Ranking the Best Heavy Metal Detox of 2023

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Heavy metal detoxes are becoming increasingly popular as people look to cleanse their bodies of toxins. We’ll tell you everything you need about the Best Heavy Metal Detox of 2023.

Heavy metal detoxes are becoming more popular than ever. Many people are looking for ways to cleanse their bodies from all the toxins accumulated. While many detoxes claim to do just that, not all of them work. This is why it’s essential to find a detox that works and doesn’t leave you feeling worse after doing it.

We have compiled this list based on our research into each product. We recommend ingredients that remove harmful substances such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and Cadmium. They also don’t contain any harsh chemicals or additives, which could cause damage to your body in the long term.


1. Amazing Grass Green SuperFood

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood - Best Heavy Metal Detox of 2021

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Experience the delightful taste of good health with Amazing Grass’ Green SuperFood. Our best-selling blend carefully combines nutritious fruits, vegetables, and antioxidant-packed superfoods, providing a delicious way to feel amazing daily.

Even better, our organic blend contains up to 3 servings of greens and leafy green super greens, surpassing any other greens powder available in the market today.

Moreover, our vegan green superfood powder is free from stevia or sugar, allowing you to savor your preferred cup of green goodness whether it’s hot or chilled.

2. Nested Naturals Super Algae

Nested Naturals Super Algae - Best Heavy Metal Detox of 2021

Among the heavy metal detox supplements that use algae-derived compounds, Nested Natural Super Algae is the best.

It uses a blend of Spirulina and chlorella from organic sources for extra purity.

These two key ingredients are delivered in a cellulose capsule that contains 250 mg of each ingredient. Thanks to the dual detox action of the chlorella and Spirulina, this supplement is our top choice.

3. Schizandu Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder

Schizandu Hardwood Activated Charcoa - Best Heavy Metal Detox of 2021

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Schizandu takes advantage of the natural detox powers. It activates charcoal to pull heavy metals and toxins out of your system.

The activated charcoal is finely powdered. So you can mix it into a drink or smoothie or just swirl it up in a small amount of water and drink it.

It comes in a 32 oz tub. So it’s an excellent bulk buy and a perfect choice if you want to follow a high dose or a specialized detox program.

4. Potent Organics Chlorella

Potent Organics Chlorella - Best Heavy Metal Detox of 2021

Potent Organics Chlorella is the way to go if you want a heavy metal detox that uses chlorella and is certified organic.

600 mg of chlorella per capsule delivers a solid and concentrated dose using a vegetable cellulose capsule.

For these reasons, it compares favorably to competitors that use pressed tablets that generally have a lower dosage and more binders and fillers.

5. Dr. Mercola Fermented Chlorella

Dr. Mercola Fermented Chlorella

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One of the drawbacks of “green” detox sources like chlorella is that your body has difficulty absorbing the raw plant material.

To get around this, Dr. Mercola uses a fermented version of chlorella. This allows bacteria to break down parts of the plant wall to improve bioavailability.

If you want a single-source plant-based heavy metal detox, Dr. Mercola Fermented Chlorella is a good call.

6. Now Chlorella

Now Chlorella - Best Heavy Metal Detox of 2021

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Now specializes in simple supplements, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with this chlorella supplement.

At 1000 mg per capsule, it delivers a heavy dose of algae-derived compounds to chelate and remove heavy metals from your body.

It doesn’t have fancy processing techniques or additives, but it is a reliable algae-based heavy metal detox solution.

7. Worldwide Nutrition Liquid Zeolite

Worldwide Nutrition Liquid Zeolite - Best Heavy Metal Detox of 2021

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Worldwide Nutrition Liquid Zeolite uses zeolites to remove heavy metals from your body. It makes it stand out from many other heavy metal detox supplements.

Zeolites are naturally occurring mineral compounds with a tremendous amount of surface area relative to their size. This lets them absorb many organic and inorganic toxins, including heavy metals.

