Huami Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 is finally here – Another great sports watch from the future to rule them all

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The next version of Stratos is finally here. Huami launches Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3, another great sports watch.

General Specs

The watch is offered in two variations, i.e., Standard Edition and Elite Edition. It includes a sporty strap. The Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 consists of a 1.34 inch (320 x 320 pixels) round dial, which provides around 260,000 colors. The watch is powered using a 1.2-GHz dual-core chip and also 512MB RAM. The watch is intended for the outside and thus the big screen size. Huami affirms that the screen is better even in heavy lighting. The standard edition includes a sporty silicone strap. The elite version comes using a fluoro- rubber strap. Besides, ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal glass are used in Elite Edition.

The Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 includes a 300mAh battery and stays up to seven days on a single charge and approximately 14 days in standby mode. It comes with an amazing GPS navigation system. It provides 19 sports styles, which include jogging, swimming, biking, and much more. Sensors on board comprise a Biotracker PPG bio-tracking optical detector, 6-axis accelerometer, 3-axis geomagnetic detector, pressure, and an ambient light detector. It weighs approximately 59.6 g. The Elite Edition is constructed with higher-quality metal, i.e., the Titanium can is used for its bezel, and Sapphire is used for its dial. There is also a Star Wars Edition of this Amazfit Stratos 3, which has been introduced alongside.

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 specs



The brand new Smart Sports Watch 3 includes a 1.34-inch transflective screen developed by the Japanese firm JDI. The display resolution is 320 × 320 pixels, and it doesn’t reduce the clarity of this picture in sunlight. This is the best answer for outdoor sports. The watch obtained a 316L stainless steel bezel with a black silicone strap. The Elite version is also distinguished by light and a durable ceramic frame having a huge hardness sapphire crystal and a rubberized, wear-resistant strap. The Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 is also equipped with four mechanical buttons that help operate the watch in the same way as on the touch screen. The smartwatch comes with two operating systems that are ideally designed for both professional sports and everyday use. In business mode, battery life can be up to 7 days.

Besides the wealthy professional sports manners, the watch also obtained the built-in Firstbeat algorithm, which may offer various professional information according to different user’s accomplishments. The watch is also equipped with an optical BioTracker PPG sensor created by Huami Technology. With the support of an Ultra manner, you might prolong the battery life of your smartwatch. Besides daily functions, for example, round-the-clock heartbeat monitoring, seeing alarms, and NFC-based payment (for China only), the consumer can also use 11 sports manners. The Amazfit 3 smart sports watch features a built-in Sony GNSS quad-core chip, supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo satellites. Users can choose up to 3 navigation mixtures to enhance positioning tracking and speed precision.

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Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 - all round sports watch


Comparison with The Previous Version Of Stratos

Stratos is an excellent sports watch. We analyzed the first-generation variant (precisely the same as Stratos 2) just over one year ago. This aesthetically pleasing feature-packed apparatus provides excellent value for the money. Amazfit sports watches provide Garmin, Polar, and many others more to be worried about with every passing season.

Undoubtedly, the specifications appear very similar to the previous version. However, only a great dose of pre-revision testing will determine whether the Stratos 3 can overcome the disadvantage of this detector’s quality and the port of the previous version. It certainly looks similar the earlier version. At first glance, there appears to be little difference. Still, you’ll quickly understand that the 3-button controllers of the earlier version have been substituted with the revolutionary 2+2 button port with two of these four buttons coming through a rocker’ change of some type. That is relatively quite pliable smart to have 4 buttons on a single side.

One problem with the recent Stratos has, however, is that display visibility deteriorates at particular angles. Huami has spent more than a million US dollars to figure out this issue. Here is what the organization’s CEO submitted on Weibo: “As professional sports view, the Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 utilizes a reflective screen like the prior one,” he states.”The difference is this time, we utilized a 1.34″ un-notched full-circle display, making it easier to see information and more impressive when exercising. As it’s tough to come across such a big and high-quality reflective screen available on the current market, we spent countless dollars to personalize this display exclusive to JDI.”

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 offers 19 sports modes


Can It Work?

