HIIT Ab Workout: Get Your Best Abs

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A HIIT ab workout is ideal because they target muscles groups that don’t normally receive much attention during traditional cardio routines.  

HIIT workouts are a great way to burn fat while toning up. Get ready to see results!

If you’re looking for an intense and effective ab workout, then the HIIT ab routine is perfect for you. The best part of this ab workout? You can do it anywhere.

The HIIT ab routine targets your abs, obliques, lower back, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and arms. This 6-minute workout will work for all these different muscle groups in just one session.

Key Takeaways:

  • HIIT ab workouts are a powerful way to strengthen and tone your core muscles.
  • These workouts involve intense exercises followed by short recovery periods, maximizing calorie burn, and targeting belly fat.
  • Popular exercises include planks, bicycle crunches, mountain climbers, and Russian twists.
  • Consistency is crucial for results, so aim to incorporate HIIT ab workouts into your routine regularly.
  • Pairing these workouts with a balanced diet can accelerate your fitness goals. Stay focused and listen to your body to prevent injury.

A Minute HIIT Abs Workout for Strength and Endurance

HIIT workouts help runners get stronger and faster. Core exercises strengthen your abs, back, and other muscles. A HIIT workout paired with core exercises makes for an effective workout.

A strong core is super important to all runners. Having a strong core helps you run better by helping you maintain proper posture, balance, and stability. Adding a HIIT workout to a regular strength routine is a great idea because it gets your heart rate up, enhances your cardiovascular endurance, and builds muscle strength.

The HIIT Ab Workout You Can Do in Just Minutes

You don’t need to spend hours and hours working out every day to get great results. High-intensity interval training workouts are a fantastic addition to any workout routine. These exercises are made up of short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief breaks.

HIIT Ab Workout: Get Your Best Abs

How do you get a six-pack? Even though there’s never just one answer, the short answer is that it’s a matter of burning more calories than you consume – but the details are often more complicated. By adding HIIT ab workouts to your regular weight training routine, you can speed up your rate of fat loss to help you reach your fitness goals faster. Read on to find out how to build the perfect HIIT ab workout for your needs.

What is high-intensity interval training?

HIIT is the most effective exercise for burning fat

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an exercise strategy that alternates short, intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT workouts typically include a warmup, vigorous activity, and a cool down. During a typical workout, you’ll begin by working out at maximum effort to get your heart rate up — in your target heart rate zone — for 30 seconds to one minute. After resting for two minutes or more, you’ll go all out again for another 30 seconds to one minute and repeat until you’ve done 10 high-intensity intervals. The amount of time it takes to do each interval will depend on how long you can sustain peak performance without fatiguing.

HIIT is an excellent way to help you get fit and lose weight. High-intensity exercise, such as brisk walking or jogging, causes more calories to be burned than low-intensity exercises, such as leisurely strolling or sitting. And because high-intensity exercises use up oxygen faster than lower intensity workouts, your body may need extra oxygen to keep up — burning even more calories in the process.

One study showed that people who did four months of high-intensity interval training increased their aerobic capacity by nearly 30 percent compared with those who followed a regular aerobic program. If you usually walk for exercise, try adding some short jogging intervals into your routine. For example, when reaching an intersection where you usually stop to let traffic pass, increase your speed and jog for one minute instead of waiting for traffic. Then resume walking until it’s time to catch the next green light and repeat it all.

The Benefits of HIIT

High-intensity interval training is one of my favorite workout methods for several reasons. First, it improves cardiovascular health and athletic performance (more on that in a minute). Second, it builds muscle fast; HIIT really helps boost your metabolism, so you continue burning calories at a high rate after you finish your workout. Finally, HIIT sessions usually last less than 20 minutes—so they’re perfect if you’re strapped for time but still want to get in a good workout. For these reasons, I recommend doing HIIT workouts two or three times per week.

To perform a HIIT session, select an exercise like burpees or mountain climbers that simultaneously work for multiple muscle groups. For example, here are two moves where you alternate between upper-body and lower-body exercises each rep: chest press + front squat; dumbbell row + rear lunge.

Start with a two-minute warmup at 60% effort, then perform 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. That’s one round. Repeat for 10 to 15 rounds (or more if you want). For example, on squats and burpees: Squat down and jump up quickly, landing softly in a squat position before standing back up; that’s one rep. For mountain climbers: Place your hands and feet on an elevated surface like a park bench or staircase, which will force your body to engage all four corners of your core as you lift each leg alternately; that’s one rep.