Worldwide Nutrition Liquid Zeolite comes in liquid form. This might limit the number of zeolites in a single serving. However, its unique approach alone makes it worth a look. It’s super-pure and simple to boot. 

8. Good Natured Chlorella Spirulina

Good Natured Chlorella Spirulina

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Good Natured Chlorella Spirulina takes a high-volume approach to its detox tablets. These 50/50 chlorella and spirulina supplements come in bags of 1250 tablets each, and instead of capsules, the plant material is compressed into a tablet.

This necessitates including some binders and fillers and might not be the most natural way to deliver the plant materials. However, many people still find it an effective heavy metal detox. Perhaps due to Good Natured’s patented “cell cracking” method, which releases more active compounds.

9. Zetox Zeolite Suspension

Zetox Zeolite Suspension

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Zetox Zeolite Suspension uses micronized zeolites suspended in water to remove heavy metals from your body. Still, in addition to this, it includes a massive dose of vitamin B12, ostensibly to increase your overall energy levels.

While the zeolite approach is innovative, not everyone will want a heavy B12 dose. So this product has, at best, a niche application.

10. Healing Foods Company Medicinal Clay

Healing Foods Company Medicinal Clay

Healing Foods Company Medicinal Clay uses a blend of “micromineral” clays to deliver a powder-based product designed to detox your body and provide inorganic minerals like iron, calcium, iodine, and magnesium.

Unlike many other detox products, this supplement delivers nutrients versus only taking them out of your body.

Still, this product has some metals, like iron and magnesium. They make it more susceptible to contamination or trace amounts of heavier metals.

Add to that the exact types of clay are not disclosed, and you’ve got several factors that will deter many, though not all, people.

Who should buy a heavy metal detox?

Heavy metal detoxes are controversial. Not because the effects of heavy metals themselves are in dispute. But because of disagreements about the relevant concentration of heavy metals that will cause problems and whether a heavy metal detox routine is an excellent way to reduce heavy metal levels.

Heavy metal detoxes are popular among people with vague and nonspecific health complaints like fatigue, weakness, and chronic pain, for whom standard treatments haven’t been effective. A typical heavy metal detox routine is pretty short (a few days or so) so as not to disturb the levels of other essential metals in your body, like zinc, copper, and iron, to name just a few.

A heavy metal detox might be worth a shot if you’re out of options elsewhere and are looking for something else to try.

You should not buy a heavy metal detox if you have a medical condition that might be triggered by any changes in mineral levels in your diet or if you take prescription medication and haven’t talked with your doctor first.

Some of the ingredients in commonly used heavy metal detoxes, like activated charcoal, can absorb prescription medications and affect the amount absorbed into your body. 

Who should buy a heavy metal detox?

If you want to eliminate toxic metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, Cadmium, and other dangerous elements from your system, then a heavy metal detox may be right for you. These types of cleanses can help with:

  • Lead poisoning: If you suspect that you have been exposed to high levels of lead through air pollution, water contamination, or food sources
  • Mercury toxicity: If you suffer from symptoms associated with mercury exposure, including neurological problems, memory loss, fatigue, headaches, tremors, and skin rashes
  • Arsenic toxicity: If you experience these health issues caused by arsenic exposure, include heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even death
  • Cadmium toxicity: If you feel tired, weak, and irritable due to excessive amounts of Cadmium in your bloodstream

How does a heavy metal detox work?

A heavy metal detox involves drinking specially formulated drinks containing natural herbs, spices, and specialized supplements. Some heavy metal detoxes use chelating agents. Others rely on enzymes found naturally within the human digestive tract to break down those same toxins. Either way, the aim is to remove the toxin from your bloodstream. So that it no longer has an impact on your overall well-being.

What happens during a heavy metal detox?

