5 Recommended Diets to Lose Weight in 2022

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The European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO) has released its ranking ‘TOP 5 5 Recommended Diets to lose weight in 2020’. It includes some of the best options and others not so good. This time analyzes the trends corresponding to 2020 and tries to offer some options that help you lose between 1.5 kilos a week. But no more than 6 kilos a month within the framework of a healthy lifestyle.

Also, to emphasize those aggressive, very restrictive diets and promise to lose a lot of weight in a short time, being therefore unsustainable in the long term. According to the IMEO, the worst diets lack scientific support. They often use ‘miracle’ products, thus guaranteeing the “rebound effect” and side effects that can compromise health.

To generate different lists, the IMEO has included:

  • endocrine physicians and bariatric surgeons,
  • sports and clinical nutritionists,
  • dietitians, psychologists, therapists, and physical coaches

To offer you the most professional eyesight potential dependent on the expertise of competent employees.

The 5 best diets to lose weight in 2020

The ‘Evolution Diet’. 

The evolution diet is one of the 5 Recommended Diets

An eating plan that allows you to lose 5 kilos of fat per month. It promotes fat as an energy source. Low and medium glycemic index foods intake helps stabilize blood sugar levels, promote vitality, and avoid feeling hungry. Adequate amounts of highly bioavailable proteins that fuel muscle; healthy fats help support the hormonal system—foods of high nutritional density to rule out micronutrient deficiencies and malnutrition.

Diet ‘Realfooding’. 

The Realfooding diet is one of the 5 Recommended Diets

Actress Paz Vega follows this diet. She appeals to suppress ultra-processed products as much as possible, and the addictive effect they may have, switching to a natural and healthy diet. This diet will help you lose between 0.5 and one kilos per week. It promotes fruits vegetables, vegetables, legumes, fish, shellfish, and eggs predominate.

The ‘Volumetric Diet’. 

The volumetrics diet is one of the 5 Recommended Diets

Developed by actress Angelina Jolie, the Volumetric diet also permits you to drop between 0.5 and one kilos per week. The reward of this diet is how it can calm the desire and meet the daily nutrient necessities. It resorts to the flavor, feel, prep method, and mix of particular foods that raise the sensation of satiety and encourage weight loss reduction. The many salty foods and foods such as infusions, cereals, fruits, vegetables, soups, and stews are prioritized; also skimmed dairy, skinless poultry, lean beef, mild dressings, and vegetable spray.

People who follow it prevent fast-absorbing carbohydrates like potatoes or bread and their derivatives (white bread, pasta, and white rice). Additionally, she urges drinking two glasses of water when you awaken and attain three liters each day, having the ability to elect for fruit juices or smoothies.

The Vegan Diet. 

The vegan diet is one of the 5 Recommended Diets

Brad Pitt or Natalie Portman are a few of the actors who follow and shed between 1 and two kilos per week. It’s a diet based on excluding all kinds of fish, poultry, eggs, and their derivatives. On the other hand, the secret to success lies within an expert observation performed by qualified caregivers, where sufficient supplementation predicated on plant origin preparations is ensured.

The ‘Intermittent Fasting Diet’

Intermittent fasting diet

This one has followers such as actors Ben Affleck and Elsa Pataky and consists of introducing periods of fasting within a balanced diet that can last up to 24 hours a day. However, never exceeding 48 hours in a row. This diet’s objective, is to lose between 1 and 2 kilos a week. The metabolism to optimize the consumption of energy stored in the form of fat. Of course, it is essential to have an adequate intake of nutrients throughout the day, not lose muscle mass or put our health at risk with a rebound effect in the short and medium-term.

The ‘Vinegar Diet.’ 

The vinegar diet is one of the 5 Recommended Diets

A lot of public figures, such as Miranda Kerr or Victoria Beckham, follow this diet. It focuses on the exclusive intake of a single product for several days. That exploits as a foundation a study.