Consider wearing a weighted vest or holding light dumbbells while performing HIIT exercises to increase the intensity. You can also challenge yourself by choosing harder versions of core workouts, such as jumping jacks instead of regular jumping jacks or using a medicine ball to boost intensity on situps and crunches. And don’t forget that you can always add HIIT moves into preexisting workouts too!

What are the best exercises to strengthen your abs?

To get your best abs, you must build muscle around them. And there’s no better way to do that than with a HIIT ab workout. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it’s been proven to be one of the best ways to burn belly fat and build lean muscle mass. So what are the best exercises for abs? The following routine comprises 5 different exercises that put high intensity on your abdominal muscles. Use weights if possible and take 2-3 minutes between each exercise in order to maximize results. Be sure to warm up before using any weight lifting equipment and always consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise routine. Now let’s get started!

1. Plank

Plank is a great exercise for a HIIT Ab Workout

Planks are my favorite exercises for building lean muscle mass and strengthening your core muscles. And I also love them because they’re so simple to do and can be done pretty much anywhere. To get into the plank position, you lay face down on your stomach and prop yourself up with your forearms or elbows in order to make a straight line from shoulders to ankles.

2. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches is a great exercise for a HIIT Ab Workout

Bicycle crunches are another excellent ab exercise that can be done pretty much anywhere, including your living room. To perform a bicycle crunch, lie on your back with your knees bent and hands behind your head. While keeping your neck straight and shoulders pulled back, bring one knee towards your chest while raising the opposite elbow towards it. Alternate between both legs for 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side of the body.

3. Jackknife Sit-ups

jackknife situps is a great exercise for a HIIT Ab Workout

I love jackknife situps because they’re one of those exercises that you can do while watching TV or reading a book. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor to perform them. With hands behind your head, slowly sit up until your shoulders are higher than hips and then lower back down again. Repeat for a total of 30 seconds at a time, rest, and repeat up to 5 times.

4. Leg Raises

Leg raises is a great exercise for a HIIT Ab Workout

The great thing about leg raises is that they target your abs and lower back muscles. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor to perform them. Extend arms straight out to sides and raise both legs to form a V shape with your body. Slowly lower legs so that they are just above ground level and then raise again for a total of 30 seconds at a time, rest and repeat up to 5 times.

5. Russian Twists

Russian Twists is a great exercise for a HIIT Ab Workout

The final exercise in our HIIT ab workout is called Russian twists, and it’s a great way to finish your workout. Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor to perform them. Hold weights in both hands out at arm’s length. Rotate the upper body from side to side for 30 seconds, rest, and repeat up to 5 times.

HIIT Ab Workout For Beginners

H.I.I.T. stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it’s a type of exercise that increases muscle size and strength at an accelerated rate. It involves performing multiple exercises in rapid succession with little or no rest between each one.

HIIT is a great way to do it if you want to get your best abs ever. Here’s how to design your first HIIT ab workout. First, choose two or three of your favorite ab exercises and place them in a row on your calendar. The order doesn’t matter, but most people find that placing an exercise like crunches or leg raises at one end of their interval yields better results than simply doing multiple sets back-to-back.

This allows for a slightly longer rest period between each set, which means less cardio workout and more toning per session.

Stage 1 – Cardio Phase – 20 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Off (1 Minute)

Perform 2 repetitions of each exercise as fast as possible with little to no rest between each movement. Repeat until time runs out, or all repetitions are completed.

Stage 2 – Strength Phase – 90 Seconds On, 30 Seconds Off (2 Minutes)

Repeat 2 repetitions of each exercise, with little to no rest between movements. Rest for 30 seconds after completing both strength and cardio phases.

Perform 3 sets of each exercise, resting 60 seconds between each set.

Try to complete all three sets before increasing your rest period to two minutes. Increase by 15 seconds on both phases with each HIIT workout until you hit a 2-minute cardio phase and a 3-minute strength phase.

This workout is meant to be done three times a week, but feel free to adjust your schedule as needed. Do it four times a week until you hit your first plateau, then reduce your workout time by 10 seconds on each phase and increase your rest period to 1 minute. HIIT workouts are designed to break through plateaus, so don’t give up if you can’t reach all of your goals in one month.

