, you can tap the crown on the side and you'll enter into a main menu of sorts. I'm still getting used to it, but it's far more intuitive than I was expecting, so I'm fairly pleased with it.As far as aesthetics go, this is definitely the prettiest smartwatch I've owned. I received mine in rose gold, and I love that it has a more classic round watch face shape with rhinestones around it to give it some sparkly bling. That said, it's not overdone or gaudy, and looks very classy and tasteful. It looks very beautiful in a wide range of settings - whether that be casual or professional - and really coordinates well with just about anything I wear on a daily basis. I truly love that I can dress up or down and it never looks out of place - yet it's very lovely just to look at and enjoy!I did not know this when I ordered it, but this is actually swim-proof! How cool is that? I was actually wearing it and being all paranoid about any little splash that might get on it until I went through the manual a little more thoroughly and realized I needn't worry so much (although I am still careful with it, obviously). I have not swam in it yet (it's still winter, after all) but I have gotten it wet, and it has not affected the functionality of it whatsoever. I have also worn it while working out and sweated on it without any issues, also - so this is truly a great performance watch in addition to looking pretty.While they claim to get 24 hours/multi-day of continuous usage from the battery, I would say that would be with minimal use of the actual watch. Like most other ones I've owned, I generally recharge it at night when I go to bed - although there is still a reasonable amount leftover before I do so. With as much as I use mine, which is a pretty moderate amount, I definitely wouldn't come close to that 24 hour/multi-day mark, but YMMV from person to person on that. It is still better than many other full smartwatches out there in this price range, however, so I'm pretty satisfied with it all the same.They include a magnetic charger, and charging is fairly quick and easy. I really like that you can change the face of the watch and customize it up easily to your liking (there is a pretty big range of "faces" you can choose from, too!). The 42 mm screen face is also clear and easy to see for me (I wear contacts during the day and glasses at night, so I don't have the greatest eyesight out there).If I had a complaint with this at all, it would be that the speaker on it is rather mediocre in terms of "loudness" which can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you prefer. It's loud enough to hear quite well in quieter environments, although if you are in a spot where a lot of stuff is going on around you, you may have some issues. That said, holding it closer to your ear certainly helps in most circumstances, and it's fairly clear and not distorted during use. People are able to hear me clearly and I am able to hear them clearly, so all is well with that part. Just note that you're not going to be able to get it as loud as your regular cell phone.Overall? This is really the full package for me. It's beautiful, the speaker works, you can make and receive calls (important for an iPhone owner, since many smartwatches advertise as being "compatible" with them but then you can't do much on them even if they technically "work"), it has good fitness options on it (and tracking), there's tons of things you can do with it in terms of preferences, the battery life is decent, it's fairly easy to use, the touchscreen is nice and responsive, and you can even swim while wearing it! I'm very happy to finally find a smartwatch that was compatible enough with my iPhone to check most of my "wish list" boxes, and the fact that it looks prettier than most other smartwatches out there is simply icing on the cake. It gets two thumbs up from me!
Activité quotidienne
Fue para un regalo del 14 febrero y a mi esposa le encantó, muy bonito y buena calidad, funciona muy bien
Elegant and beautiful style mixed with traditional and modern design
Es un excelente Smart wath bateria durable, con calidad de michel kors la elegancia en un diseño clasico pero con la tecnología del smart y se puede configurar para varios fondos de pantalla a mi esposa le encanto…
The media could not be loaded.  Beautiful watch.. good display and highly responsive screen.. Easily pairs with iphone. However, you can pick up the calls but will have to use your phone to talk. I love it.

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Michael Kors Access MKGO Touchscreen Aluminum and Silicone Smartwatch, Black-MKT5072