During a heavy metal detox, you will drink several different herbal teas throughout the day. You might start with one type of tea before moving on to another. This depends on what stage of the detox process you’re currently in. Each tea contains specific nutrients designed to support liver function and assist with the removal of toxins from your body. It’s recommended that you take two cups per day. Yet, you can increase this amount up to four times daily if needed.

You’ll also consume certain foods and beverages that promote healthy digestion. For example, you might eat raw vegetables and fruit juices to aid the breakdown of fats and proteins. Other foods you might enjoy during a heavy metal detox include bone broth soups made using organic chicken bones, beef marrow, and lamb shank. Bone broths are rich in minerals and amino acids which make them perfect for supporting proper gut functioning.

The final part of a heavy metal detox includes taking several dietary supplements. Most heavy metal detoxes recommend that you supplement with magnesium citrate because it helps regulate calcium metabolism.

Is a heavy metal detox worth doing?

The answer to this question depends on how much time you want to eliminate toxic metals from your system. If you only plan to cleanse once every few years, it isn’t worth spending money on a kit. On the other hand, if you regularly get sick and feel exhausted, investing in a heavy metal detox kit may be worth it.

What are the benefits of a heavy metal box?

Heavy Metal Detox Boxes offer many advantages over traditional methods of cleansing. Firstly, they provide all the necessary tools to complete a full-on detoxification program without purchasing anything else. Secondly, they allow you to do everything yourself, meaning there won’t be any nasty surprises when you open the package! Thirdly, Heavy Metal Detox boxes come in various sizes, ensuring everyone who buys one gets exactly what they need. Finally, most people find their energy level increases after a heavy metal detox. This means that they feel more alert and energetic than ever before.


These supplements eliminate toxins like mercury, lead arsenic, etc. Heavy metals can harm your health, but there is disagreement about how well they can be eliminated.

The issue is made to the extent that various kinds of detox products exist. All of these use different mechanisms to eliminate the heavy metals from your system.

Heavy metals are linked with a variety of health risks

Heavy metals include mercury, lead, Cadmium, and arsenic. They can be found in small quantities worldwide, ranging from seafood to potatoes to paints, cigarettes, and industrial byproducts.

Heavy metals can be harmful to nearly every vital function of your body. A report published in 2003 in British Medical Bulletin outlines the different risks associated with exposure to heavy metals.

They include bone and cancer damage as well as kidney injury. All are caused by exposure to Cadmium, cognition loss (lead and mercury), and skin disease (arsenic), to mention a few.

The adverse health effects of heavy metals are so widespread due to their similarity to other metallic ions, which are necessary for your body’s normal functioning. For instance, lead has a very similar behavior to calcium, which could interfere with bone growth.

The well-known health risks have led to searching for methods to lower the number of heavy metals in your body.

Women can see an increase in heavy metal levels during middle age

As we just discovered, certain heavy metals like lead can influence calcium. In the process, they can be incorporated into your bones, along with the normal calcium ions.

This is because bone density decreases in menopausal and post-menopausal periods and menopausal symptoms, allowing these heavy metal ions back into the body.

This was proven by a study published in 1999 in the journal Environmental Research by a team of researchers from Sweden.

They looked at a collection of Swedish citizens of various years of age and observed a striking rise in blood lead concentrations at 50-55. The researchers concluded that it was due to menopausal-related reabsorption of bone material.

These results suggest that women are more susceptible to the harmful consequences of toxic heavy metals as they age, even though they’re not exposed to them in the outside world.

Components of heavy metal detox

The primary components of heavy metal detox products are used regularly to eliminate heavy metals from the soil, water, and other bio-based substances. With all of the potential dangers of heavy metals, it’s not surprising that many people seek a method to get rid of the toxins from their bodies.

This is where the heavy detoxing supplements for metals come in. In general, there are four kinds of substances that you’ll discover in a rich detox product:

  • activated charcoal,
  • algae,
  • clay, and
  • zeolites.