Sample HIIT Ab Workouts

  • Run at a sprint pace for 20 seconds, then jog at a recovery pace for 40 seconds. Repeat that pattern for 10 minutes.
  • Do burpees for 60 seconds, then rest for 60 seconds. Do 3-4 sets of that combo, resting 2-3 minutes between sets.

Because HIIT workouts are short but intense, you don’t need to do a lot of them to see results. You can do one every day, or just a few times a week—but be sure to allow your body time to recover between workouts.

If you don’t have a lot of time in your day, a HIIT ab workout may be a good choice for you. In fact, when done correctly, these workouts can be highly effective. The sample workouts above should help get you started on your way to getting those abs you’ve always wanted. Use them with caution and under close supervision; stop immediately and talk to your doctor if you feel any sharp pain or discomfort.

Example Routine

Set a timer for 4 minutes, and do as many reps of each exercise as you can in that time. Rest for 1 minute, then repeat for another 2 rounds. Do abs workouts that help improve core strength! If it’s too easy, add more resistance (using weights), or try more challenging exercises.

Each of these exercises works to target your abdominals in different ways. The butterfly and side-to-side leg raise are great for that corset look, while crunches help strengthen, flatten and get a strong core. The plank is a good all-rounder that can be adapted to provide more or less intensity depending on whether you’re holding it high (easier) or low (harder). The bicycle crunch strengthens both abdominal sides at once, so you can see some fast results!

You can find a full collection of additional exercises in our exercise library. If you want to know more about working out at home, check out how to start a workout routine from scratch.

Try this minute HIIT ab workout 

1. Double Crunch:

Double Crunch

Go Ahead and lie down on the floor. Engage your core, and bend both your knees and your elbows. Crunch your knees and elbows together, then extend your body again without letting your arms or your legs touch the ground. Continue for a full minute.

2. Plank to Pike:

Plank to Pike

Flip onto your stomach, and come into plank position. Your shoulders should be stacked over your wrists, your core engaged, and your inner thighs are squishing in towards each other. On an exhale, push your hips back to get into a downward-facing dog. Tap your right hand to your right foot. Return to plank, and continue to switch sides.

This exercise is excellent for building core strength. You should feel your abs working hard as you do this exercise. Your body should be straight when you return to the plank position.

Alternate V Situps:

Alternate V Situps

Lie down on your stomach and bring your arms out to the sides. Lift your head off the floor and lift your chest off the ground. It would help if you were sitting upright with your legs straight. Your knees should be bent 90 degrees. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Keep your shoulders relaxed as you raise them above your hips. Lower yourself back down. Do this exercise for 30 seconds. Then do 10 more reps.

This exercise is excellent for building core strength. You need to engage your abs and use them as you move back and forth. Your core should be engaged throughout this entire exercise.

This exercise targets the muscles used to raise your hips and knees. You can do this exercise standing up or lying down. Your goal is to keep your hips raised as high as possible without lifting your head off the ground.

This exercise requires you to be strong enough to hold yourself together. It would help if you had a lot of strength in your legs and core muscles. Your core muscles should be tight and ready to fire off.

Core burnout is when you sit down and bring your hands to your head. Your knees go into your chest while extending your legs out straight. You return to the center and then switch sides. This exercise targets your abs, obliques, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.

HIIT training is great for fitness but also happiness. It would help if you took some time off to enjoy the beach or other outdoor activities.

This HIIT Core Workout Will Really Make You Sweat

Your core is the center of your body. You use your core when you move. When sitting down, you need to use your core to stay upright. It would help if you used it to keep yourself standing when you stand up. When you walk, you need to use the core to help you keep your balance. When you lift something heavy, you need to use the core to hold it up.

Your transverse abdominis and your internal and external abdominal obliques work together to help you move your body in different directions. You’ll be challenged by your core muscles when you do exercises that require you to move your body in different ways.

Your core is your center of gravity

It protects your spine and keeps you upright. It’s also an essential part of your workout routine. You should train your core daily because it improves your strength and endurance, allowing you to carry more weight and move faster.

It can be hard to know if your core is engaged or not when it comes to core training. Your core muscles should fire when you do exercises such as situps and crunches. You shouldn’t feel pain while doing these exercises.

When you make a move where you lie on your back, push your lower back onto the ground to ensure the transverse abdominis (TA) and the rectus abdominus (RA) are engaged. If you aren’t lying on the ground, connect to your breath to activate your core. It would help if you were breathing out while engaging your core.