User reviews

Checks all the boxes. So beautiful. I've been shopping around for for a good quality smart watch within my price range for quite awhile. I sumbbled upon this watch and the 'unbasis' reviews were fair at best. The biggest complaint that I read was the battery life. Mine last about 24hrs or so on full charge. It's about the same as my cell phone. So I just found that charging it at night does me fine. The touch screen was the next most common complaint. However I haven't had any issues with screen sensitivity. I do have a galaxy phone and I do thing that this particular watch works best with androids. Also I dont have excessive amount of apps nor do I use the HR feature all the time. I have it set to check it only when I ask which I believe saves a lot of battery life. The only down fall is the one I got doesn't have internal speaker so you can answer calls. However some of these MK models do, just not the know I chose. Overall I love this watch a I would recommend it.
Band falling apart/ crystals falling off. The band of my watch started cracking and the crystals started falling off within the cracks ..only a few months after wearing it . Now the band is completely falling apart 🙁 I need to have it replaced
Disappointed. I really love the watch but the only bad thing is that the battery dies out quick I think it's so unfair I paid so much and I don't get what I paid for.
Well worth my decision. SO my wife wanted an iPhone watch but she wanted a pink one. The pink apple watch requires you to have an line added as it does not come in pink to use as a Bluetooth device to your phone, so I found this little gem. I was nervous when her birthday arrived and I handed her the wrapped gift. When she opened it, I was just watching to see her expression and I she was floored, and wears it everyday.The watch was certainly a great purchase and has apps and downloadable content to add to the user experience. I highly recommend buying this as an option if you can not afford apple products and accessories
It’s bad. Only worked one year! Now my watch is not connecting to my phone any more!!So is very expensive and stopped working after 1 year , so i got another watch that is cheaper and is easier to use it!
I LIKE IT A LOT. Love the watch! Looks just like the picture. So many different cool dials that are also customizable. Can upliad your own photos as well! It tracks your steps and heart rate. Connects with Google fit. Can switch out the bands easily. Watch similar to applewatch features except that no walkie talkie and i can only answer my phone but not speak through it. Only thing I dont like is the buttons on the side. Wish they were on opposite side or the middle one doesnt pop out as far. I wear it on my left hand and the buttons will push against my hand when im leaning in my hand. Otherwise I love it very much! Oh and i have to charge it nightly thats no big deal. Also had to disable some features like email alerts, sone notifications, etc because i get so much and it will drain battery faster.
#best Mother's day gift ever. I was skeptical due to some of the reviews but I agree with the other fans, esp for the price, I love this watch! I'm late to the smartwatch game...hesitant to get yet another gadget to charge and become addicted to but I love this watch! I was looking at the Galaxy watch thru my cell carrier. I didnt want necessarily another line, I dont own my own business or anything, nor am I a doctor. My cell is suffice for that. Nor dobI intend to have convos via my wrist in the grocery store so from $400 down to $165, for pretty much minus the internal speaker and ability to make calls (it does make calls but sends action to your handset), I was sold! Its stylish and I love all the faces and oops to change bands! I think like 5 girls from my job are getting one soon!
I LOVE MY NEW WATCH. I have told everyone, I didn't know you could be in love with a watch. But I am IN LOVE! I love the look, the feel, the apps and how responsive it is. I am not trying to use my watch like Inspector Gadget or Knight Rider and have it do everything a phone can do. I can, I just don't need all of that. I love it for the notifications and as another reviewer has said, as a female, I need to know ahead of time if a call is worth pulling my phone out of my purse. This lets me know if I can skip it or answer it!
The watch is as advertised. Looks good, the screen is nice and bright. Connects to iphone through the google app.
Me gusto mucho el producto, había dudado de comprar esta marca en línea porq en otros modelos tenía malos reviews pero en este modelo la verdad todo perfecto, puedes personalizar la vista de acuerdo a tus gustos o features que necesites, la batería dura lo necesario y se consume dependiendo del uso o la configuración que elijas, la carga es muy rápida. El diseño es hermoso y es muy cómodo. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.
Spedizione velocissima! Arrivato 5 giorni prima! Bellissimo!Come da descrizione!Super soddisfatta!
Schlechte Qualität bezogen auf den Akku, hielt weniger als einen Tag

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Michael Kors Women's Access Gen 4 Runway Stainless Steel Plated Touchscreen Watch with Strap, RoseGoldTone, 18 (Model: MKT5046), Rose Gold Tone/Stainless Steel Bracelet