During their first marketing, Huami would like you to be acutely conscious of the brand new, highly readable screen (maintained ). They’re also eager to point out a whopping 14 days of existence Ultra mode – that comes out to some highly creditable 70 hours of authentic GPS usage. Couple with 19 sports modes, NFC (China-only), along with a fantastic dose of Firstbeat attributes, I was certainly interested in delving a bit more into the particulars.

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We then return into the inevitable confusion of 2 operating systems, one of its chips, one for sport, and one for the rest. I suppose the argument is that are you tuned for sports use?

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 features



The smart mode provides a battery life of 7 days that comprises 30 hours of sports use plus actual smart performance, including 24×7 HR. That does not sound good, but I think that it’s nice because we have more critical sports ways to provide maximum precision over 35 hours, a more balanced precision profile within 45 hours, plus a power-saving accurate endurance profile of 70 hours. We’ll see after how true they could be. I also read that today’s ever-present Sony GNSS processor is utilized, which we understand can be pretty high if incorporated correctly or not good if poorly incorporated. The addition of WiFi seems interesting. I am not entirely sure what it’ll be utilized for, though, as I would presume that workouts have been synced Bluetooth to the company program and that Music won’t encourage WiFi syncing in any way. Let’s hope I am wrong, and you will find direct uploads to, for instance, STRAVA. The Stratos maintain the previous incarnation’s ability to perform around 1.9Gb of audio saved on the watch through Bluetooth headphones.

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 offers reflective large screen


Specifications Analysis

The touch screen may be entirely disabled for sports use. 

  • Buttons: 4 right-side buttons (2+2 to a rocker switch)
  • System style: Intelligent manner, Ultra style (supports ultra-low electricity)
  • RAM: 512MB LPDDR3
  • Performance: 4G eMMC (user-accessible space is all about 1.9GB)
  • Sensor: BioTracker PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor (Accelerometer, Gyro, Air pressure detector, Geomagnetic detector
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE 5.0, WiFi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
  • Positioning System: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo
  • NFC: TBC (China-only)
  • Battery: 300mAh lithium-ion plastic battery charging 
  • Time: Around two hours charging 
  • Type: Magnetic
  • Battery Modes: Smart mode 7 days: Utilize the factory default configurations, all-day heartbeat standby (Bluetooth connectivity style ), 150 messages every day, 30 occasions for wrist screen, 30 minutes for outside sport, 5 minutes for different surgeries, 4 occasions for NFC card swiping; 
  • Ultra mode 14 days: Utilize the factory default configurations, all-day heartbeat standby (Bluetooth connectivity style ), 150 messages every day, 30 occasions for wrist screen, 30 minutes for outside sport, 5 minutes for different surgeries, 4 occasions for NFC card swiping; 
  • GPS style: Accurate 35 hours / Balance 45 hours / Power saving 70 hoursTruth and equalization manner — twist on heartbeat detection, touch feature, turn on telling reminder feature, LCD low electricity.
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The standard version of Amazfit 3 in China has priced at 1,299 yuan (182$), while the superior Elite Edition costs 1,699 yuan (238$).

Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 is offered in 2 different variants


Standard And Elite Variant

Chinese technology giant Huami is the maker of Amazfit solutions. Along with the organization’s CEO and vice president, dropping hints left, right, and center about what to anticipate. We have a few pics of this upcoming wearable. In this, we know there’ll be two variations. Besides the Standard, there’ll be an Elite variant. This one will come with higher quality and craftsmanship, which will come with a greater price tag.

What’s more, the Elite Edition comes with higher durability and water-repellent sapphire mirrors along with a Tic titanium alloy. Titanium appears to be the rage nowadays. It’s even rumored that the second Apple Watch will come for this alternative.

Huami Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3


Final Thoughts

Under the hood, the watch will include a”dual-core dual system” that consists of two sets of processors. This will permit the user to conduct two distinct manners, Ordinary and Ultra. It’s anticipated that the further featured of both will operate the complete Amazfit OS. This provides the possibility for users to get the whole assortment of activity information, potentially blood oxygen tracking, Bluetooth music playback, along other smart functions. The forfeit is battery life — you get 10 times between costs (that is still outstanding in contrast to other smartwatches). The other mode only provides essential physical fitness tracking but much more battery life. Along with this, it’s been shown Stratos 3 will probably use the organization’s BioTracker PPG biological monitoring optical detector for heart rate tracking. This is reported to be exceptionally accurate.