This HIIT core workout is designed for beginners looking to lose weight quickly. Smaller movements allow for maximum intensity during each exercise. Warmups are crucial before starting an intense workout. Low Lunge Twists are great stretches for the hips. A big plank helps open up the chest.

This HIIT core workout includes squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, crunches, and more. You’ll be ready to hit the mat after completing this HIIT core workout!


This exercise targets your core muscles. Your goal is to hold this position for 30 seconds. To make it more challenging, you can add weights to your back.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

Abdominals are the muscles located under your stomach. You should be able to do this exercise without any pain or discomfort. Your abs work hard during this exercise because you are lying on your back and need to use them to stabilize your body while raising your legs.

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is designed to strengthen your core muscles. It helps improve your posture and reduces back pain. You should perform this exercise three times per week.

Side Planks with Leg Lift

Side Planks with Leg Lift

Side planks with leg lift target the obliques. You’re lying on your left side, propping yourself up on your left elbow. Your right arm stretches out above you while your knee is straight. You hold this position as long as possible, then repeat on the opposite side.

HIIT Workouts for Abs at Sweat

HIIT ab workouts use the same moves and exercises as traditional ab workouts. However, you do them faster and more often than traditional ab workouts. You also perform these moves while holding your breath. This makes your abs work harder than ever before!

A 40-minute HIIT workout consists of 4 fitness stations. Each station contains 3 sets of 3 exercises, lasting 45 seconds to 50 seconds per exercise, with the remaining 10 seconds being your designated rest time. In 9 minutes, you complete the 3 sets of exercises in the first station, then move to the second station, and repeat the process until you finish the whole workout.

HIIT workouts for abs are scheduled for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Core training is included in most workouts. The HIIT workouts target all muscles, but core training is essential. You can report the workouts as many times a week.

Optimize Your HIIT Ab Workout

Maximize the effectiveness of your HIIT ab workout by incorporating a variety of exercises that target different areas of your core. Ensure that each exercise is performed with high intensity and precision to engage the abdominal muscles thoroughly. Including a mix of dynamic movements such as planks, crunches, and leg raises can enhance the overall impact of the workout, ensuring that you benefit from comprehensive core training.

Enhance Workout with Proper Techniques

Ensure that each exercise in your HIIT ab workout is performed with the correct technique to maximize benefits and reduce the risk of injury. Proper form and alignment are crucial in executing each movement accurately, ensuring that the targeted muscles are engaged effectively. Providing clear, step-by-step instructions or demonstrations for each exercise can be immensely beneficial for those looking to perform the workout correctly.

Incorporate Rest and Recovery

Including adequate rest periods in your HIIT ab workout is essential for recovery and muscle development. Allow sufficient time for the muscles to recover between each set, ensuring that you can perform each exercise with maximum effort and intensity. Balancing high-intensity exercises with appropriate rest periods enhances the overall effectiveness of the workout, promoting muscle growth and endurance.

Diversify Your HIIT Ab Routine

Keep your HIIT ab workout engaging and challenging by regularly updating and diversifying the exercises included in the routine. Introducing new movements and variations can prevent the workout from becoming monotonous, keeping the muscles challenged and promoting continuous improvement and development in core strength and endurance.

Focus on Consistency and Progression

Maintain consistency in performing your HIIT ab workouts regularly to witness substantial improvements in core strength, muscle tone, and overall fitness. Focus on gradual progression by increasing the intensity, duration, or complexity of the exercises as your fitness level improves. Consistent effort paired with a focus on progression is key to achieving and maintaining remarkable results from your HIIT ab workouts.


Congratulations! You’ve now discovered the ultimate HIIT ab workout guide that will help you achieve a toned and sculpted core. With the combination of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and targeted ab exercises, you can say goodbye to boring crunches and hello to a fun and effective workout routine.

In this article, we explored the benefits of HIIT for burning fat and building lean muscle, as well as the importance of strengthening your core for overall fitness. We provided a comprehensive list of the best HIIT ab exercises that will challenge your abs and help you achieve those washboard abs you’ve always dreamed of.

But remember, fitness is a journey, and consistency is key. So, grab your workout mat, put on your favorite workout playlist, and get ready to sweat it out with these HIIT ab exercises. Don’t forget to listen to your body and modify the exercises as needed.

Now it’s time to take action! Start incorporating this HIIT ab workout into your fitness routine and watch as your core strength improves and your abs become more defined. Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? Let’s get started and rock those abs!