User reviews

LOVE! Better than expected. I have to say I was a little worried about buying this watch because of the bad reviews but I'm so glad I bought it anyways to try it for myself. I've had the watch for a couple of weeks now and have used it every day from 8 am to 9 PM withouth any issues. I absolutely love the two tone dial as it goes with so many different outfits. The silicone strap is also nice and soft and great for everyday wear. I get a solid 12 hours of battery life with normal use (notifications, occasional time check, 1 workout a day). The notifications are awesome and it definitely makes it easier to not be so attached to my phone which I love! We went downtown for the weekend and I was able to keep my phone in my purse, instead of pocket, the whole time. Functionally, it does everything it says it can. It may not be the best for heavy workouts because it is on the bigger side. But I go on daily walks/runs and have had no issues. Overall I absolutely love this watch! It does everything I need and want it to do, all while looking great!
Woukd buy again. Batter can die quickly depending on use but overall not too bad. At start up and any time watch has been restored to pair with a new phone it is a little laggy at first but that always clears up within minutes. Very stylish, looks and feels luxury.
DO NOT PURCHASE. I was in love with this watch when I first purchased it. It's sleek, waterproof, and easy to use. However, after only 6 months of use, the back face of the watch (containing the sensor and charging source) popped off. I could not reattach it and I took it to 3 jewelers who could not reattach it. I went to Amazon Customer Service to see if they would return it under warranty and they refused. They told me I had to deal with Michael Kors directly, even though it was well within the warranty period! Furthermore, I contacted Michael Kors who told me it would be $100 to repair it and I had to pay the shipping. Again, THIS WATCH WAS ONLY 6 MONTHS OLD AND UNDER WARRANTY. I will never purchase a single thing from Michael Kors again due to the atrocious quality. I will also never purchase electronics from Amazon again. I will only purchase "sure thing" items such as posters and toothpaste.Don't get shafted like I did. Avoid this watch at all costs.
LOVE this watch. I was in search of a replacement of my Apple watch, as it died just after 2 years, just out of warranty... I read reviews on this watch, understanding that all Apple notifications may NOT work with the MK unit. Well, to my great surprise, EVERYTHING carried over to my new MK watch. I am more than pleased!! I did have to buy a repair kit to remove quite a few links. With this, also VERY pleased with how easy it was to size the watch to my liking. I can't rave about my new MK watch enough...very happy with my purchase. Mind you, I should mention this is my 2nd MK watch. The 1st one had a terrible defect to it. I worked w/Amazon and they quickly sent a replacement. Now I just have to await the credit for the return, which I'm sure will transact very nicely, as I usually have no issues w/returns w/Amazon. Feel free to ask any questions regarding set-up for Apple notifications/other. Thanks Amazon for a smooth transaction. Oh and btw, I charged my new MK watch this morning at approx. 6:30 am until approx. 7:45 & it is still holding a charge (mentioning this since I've seen bad reviews on battery charging too..). 5 star rating for this product, all day long!!
Stunning Michael Kors Watch. Stunning watch!!(In the unboxing video you'll see how beautiful this watch is)This Michael Kors all Goldtone watch is definitely an eye-catcher.Per the instructions charge it fully when you receive it. During that time you can download the Wear OS and Fit apps on your phone. The watch did take some time to get up to date and download the latest system and apps. If you try to customize your watch during the charge and all the updates, it will lag and it becomes frustrating.Let it sit and set up your watch/phone when it's all done. At minimum give it a few hours. It does charge quickly but give it more time to update.****If you constantly use your watch to check notifications, respond to messages, etc. your battery drains quickly. Almost as quickly as it charges.Some neat features...The Crown button (the center button of the three on this watch) you press it once to turn your screen on, then twist it up and your notifications will pop up. Twist it down and the settings, Google Pay, volume and other options will pull down. This scrolling function also works in many other screens.If you press the crown button in twice it will pop up all the applications. If you go into an app just press the crown button again and it'll back up to the last screen.There are many watch face options. Some of them you can put your BPM, weather, battery life. Some you cannot customize so much.The Fit app is awesome to have. It's actually encouraging. If you're close to your goal it'll say Keep going! Shows the progress you've made in the day along with a chart that shows your heart rate.The only thing that was a bummer is the Message app. If you click into it it will not open all your texts like your phone. You can respond to the text and open the string of messages when you receive one but only from one person at a time. You won't be able to see all the texts from everyone you've texted.Many, many, many things you can do on this watch. You'll spend hours customizing it and in the end it's a nice looking piece to dress up or even casual with!Worth the buy!!!!!
VERY EASY SET UP AND WORKS GREAT WITH IPHONE. I was a little worried that this watch wouldn't perform up to my standards being an Apple user, but it EXCEEDS my standards! This watch looks amazing, does everything I need it to, and was so simple to set up! The MK faces make it a stand out choice for smart watches! Smart watch with style and a unique look that not everyone else has! I love being different and best of all I love EVERYTHING MK!! Home Run!!!!
Great buy. I have only had the watch for 5 days but I love it so far. I love the fact that I can customize almost everything. The battery lasts about 26 hrs but it charges quickly.I have a tiny wrist so it is big but I can see it better!It's much heavier than the Apple watch too. But it looks beautiful!
Diseño elegante y resistente
Commandé pour Noël, la batterie ne tient même pas une journée, l'écran devient noir sur certaine partie de la montre, bug en permanence, obligé d'appuyer 3 ou 4 fois pour que le montre veuille bien s'allumer et le vendeur ne veut rien savoir j'attends qu'Amazon me rappelle pour régler le problème.
Lovely watch gives you your heart rate sleep pattern in other stuff in also connects to your phone but I found the face a bit to big for my wrist so ended up selling it on with watch face screen protectors in got my money back on it
El diseño está súper bonito, combina con TODO, es ligero, y se ve bien aún en muñecas pequeñas. Funciona perfectamente bien, el único detalle que le veo, es que la batería dura muy poco, obvio depende del uso, pero pues máximo un día, y hay que cargarlo diario, además el cargador no es universal, pero por todo lo demás súper bien, puedes incluso contestar tus WhatsApp desde el reloj. Lo recomiendo totalmente.
S’agissant d’un cadeau je ne sais pas ce qu’elle vaut en revanche elle est vraiment très belle pour son prix je ne suis pas déçu de cet achat