All of them are utilized in agricultural, industrial, and biological methods to capture heavy metals. They all function in the same way. The substance that makes up the detox substance is the most “attractive” match for the chemical properties of heavy metal ions, which is why they adhere to the compound more than anything else within your body.

If you regularly take these supplements in the future, your body will flush them out just like other food wastes, together with heavy metals.

Compounds of heavy metal detox

Compounds capturing heavy metals are thought to lower levels of heavy metals in blood, but it’s unclear if a detox of metals can accomplish a similar. The theoretical justification of detox with heavy metals is valid. However, they’ve not been verified.

Heavy metal detox is connected to chelation therapy. This includes trapping chemicals for heavy metals that are absorbed by the bloodstream, trap heavy metals, and then excreted into the urine.

A detox using heavy metals such as zeolites or chlorella is different because the substance doesn’t get into the bloodstream. If a heavy metal detox drink can provide the same result isn’t sure, but it seems less likely.

The use of detoxifying supplements for heavy metals can reduce the concentrations of substances such as arsenic, lead, and Cadmium in your stomach. This is vital since the primary source of this heavy metal (especially Cadmium) is found in the food you consume.

Are heavy metal detox kits safe?

Yes, heavy metal detox kits are entirely safe to use. Doctors and scientists originally developed them to help patients suffering from arthritis, gout, and kidney stones. However, since then, they have become increasingly popular among consumers looking to improve their general wellbeing.

Are heavy metals dangerous?

Yes, heavy metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum pose serious threats to our health. These toxic substances build up inside our bodies over time, causing damage to organs such as the brain, kidneys, and lungs. They may cause headaches, nausea, fatigue, depression, or memory loss, among other symptoms. If left untreated, heavy metal poisoning could result in organ failure and eventually death. Fortunately, we have effective ways to get rid of these harmful chemicals once and for all. A heavy metal detox provides just what you need to kickstart your journey towards good health.

Side effects

The detoxifying compounds for heavy metals don’t seem to be “specific” in their absorption abilities. They can absorb heavy metals as complex, large organic compounds.

They are used specifically to eliminate organic contaminants from the wastewater treatment process. However, the same feature can cause negative side effects when utilized as a supplement under certain conditions.

In the beginning, an ad-hoc supplement to detoxify heavy metals may reduce the bioavailability of supplements with iron or zinc since they are metallic compounds (though they’re not toxic the heavy metals).

Organic level

On the organic level, a detox can hinder taking prescription drugs. Massive doses of activated carbon are prescribed to treat overdoses of prescription drugs since the detox component absorbs the major organic compounds found in prescription medications.

Indeed, a study conducted in 2014 and presented in the American Journal on Cardiovascular Drugs demonstrates that exposure to activated carbon could hinder the action of a commonly prescribed anticoagulant.

The study involved 18 participants, each of whom had taken an anti-cardiovascular drug and activated charcoal at different times after taking the drug. The study observed a 28% inhibition of the drug, even when the drug was consumed within six hours of taking activated charcoal.

It is important to remember that the amount of activated charcoal used in detoxing routines for heavy metals generally does not compare to the amounts used in medical settings; however, with certain medications, the slightest diminution of inactivity could significantly affect the effectiveness of the medication.

The same principle could apply to other detox substances that are not specific such as zeolites. They could also be used to help absorb the pharmaceutical components.

Since direct human studies aren’t available, information on dosing is difficult to obtain. The positive side is that all of the effective detoxing compounds for heavy metals are highly effective in taking in heavy metals.

Suppose you consider that the concentrations of heavy metals are deficient even at dangerous levels. In that case, it becomes apparent that even a small dosage (250-500 mg chlorella, Spirulina, or one teaspoon of charcoal activated) is effective.

In terms of timing dosages, be aware of the limitations mentioned earlier. Avoid using a detox drink before a meal rich in iron, zinc, or other minerals if you are concerned about deficiencies.