Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review

his Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review will cover the main features, design and material of this exceptional running show.

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This Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review will cover the main features, design and material of this exeptional running show.

Adidas is a brand of sports equipment. Adidas’ products are popular among leading athletes all over the world. The Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged sneakers have become famous, mostly because of their unique design and attractive color combinations. Adidas has used some great materials in designing these shoes, to make sure they don’t disappoint the customers. Adidas also claims that these shoes are designed to support your feet while you are running, and even prevent injuries.

Before proceeding with the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review a brief introduction to Adidas technology is appropriate.

What is Adidas Technology?

Adidas Boost is the most innovative cushioning technology created by NASA. The technology uses a material referred to as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) providing comfort that compresses under pressure for better shock absorption. The foot instantly bounces back to its original form. Adidas has used Adidas Boost technology in the development of Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged.

BOOST foam is made up of lots of little pebbles of TPU and is believed to offer the highest energy return of any running shoe on the market. This allows you to use much less energy, allowing you to run further and faster. Adidas claims that Adidas Boost can increase energy levels by up to 10% or more.

Adidas has used some great materials in designing these shoes, to make sure they don’t disappoint the customers. The company claims that the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged sneakers have been designed for running and are hence capable of providing comfort and support at the same time. 

Adidas also has what they call the Adidas Performance Materials. These are made of “high-end” textiles, therefore Adidas is well known for quality and style. Adidas performance materials give Adidas shoes the flexibility and comfort needed for long distance running

Adidas energy boost redefined cushioning when it launched in 2013 as the primary Adidas shoe to introduce BOOST technology. The light-weight, neutral running shoe introduces a mixture of cushion and quick responsiveness for many who need each run to really feel quick, without sacrificing cushion level.

Now, lets proceed with our review of Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review.

Product: Ultra Boost Uncaged

  • weight: 9.7 ounces (size 9)
  • midsole drop: 10 mm (heel: 29 mm / forefoot: 19 mm)
  • recommended for: long, urban runs; arch type: normal; stabilizing torsion system; fitcounter heel for unrestricted fit
  • product color: tech ink / core black / running white
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Rating: 8,5/10

Design – Material

The upper body of the shoe is fully covered with pure Primeknit. It makes the shoe super soft, flexible but firm enough while giving a great feeling of comfort to the runner. Offers outstanding flexibility and breathability. Primeknit is amazingly soft but not too soft to the point you can feel uncomfortable.

Adidas has made the Primeknit with a mix of nylon and elastane for maximum comfort levels. The toe box is covered in a layer of TPU material that protects the toes from any harm. This does not seem to affect breathability however, as there are never any sweat marks on the shoes. The TPU layer also appears to be flexible, contributing to the comfort levels of the shoe. The Primeknit in this shoe are a great example of how Primeknit can be used for an athletic shoe, as it gives a nice balance between style and performance.

There is no tongue on these shoes. Instead they have an elastic ankle band that does its job well. Adidas has done a great job in using the right material for this design. 

Compared to the classic UltraBoost model there are two major changes, the ankle collar and the missing cage.

  • The ankle collar is now elastic and can be stretched to fit comfortably all sizes. This way the shoe resembles even more with an actual shock.
  • The cage is missing. Adidas removed the TPU stripes from outside, but they add Nylon backing inside of the shoe and put glue overlays around the laceholes to prevent Primeknit from ripping off.

If you are looking for extra comfort then the Ultra Boost Uncaged is the best choice you could possibly get. After wearing these on a daily basis for casual wear, you will not be able to put any other shoes.


The BOOST cushioning system is state of the art. The light foam in the midsole provides a bouncy feel in the foot strike while feels supportive and cushioning. During the run the shoe feels very comfortable and responsive. Each and every year BOOST is evolving.

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For a shoe that’s constructed like the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged one, we expected adiPRENE+ to be part of the mix as well. To no surprise, it does come with its own midsole compound and over-lays to provide as much cushioning as permitted by the laws of physics. adiPRENE + is a high-tech compound designed to give you an enhanced landing and extra cushioning thanks to its superior compression set technology.

Adidas have also used TORSION® SYSTEM which is a comfortable, low-to-the ground ride that helps keep your foot closer to the ground but have a stable ride at the same time. 

Cushioning is identical to the original Ultra Boost.


The traction level provided by adidas UltraBoost Uncaged is more than sufficient. Continental rubber is used for the outsole. It is a company that specializes in making tires, so the outsole is very durable and has a great grip.

The outsole is made up of Continental™ rubber which was specifically designed and engineered to provide maximum durability in high wear areas while providing superior traction, grip and handling. It’s one piece construction helps give a smooth roll from heel-to-toe for all your landings. Adidas has alsoura-Stripes on the out sole which are there for extra traction.

Since it’s a very slim shoe, Adidas has reduced weight by using Continental™ rubber. 

If you look closer to the pattern of the rubber, Adidas divided it into 3 blocks with 2 ribs across each block. This is great as now you have more gripurable rubber that offers great traction.

Traction for Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged works great on court which is not a surprise after seeing the outsole and Continental™ rubber. The same goes to off court surfaces as well since it grips well on asphalt, artificial grass and even dirt!

Depending on indoor or outdoor training the traction varies. In case of an indoor run, traction pattern performs perfectly on an inside track and the grip is exceptionally responsive. However, for an outside run, the traction depends on the terrain and the weather conditions. In wet conditions the grip loosens and the runner is more exposed to potential slippage.


The Uncaged Ultra Boost provides Primeknit comfort. Initially, when you wear it for the first time the ankle collar can feel a bit tough on the ankle. However, after wearing them for a few days the foot gets used to it and the knitted collar wraps your foot very nicely.

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This model is slightly larger than the caged Ultra Boost. That’s because of the minimal heel design allowing the foot to sit rearwards in comparison with the caged structured heel. When the foot sits backward, it creates additional room in the front of the toes.

The fact that the upper part of the shoe is from Primeknit mesh allows the shoe to adapt to every type of feet. However, the Uncaged version doesn’t have any support features besides the external heel counter and Torsion system. If you have no prior experience in this kind of shoes, I suggest that you try them on before deciding on the size.

The upper part provides, one-to-one fit and does not constrain the natural movement of the feet. It’s like wearing socks.


The Ultra Boost Uncaged lacks support compared to core performance running shoes. The absence of an external midfoot structure and the reduced upper supportive layers forces the shoe to fall short of performance running standards.

This model provides minimal support. The external heel counter and Torsion system did the job well delivering a secure feel in the heel area. However, by removing the external midfoot cage, the foot is not protected from changing directions or even rolling over the midsole.

This means if you are a serious runner this model is not the best option. Still, for casual wearing, this is ideal – nice to feel freedom in the forefoot area.


The Ultra Boost Uncaged is a great shoe, similar to the original Ultra Boost. The removal of the external midfoot cage improves the flexibility and comfort of the shoe while reducing support level. It is very stylish, offering excellent cushioning and is packed with boost foam. The Continental rubber sole delivers great traction and durability.

It is an ideal shoe for amateur runners and casual wearing.


  • Very comfortable
  • Extremely responsive with great energy return
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Fashionable for casual wear
  • Minimum stability


  • Minimum stability