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Michael Kors Women's Gen 5E 43mm Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate, Contactless Payments, and Smartphone Notifications.


User reviews

Smartwatch. I bought this watch as a gift for my mother for her birthday, she liked it very much, it was very beautiful.
Correct color, works great. To use at work
Women's MK Techy watch. My wife is very pleased.
Looks great, semi-functional. I do like the watch and it’s look but I thought you could receive text messages and you cannot. It notify you of phone calls though
The battery life is not good. Buy something else.
It's a ladies watch and it looks great. I love it . I wish it had fall detection.
Beautiful watch, but band fell apart after 2nd use. The watch is lovely - even nicer than I had hoped. The one time I wore it, it worked well and did everything advertised (reason for the 3 stars). Unfortunately after the 2nd wearing two pins fell out of the band and one was lost. Only then did I read the reviews (shame on me) and can see that it's a repeat problem and one that requires I send the watch away for repair. I bought a repair kit, hoping to fix it myself, but wasn't able. Just a very expensive lesson about reading reviews.
Great. I bought this for my wife’s birthday. She loves it. One of the best gifts I have given.
This is my second MK smart watch (different styles). Love them ☆☆☆☆☆
Es un reloj muy elegante y funcional, las caratulas son muy variadas y constantemente se están actualizando. Excelente compra.
Battery life is disgusting as it gets drained within minutes and watch get heated.Not satisfied with this product
Buen reloj, lo único es que la batería le dura muy poco tiempo y los perlos, se le cayó en la segunda puesta y hasta el momento no lo consigo
Worst watch not look like picture as they show in and betry charging problem is there and they didn't get return option

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Michael Kors Women's Gen 5E 43mm Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate, Contactless Payments, and Smartphone Notifications.


