Adidas UltraBoost 2020 Review

Adidas Ultraboost 2020 Review

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Ever wondered if the adidas Ultraboost 2020 is the Cinderella slipper of the sneaker world? Well, you’re about to find out! In this review, we’ll lace up and sprint through the nitty-gritty of these kicks. Are they the dreamy cloud for your feet or just another pretty face in the sneaker crowd? Spoiler: Your feet might just send you a thank-you note. 🦶✉️

Intrigued about the comfort, style, and whether they give you that extra ‘boost’ on the track? Stay with us, and we’ll unravel the sneaker mystery. Because life’s too short for uncomfortable shoes, right? Let’s step into it!

Adidas Ultraboost 2020 Review

The Adidas Ultraboost is one of the most popular running shoes in the world. This shoe is perfect for runners looking for comfort and support during long-distance runs.

Key Takeaways

  • Popularity Unveiled: The Adidas Ultraboost is one of the world’s most renowned running shoes, and there’s a reason everyone’s talking about it.
  • First Impressions Matter: The Ultraboost 20 is comfortable and fits like a dream, thanks to its Primeknit technology.
  • Boost Your Run: The shoe’s Boost midsole unit offers a springy ride, ensuring every step is cushioned and responsive.
  • Design & Feel: The Ultraboost 20 combines great design with a premium feel, making it a must-have for both style and function.
  • Running Experience: With a firmer ride due to its thicker midsole and a new Torsion plate, the shoe promises both stiffness and responsiveness.
  • Sole Unit Insights: The Ultraboost 2020’s sole is designed for durability, traction, and cushioning, making every run smoother.
  • Comfort Redefined: Touted as the most comfortable shoe for long-distance runs, the Ultraboost 2020 ensures your feet stay happy.
  • A Shoe Evolution: The Adidas Ultraboost 2020 is not just an update but a complete reset, bringing innovative technology and design to the forefront.

Adidas Ultraboost 20 First Impressions 

The Ultraboost 20 feels great. I bought my pair over the weekend and wore them throughout the week. They are comfortable and fit well.

I had a chance to try out the Primeknit technology on the Ultraboost 20. This type of construction is used in high-end sneakers such as the Jordan 11 Low. The UltraBoost 20 uses it on both sides of the upper. You have the mesh overlays on one side, while the other has the synthetic overlays. These overlays help keep the foot locked into place and prevent blisters.

Adidas UltraBoost 2020

Adidas Ultraboost 2020 Review

Running Shoe

  • 100% Textile
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Primeknit mesh upper
  • Signature Boost cushioning
  • Molded heel counter
  • Stretch Web outsole.

The Ultraboost is built around a Boost midsole unit. This gives the shoe a nice springy ride. The heel counter is made of EVA foam and provides support. There is no visible branding on the Ultraboost.

Adidas Ultraboost 20 First Look

  • A great design combined with an innovative concept makes the Ultraboost 20 a must-have shoe.
  • The Ultraboost 20 feels like a premium shoe without breaking the bank.
  • The Primeknit material makes the shoes feel good against your feet.
  • The Ultraboost 20 is available in various colorways.
  • The Ultraboost has been around since 2011, and its popularity continues to grow.

Adidas Ultraboost 20 Running Experience

  • The ride feels firm due to the thicker midsole.
  • The outsole geometry is stiffer than before.
  • The new Torsion plate increases stiffness while maintaining responsiveness.
  • The forefoot area is thinned down to give the shoe a lighter look.
  • There’s less padding underneath the forefoot, making the ride more responsive.

Ride/Energy Return

  • The ultra boost 20 features a Torsional spring which provides a snappy response.
  • The ultra boost 20 is excellent for long runs or tempo work.
  • The ultra boost 20 works well for both pace and distance.

Shoe Performance

The following information is based on testing conducted by Footwear Science Laboratories Inc., a leading footwear performance lab. ASTM International standards perform all tests.

Toe Box Width

Medium toe boxes provide an optimal balance between comfort and stability. They allow the foot to move naturally without feeling constricted. A wide toe box provides greater flexibility while offering superior cushioning. However, wider toe boxes can make it difficult to lace up shoes. For most people, medium-toe boxes are ideal.

Midfoot Volume

A large midfoot volume helps reduce pressure points and reduces fatigue. The heel lifts off the ground as you step down onto a hard surface. This causes the arch to collapse slightly, increasing the pressure on the foot’s ball. Larger volumes help distribute weight evenly across the entire foot.

Heel Width

Wide heels offer additional stability and support. Wider heels are easier to walk in because there is less chance of slipping. However, narrow heels offer better traction. Most people prefer medium to wide heels.

Adidas UltraBoost 2020 Upper Design

The upper of the Adidas UltraBoost 2020 is made up of a mixture of Primeknit and mesh. The Primeknit is used to cover the majority of the upper, while the mesh is used on the front and around the heel. The design looks very similar to what we've seen on previous models, but there are two key changes that have been made.

The Adidas UltraBoost 2020 features a Primeknit 360 upper constructed of breathable material. The TFP construction provides stability and support while allowing for a comfortable fit. The 3D frame gives you a secure feeling and boosts your confidence.