User reviews

Very happy. I am very happy with this purchase! I was super duper nervous after reading all of the bad reviews about the battery life. When I first got the watch I did not have the settings where they needed to be and my battery went dead super FAST. However, after going into settings and changing things around my battery life is now great. I still have 60 to 70% of the end of every night. I get a ton of compliments on the watch, as well. I wear it in the pool all the time and I've had a zero issues. Now, in all fairness, I am not somebody who does a ton of crap with my watch. If you are, your battery may go dead quicker. I really just use it for the pedometer and to alert me when I get texts, notifications or phone calls.
Una excelente compra. Facil de programar
Super convenient. I absolutely love the convenience of being able to see call/text alerts, and many others for apps of my choosing. You can customize face watch by design and change colors, customize appearance of sleep mode, tilt to wake, smart voice text.. the options are endless. Basically it's like having a phone on the watch but without having to schlep your phone right next to you all the time. I am rough on things and have banged this or ran into things and the gems on the face have not popped out, very sturdy. My only wish is that the battery lastest a little longer but overall very happy!
Great. Great
Muy buen reloj ⌚️ 👌 👍 😉. Es muy útil
BEWARE IPHONE USERS. I was so excited to get this watch and what a disappointment. I wanted a round watch and apple doesn’t offer one. I read the reviews and I was hoping it was user error or maybe their WIFI. NOPE!! They were all correct this watch is just not made for iPhone. It won’t stay connected for anything. After about the 10th disconnect (within an hour of receiving it) I turned the watch off and it never connected back to the WI-FI. The app only has 2 stars and I see why. The watch is beautiful and it’s very disappointing esp for the price. Also, the battery dies very fast. Within 3 hours it went from 97% to 26%. The Apple Watch is the way to go. Even though their watches are meh. Wish they would come out with more styles. MK you can do better!
Great watch and a good price. Very nice watch for the money easy to set up, very good quality and my wife loves it.
NOT TURNING ON. I BOUGHT THIS AND BROUGHT to my home country and not travelling before summer break ends and i am stucked this lost. its 100% loss for me
Me encantó, es muy bonito visualmente. Lo tengo en blanco y negro. Los dos son mis favoritos. Lo recomiendo muchísimo.
Tiene 6 meses y el producto dejó de funcionar
Es un poco más pequeño de lo que aparenta y la correa es de silicona aunque pareciera que es de piel, pero toda la funcionalidad es perfecta. Otro detalle es que no tiene microfono y no puede contestar llamadas pero todo lo demás funciona perfectamente.
Muy bonito y todo pero el cargador no sirve, tuve que comprar uno nuevo el cual Carisimo por cierto.Una hojacolor amarillo que es la hoja de la garantía venía fuera del paquete donde estaba el reloj. Cómo si ubieran abierto el paquete. Y se les olvidó ponerla de regreso y solo la pusieron así nadmas.También dijeron que lo entregaría. El día 13 de abril antes de las 8:00pm y lo entregaron hasta el día 14 a las 4:00pm
Muy bonito reloj.

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The Michael Kors smartwatch combines the luxury fashion brand’s signature style with the latest smartwatch technology. With a stylish design, premium materials, and a range of built-in features and apps, the Michael Kors smartwatch is for those who want both form and function from their wearable tech.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Michael Kors smartwatch line.

Let’s dive in and see if the Michael Kors smartwatch deserves a spot on your wrist!

What is a Michael Kors Smartwatch?

A Michael Kors smartwatch combines the features of a smartwatch with the stylish design the fashion brand is known for. It connects to your smartphone to deliver notifications, track your activity, monitor health metrics, and more while letting you customize the look with stylish watch bands and exclusive watch faces.

Michael Kors smartwatches run on Wear OS by Google (formerly Android Wear). This means they are compatible with both Android phones and iPhones unlike some other fashion smartwatch brands that only work with Android devices.

Some key features of the Michael Kors smartwatch line include:

  • Stylish and customizable watch case designs
  • Interchangeable bands in leather, silicone, metal, and more
  • High-resolution touchscreen displays
  • Built-in heart rate monitor, GPS, NFC payments
  • Smart notifications for texts, calls, calendar, email, apps
  • Activity and sleep tracking
  • Music controls, weather, timers and alarms
  • Voice assistant (Google Assistant or Alexa built-in)
  • Swimproof water resistance rating (up to 3ATM)
  • Extended battery modes to conserve power
  • Wireless charging (no cables required)
  • Wear OS apps from Google Play store
  • Seamless pairing with Android and iOS smartphones

The Michael Kors smartwatch delivers the connectivity and tracking features you expect from a smartwatch but wrapped up in the glamorous style that Michael Kors is so well-known for. Let’s look at the different models available.

Michael Kors Smartwatch Models and Design Options

Michael Kors Smartwatch Models and Design Options

Michael Kors currently offers 4 key smartwatch models: Gen 4, Gen 5E, Gen 6 and Lexington 2. Here is an overview of each model and the customizable design options available:

Michael Kors Gen 4 Smartwatch

The Gen 4 smartwatches represent Michael Kors’ first generation of smartwatches on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. Models include:

  • Runway – Michael Kors’ flagship smartwatch with a heavy stainless steel case and bracelet design. Customize with different colored accents.
  • Sofie – Slimmer stainless steel case with jewelry-inspired details and glossy metallic finishes.
  • Gracyson – Sleek silhouette in black, rose gold, silver, or two-tone metal. Leather bands available.
  • Bradshaw – Masculine design with bold chronograph style buttons and oversized case.
  • Darci – Petite watch case with sparkling pavé crystals and slim leather bands.

The Gen 4 models range from 42mm to 45mm in case size and are compatible with 18mm, 20mm or 22mm watch bands for easy customization. AMOLED displays with resolutions up to 390 x 390 pixels make the screen bright and vivid.

Michael Kors Gen 5E Smartwatch

This more affordable Gen 5 model comes in a 44mm black aluminum case with a silicone sport band. Interchangeable slimmer 20mm watch bands are offered. Includes all the key smartwatch features but with a scaled-back design. MKGO model is available.

Michael Kors Gen 6 Smartwatch

The latest Gen 6 models feature upgraded performance, faster charging and extended battery life. Alexa voice assistant is built in for hands-free commands. Models include:

  • Lexington 2 – Elegant gold-tone stainless steel case with 20mm leather/silicone bands.
  • Bradshaw 2 – Sporty design with knurled buttons and 22mm interchangeable bands.
  • MKGO 2 – Slim aluminum 44mm case and minimalist dial with 20mm bands.

Up to 80+ hours of battery time, rapid charging, and new wellness apps like cardio fitness tracking and sleep cycle analysis make the Gen 6 stand out.

Michael Kors Access Lexington 2

The Lexington 2 has a classic round stainless steel watch case that looks like a traditional timepiece. With customized watch faces exclusive to Michael Kors that mimic stylish chronograph designs, the digital display disguises itself as an analog watch.

Change up the look with 20mm leather, silicone or stainless steel bands. Match the gold steel case with gold, rose gold, silver, tortoise shell or even neon bands for a pop of color.

This model hits the sweet spot between elegance and smart technology!

As you can see, Michael Kors offers a range of smartwatch designs from sleek and sporty to luxe and glamorous. The customizable bands and watch face options allow you to match their smartwatch to your personal style. Next let’s look at how these stylish timepieces actually work.

How Does a Michael Kors Smartwatch Work?

How Does a Michael Kors Smartwatch Work?

Michael Kors smartwatches use Wear OS by Google as their operating system. This allows them to pair with both Android phones and iPhones to deliver notifications and run apps directly on your wrist. Here are the key features:

Setup and Pairing

  • Download Wear OS app on your phone (Android or iPhone)
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone
  • On the watch, follow setup prompts to connect to your phone
  • Sign in with Google account (for Android) or manually enter details (for iPhone)
  • Allow notifications access from your phone to watch


Get vibration or sound alerts for:

  • Incoming calls and texts
  • Email and social media
  • Calendar events and reminders
  • Alerts from news, messaging, and other apps

View notifications and take actions like reply (via voice dictation, quick response or emojis), dismiss or mute.

Fitness Tracking and Health Monitoring

  • Track daily steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes
  • Heart rate tracking including resting, workout and overall daily readings
  • Built-in GPS tracks pace, distance, route mapping for outdoor workouts
  • Swimproof design safe for pool and open water swims
  • Wellness tracking for respiration, sleep stages, stress levels and more

View your stats directly on the watch or in the Wear OS app on your phone. Integrates with Google Fit.

Apps and Features

Access useful apps and features directly from your wrist:

  • Contactless payments via NFC Google Pay
  • Store music for playback over Bluetooth headphones
  • Weather forecasts, timers, stopwatch, alarms
  • Control your phone’s camera shutter remotely
  • Find phone feature rings your phone to locate it
  • Customizable watch faces from Michael Kors or other designers

The built-in Google Assistant or Alexa allows for voice commands to set reminders, control smart home devices, get answers from the web and more.