The Ultraboost is designed for running and training. It features a mesh upper with synthetic overlays for support and durability. It also includes a TPU heel counter and a rubber outsole for traction.

Two different models are available, one for men and one for women. Both feature the same design elements, but slight differences in sizing exist.

The Ultraboost Mid is built with durable, synthetic material. It offers a snug fit and is excellent for those looking to add extra cushioning to their sneakers.

A lot of people love these kicks because of the boost cushion technology. It adds energy return during each step and helps absorb impact forces.

Adidas UltraBoost 2020 Sole Unit

Adidas Ultraboost 2020 Review

The Adidas Ultra Boost is one of the most popular running shoes. This sneaker is built around a single unit, which doesn’t feature multiple layers like some other models. This makes the shoe lighter and easier to run in.

According to Runner’s World, the Ultra Boost features a “new foam cushioning system.” The new foam provides 20% more stability than previous versions. The shoe feels softer overall, according to the publication.

The Ultra Boost is an excellent choice for runners looking for a lightweight model with plenty of support. However, these sneakers are not ideal for running on rough surfaces like concrete or asphalt. They’re meant for smooth surfaces, so you’ll want to avoid wearing them while playing sports like basketball or soccer.

The Ultra Boost does look pretty cool, though. The colorways are eye-catching, especially the black/white version. If you want to wear something different, check out the grey/black pair.


 The Adidas UltraBoost 2020 outsole features a Boost midsole which provides superior cushioning and flexibility.

The outsole is also equipped with its signature Continental rubber, which helps in better traction and grip.

The UltraBoost 2020 features a much lighter, more flexible, sole responsive unit. While it still has the same excellent traction as its predecessor, it also comes with better durability and cushioning. Adidas took special care to ensure that this shoe’s outsole was more durable than ever before, thanks to an additional layer of rubber on top of its signature Continental rubber.

These characteristics make it easy to tell apart from the previous model; however, they do not mean that they are better or worse than before—they have different strengths and weaknesses that need different types of runners in mind.


 The UltraBoost 2020 midsole is made of Boost foam, which is Adidas' proprietary foam compound. This makes the shoe more comfortable to wear and provides greater energy return in each step taken.

The midsole is where the magic happens with this shoe. This area is made up of TPU, which stands for thermoplastic urethane. It’s a popular material used in footwear construction because it’s lightweight and durable—the sole will stay strong over time.

The Boost material makes these shoes so comfortable and bouncy, but it also makes them heavier than other running shoes on the market (at 12 oz). For reference, Nike’s Epic React Flyknit weights 8 oz., while Adidas’ own PureBoost X weighs just 8 oz.

Revolutionary Comfort and Fit

Experience a transformative running journey with the UltraBoost 2020’s innovative Primeknit technology and Boost midsole. Every stride is a symphony of support and cushioning, creating a rhythm that resonates with the essence of comfort. The meticulous design adapts to the unique contours of your foot, ensuring a snug fit that feels almost custom-made.

Aesthetic Brilliance

The UltraBoost 2020 isn’t just a shoe; it’s a statement. Its sleek design, paired with a plethora of color options, ensures that it isn’t just about performance but also about making a style statement. The shoe’s visual appeal is a testament to Adidas’ commitment to creating footwear that resonates with the modern athlete’s lifestyle and fashion sense.

Performance Unmatched

Navigate the terrains of performance with the UltraBoost 2020’s exceptional grip and traction. The shoe promises a responsive ride, ensuring that you are always at the pinnacle of your performance. Its durability is a testament to its robust construction and high-quality materials, promising a companion that will accompany you through countless running adventures.

The Adidas UltraBoost 2020 is not just an update. It’s a full-on reset for the running shoe.

The original UltraBoost was revolutionary in its own right when it hit the market in 2016. It was the first running shoe to feature a Primeknit upper and full-length Boost cushioning. But over time (and several iterations later), some people felt like the design had gotten stale. The UltraBoost 2020 aims to change that with new technologies, updated looks, and even more comfort features than ever before.

The good news? The Adidas UltraBoost 2020 is also one of the best running shoes on the market. We’re talking about an intelligent design with plenty of thought put into every detail—from materials down to cushioning technology—to ensure that every runner gets what they need out of this phenomenal footwear from start to finish each run after day.

Adidas Ultraboost 2020 Features

The shoes adapt to your foot, making them as comfortable as slippers.

The Ultraboosts are some of the most comfortable shoes that I have worn. I wouldn’t call them a “slipper,” but they conform to your foot and feel snug, which is excellent if you want to run in them. The fit on these shoes is amazing! They’re like a glove or hug from a teddy bear made out of clouds (or something like that).

Good bounce from the BOOST midsoles.

The BOOST midsoles are TPU, a lightweight material that provides lots of spring and bounce. These midsoles are placed under the heel and forefoot of each shoe. They’re also made from a single piece of material, which is good because it gives them more flexibility than other soles of multiple pieces joined together at specific points. This also means they’re less likely to break apart over time as with other models (such as Air Max).