Michael Kors smartwatches pack in all the key features you’d want in a smart wearable. And the touchscreen interface makes it easy to navigate and manage everything directly from your wrist.

Next let’s explore all the benefits this stylish smartwatch can add to your daily life.

Benefits and Features of the Michael Kors Smartwatch

Beyond just telling time in high fashion, the Michael Kors smartwatch provides a range of helpful benefits through its connectivity, tracking and convenience features:

Stay Connected

Never miss a call, text or important notification with discreet alerts right on your wrist. The screen only lights up when your phone receives notifications so you can stay focused. Quickly triage and take action on messages.

Health & Fitness Tracking

Continuously monitor heart rate, activity levels, distances, and more. The waterproof design is pool-swim ready to track laps and calories burned. Built-in GPS records outdoor activity maps.

Time Optimization

Calendar alerts keep you punctual. Timers, stopwatches, and alarms help you manage tasks and appointments. Always know the weather and travel conditions at a glance.


Use voice commands via Google Assistant or Alexa to set reminders, control smart home devices, get answers to questions and more – completely hands-free.

Customizable Style

Express yourself by customizing the watch case, dial, and interchangeable bands. Michael Kors offers the latest smart tech inside while letting you define your own signature style outside.

Premium Quality

High-grade materials like stainless steel, aluminum alloy, leather, silicone, and customized AMOLED touchscreens make for a durable and luxurious smart accessory.

Seamless Experience

Easy Bluetooth pairing and synchronization between your Michael Kors smartwatch and phone. Get all your smartphone’s notifications and run Wear OS apps right from your wrist.

With notifications, health tracking, voice assistance, payments, music, and more, the Michael Kors smartwatch packs useful functionality into an elegant package. Let’s compare the available models.

Michael Kors Smartwatch Comparison

ModelGenCase & SizeBandsDisplayBattery LifeNotable Features
Access Lexington 2Gen 6Stainless steel, 44mm20mm interchangeable1.28″ AMOLED, 416×416 pxUp to 72 hrsAlexa built-in, Wellness tracking
Access Bradshaw 2Gen 6Stainless steel, 44mm22mm interchangeable1.28” AMOLED, 416×416 pxUp to 80 hrsAlexa built-in, Wellness tracking
Access MKGO 2Gen 6Aluminum alloy, 44mmFixed 20mm silicone1.19” AMOLED, 390×390 pxUp to 72 hrsAlexa built-in
RunwayGen 4Stainless steel, 42/44mmFixed 18/20mm1.2” AMOLED, 390×390 px24 hrsSwimproof 3ATM, NFC Pay
GraysonGen 4Stainless steel, 44mm22mm interchangeable1.2″ AMOLED, 390×390 px24 hrsSwimproof 3ATM, NFC Pay
SofieGen 4Stainless steel, 40mm18mm interchangeable1.19” AMOLED, 390×390 px24 hrsSwimproof 3ATM, NFC Pay
DarciGen 4Stainless steel, 39mmFixed 16mm1.19” AMOLED, 390×390 px24 hrsSwimproof 3ATM, NFC Pay

This gives you an at-a-glance comparison of sizes, styles, displays and key features among the Michael Kors smartwatch models. Now let’s go over some of the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Michael Kors Smartwatches


  • Stylish and fashionable designs
  • Interchangeable bands allow customization
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Bright, vivid AMOLED color touchscreens
  • Good range of health tracking and fitness features
  • Swimproof and water resistant
  • Supports contactless payments
  • Access to thousands of Wear OS apps
  • Seamlessly pairs with Android and iPhones
  • Built-in Google Assistant or Alexa support
  • Extended battery-saving modes

Potential Cons:

  • Short 1-3 day battery life (though improved on Gen 6 models)
  • Limited onboard storage for music
  • Slim app selection compared to Apple Watch/Samsung
  • Fewer third-party watch face options than other brands
  • Gen 4 models may feel sluggish at times
  • No LTE option for standalone cellular connectivity

While the battery life is shorter than some competing smartwatches, the Michael Kors watch makes up for it with fast charging support and the ability to get over 24 hours in low power mode.