Another great thing about this technology is that it’s not just in one place; it’s throughout both shoes, so there’s little difference between either foot when running or jumping around town!

Good grip and traction.

Ultraboosts have a good grip and traction. This is important if you’re running, playing basketball or tennis, football or soccer.

The bottom of the shoe has a small pattern that helps keep it on your foot even when you get sweaty.

Light, breathable, and flexible upper.

The upper is made of a breathable mesh that helps keep your feet cool and comfortable. The material is flexible so that you can move around in them easily. The shoes are also very light, so you don’t feel like you are wearing a lot of weight on your feet.

High-quality materials and craftsmanship.

It’s important to note that the Ultraboost is a high-quality shoe. The materials are good, the stitching is strong, and the quality control is top-notch.

Sleek design that works for all occasions.

The shoe has a sleek design that works for all occasions. It’s good for casual wear, running, and working out. You can look good with jeans, shorts, and t-shirts.

Wide color selection.

The Ultraboost 2020 comes in various colors, from neutral grays and blacks to bright blue and orange. The color selection is one of the shoe’s best features, as new colors are almost always available for you each year. Some of the most common color schemes include:

  • White/Black
  • Blue/Black
  • White/Red/Black (this is my personal favorite)

A customizable seven-eye lacing system allows for a perfect fit.

The Ultraboost’s seven-eye lacing system allows you to adjust the fit of your shoe with just one hand’s worth of effort. The laces are long enough to extend through the outsole, and they’re made of synthetic materials that dry quickly and don’t retain moisture. They’ve been designed specifically for this sneaker, so they’re easy to clean and replace if one breaks or becomes too loose.

Adidas Ultraboost 21 vs Adidas Ultraboost 20 vs DNA

The Adidas Ultraboost shoe family consists of three models: the Ultraboost 20, the Ultraboost 21, and the DNA. All three feature a mesh upper, a synthetic sole, and a Boost midsole. However, there are some key differences between each pair. Let’s take a look at how the three differ.

Ultraboost 20

This model features a breathable mesh upper, a synthetic outsole, and a boost midsole. This makes it ideal for everyday wear.

Ultraboast 21

This model features a mesh upper, a full-length TPU cage around the heel, and a boost midfoot. This gives you extra support while running.


This model features a leather upper, a rubber outsole, and a carbon fiber plate under the heel. This provides stability and durability.

Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shoes perfect for running, the Adidas Ultraboost 2020 Running Shoes might be what you’ve been searching for. These shoes feature a boost midsole that offers plenty of cushioning without compromising responsiveness or durability. They also have a durable outsole that ensures you don’t slip while running.


  • The shoes adapt to your foot, making them as comfortable as slippers.
  • Good bounce from the BOOST midsoles.
  • Good grip and traction on dry surfaces like wood or tile floors and a little stickiness on wet surfaces like bathroom tiles (if you’re walking around in socks).
  • Light, breathable, and flexible upper that feels like wearing nothing at all!
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure this shoe will last for years to come! This shoe is built to last—it won’t fall apart after only a few months of wearing it every day (like some other brands might).
  • Sleek design that works for all occasions: Whether you’re going out with friends or want something comfortable for wearing around the house at home all day long, these shoes will look great no matter what activity they’re used for!


  • The Boost material in the sole can make your feet hot if you’re not wearing socks.
  • Also, these shoes aren’t cheap—they’re an investment.


Q: What are the key features of Adidas Ultraboost 2020?

A: The key features of Adidas Ultraboost 2020 include enhanced cushioning, responsive Boost midsole, and a flexible Primeknit upper.

Q: How is the comfort level of Adidas Ultraboost 2020?

A: Adidas Ultraboost 2020 offers exceptional comfort with its plush cushioning and adaptive fit.

Q: Are Adidas Ultraboost 2020 suitable for running?

A: Yes, Adidas Ultraboost 2020 is designed for running enthusiasts, providing excellent energy return and support.

Q: How is the durability of Adidas Ultraboost 2020?

A: Adidas Ultraboost 2020 is known for its durability, thanks to its high-quality materials and reinforced construction.

Q: Can I use Adidas Ultraboost 2020 for everyday wear?

A: Absolutely! Adidas Ultraboost 2020 is not only suitable for running but also makes a stylish and comfortable choice for everyday wear.

Adidas UltraBoost 2020

Adidas Ultraboost 2020 Review

Running Shoe

  • 100% Textile
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Primeknit mesh upper
  • Signature Boost cushioning
  • Molded heel counter
  • Stretch Web outsole.

Adidas UltraBoost 2020 Conclusion

In wrapping up our Adidas Ultraboost 2020 review, it’s clear that this shoe isn’t just another pretty face in the sneaker world. From its springy Boost midsole to the snug embrace of its Primeknit technology, it’s a game-changer for both seasoned runners and style enthusiasts. Remember the days when you had to choose between comfort and style? Well, those days are long gone, thanks to the Ultraboost 2020.

So, whether you’re sprinting through marathons or just strutting downtown, this shoe has got your back… or should we say, your feet? 🏃‍♂️👟 Ready to elevate your sneaker game? Dive into the full review and let the Ultraboost 2020 redefine your stride!