And for most buyers, the stylish designs and ability to customize bands is a priority over maximizing battery life or onboard storage space.

Next let’s go over some frequently asked questions about the Michael Kors smartwatch line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What phones are compatible with Michael Kors smartwatches?

Michael Kors smartwatches support both Android phones and iPhones, unlike models from Kate Spade, Fossil, etc. Requires Android 6.0+ or iOS 12.0+.

How do you charge a Michael Kors smartwatch?

Michael Kors smartwatches feature wireless charging. The charger snaps magnetically to the back of the watch case. Charging rings and portable chargers are available. Gen 6 models feature rapid charging.

Is the Michael Kors smartwatch waterproof?

Most models are 3ATM water resistant making them safe for hand washing, rain, splashes, showering, and swimming in pools up to 3 feet deep. Not suitable for high-velocity water sports.

How do you change Michael Kors smartwatch bands?

Bands attach using quick-release spring bars that easily click in and out of lugs on the watch case. Use the tool included with bands to safely remove and install bands.

Can you shower with a Michael Kors smartwatch?

Yes, the water resistance rating allows you to shower with the watch as long as you don’t press any buttons underwater. Avoid hot tubs and steam rooms which exceed the testing depths.

Does the Michael Kors smartwatch have Alexa?

The latest Access Gen 6 models have Alexa built-in for hands-free voice assistance. Earlier generations use Google Assistant by default.

Can you answer calls on Michael Kors smartwatch?

Yes, when paired to your smartphone you can answer calls directly on the watch. Speak into the watch or tap to answer in audio-only mode.

Does Michael Kors smartwatch track sleep?

Yes, it tracks sleep stages (light, deep, REM), duration, and consistency with optimized modes for battery saving. View sleep data in the Wear OS app.

Is Michael Kors smartwatch scratch resistant?

The use of hardened minerals like sapphire and glass makes the displays highly scratch resistant. Stainless steel cases resist scratches better than aluminum or plastic.

Michael Kors Smartwatch Pricing

Michael Kors smartwatches range in price from $200 to $400 based on the model. Here are the typical retail prices:

  • Gen 6 models: $299 to $379
  • Gen 4 models: $249 to $350
  • Access MKGO 2 and Gen 5E: $199 to $229

Additional bands cost from $40 to $100 depending on materials.

While not the cheapest smartwatch option, Michael Kors fans find it worthwhile to pay extra for the brand name and stylish designs. Discounts and sales can bring the price down to a more affordable range.

When you consider the premium construction, quality leather and metal bands, vivid AMOLED displays, and highly customizable designs, the Michael Kors smartwatch delivers good value – especially for fashion-focused shoppers.

Is the Michael Kors Smartwatch Worth Buying?

At the end of the day, the decision of whether the Michael Kors smartwatch is worth buying comes down to your personal preferences and priorities.

If having the latest tech specs like multi-day battery life or LTE connectivity are most important, then you may want to consider a sportier smartwatch like the Apple Watch Ultra or Garmin fēnix instead.

But for those who put design, comfort, and style at the top of their list, the Michael Kors line provides beautiful and customizable smartwatches running on the popular Wear OS platform.

The Gen 6 models in particular deliver the right blend of fashion and function, with stylish stainless steel cases, vivid AMOLED screens, key health tracking metrics, Google Assistant/Alexa built right in, fast charging, and extended battery modes.

So if you love the look of Michael Kors watches and want the connectivity, notifications, and tracking of a smartwatch in a stylish package, the Access line is definitely worth a look for your next wearable purchase.


For those who want the connectivity and health tracking of a smartwatch with a contemporary yet luxurious style, the Michael Kors Access line delivers. With stainless steel cases, interchangeable bands, vibrant AMOLED displays, and the latest Wear OS features, these smartwatches combine beauty, comfort, and functionality.

The Gen 4 models offer waterproof designs and Google Pay in slimmer cases and jewelry-inspired details. While the Gen 6 watches step up with extended battery life, Alexa built-in, rapid charging and more advanced health tracking capabilities.

So if you love the Michael Kors aesthetic and want a stylish smart accessory on your wrist, the Access line provides compelling options for both men and women.