Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Review: The Best Affordable Fitness Smartwatch

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This Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Review aims to analyze, explain and review the main features and functionalities of the Amazfit Pace.


Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer, is producing excellent, innovative products worldwide. Smartwatches are ending up being preferred, and also they currently sport several of the significant features that we obtain through our smart devices. The style of the Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch is so attractive that anybody would love this gadget. Here is an in-depth evaluation of the capabilities of this smartwatch. This smartwatch, launched in 2014, is the very first smartwatch with a 28nm GPS sensor internationally. This fitness-focused smartwatch takes pride in countless features and capabilities such that despite moring than a year old, it is still at the same level and even better than lots of lately launched wearables.

Xiaomi Amazfit: Specifications

  • Present: 1.34-inch display
  • Cpu: 2GHz dual-core CPU
  • Battery: 200 mAh
  • Storage Space: 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM
  • Connection: GPS, Glonass, Bluetooth
  • Sensing units: PPG sensor for heartbeat monitor

First Impressions

The Xiaomi Amazfit Pace makes a solid first impression with proper packaging and a watch face that does not stand out excessively. It’s ideal for somebody who desires the attributes of a smartwatch with the rectangular face we tend to see on many models.

Every little thing you need to make use of the gadget is in the box. First, it contains the watch itself with the sports band attached. There’s also the micro USB wire and the dock for connecting the watch to the charger. There’s no power block included, so you’ll require to utilize an existing one or fee from your computer.

Combining the watch with a phone is incredibly simple. For screening, I used my iPhone 7S And also. Even though it’s an Android-based OS device (not Android Put on, however), it interfaces with my phone fairly well. The watch will lead you with the procedure, including scanning a QR code to connect the phone and the watch.

Amazfit Pace Layout

Xiaomi selected a rounded watch face, which is a bold choice when many other looks out there are square or rectangle-shaped. It’s a good appearance, though.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Review

Most people I revealed the watch to did not also realize I was putting on a smartwatch. If you want everyone to see your Apple Watch or another more in-your-face tool as well as understand immediately what you’re wearing, this may not be for you. If you want a comparable function set with a low-key style, you must really consider it.

The Pace comes with an adjustable silicone selection band. I found it rather comfy, as well as the flexible nature implies it’ll fit just about any sized wrist.

As for colors, the watch itself is primarily black, and the band is black with orange accents. It’s fairly nice looking, but some users may discover the orange to be a little also intense for their preferences. Luckily, it comes with a standard 22mm strap so that you can change it with one more band.

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There’s just one physical button on the Amazfit, and it’s utilized for power and waking it up from rest. You can enable an option that allows you to wake the gadget up by double-tapping the touch screen. This will make it so you nearly never need to utilize the small button.

The watch face is 1.34 inches (3.4 centimeters), making it huge adequate to read easily, but little fair to let it keep that even more traditional watch design. The resolution is 320 x 300, so the text and the user interface appear sharp enough.

The Pace features a transflective screen. You can freely utilize it while out in the sun without stressing over glow. This is undoubtedly valuable for a watch that’s designed to use while running.

On the back of the watch, you’ll locate both green lights that function as the heart rate display and four gold calls used for docking the watch and billing it.

Overall, the Amazfit Pace is an excellent-looking device from a layout point of view. Big enough watch-face to look all-natural on larger wrists, but not so big a to subdue a smaller sized one.


Allow’s explore the component that makes it wise – the characteristics. For a watch in this price array, it does a fair bit more than you’d expect. Its feature set consists of a heart price display, step tracker, sleep monitoring, songs control, phone notices, and much more.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace - Heart Rate Monitor GPS Pedometer

A heart rate display highlights you don’t usually see from more affordable smartwatches and physical fitness trackers. The reality is that heart rate keeping track of a wrist-based device is notoriously challenging and must not be trusted for precise analyses. However, it still gives you a family member suggestion of your heart price contrasted to what it would typically be.

In my testing, it constantly revealed a lower heart price while resting. My resting rate often tended to fall between 65 and 75. While playing hockey, my heart rate was regularly over 100, which is where it must be.

In a much more nuanced examination, I took my heart price right as a trip was removing, as well as it checked out in the high 80s. This makes good sense, as I tend to get a little stressed when it pertains to flying.


One of my favored features is the capability to control songs and podcasts from the watch. Even with an Apple iPhone on an Android-based watch, the feature worked flawlessly. It’s an excellent relief not needing to pull your phone out of your pocket to alter songs, stop the music, or readjust the quantity.

I’m compelled to doubt the general accuracy of the sleep monitoring, nevertheless. It did monitor the time I went to rest and the moment I stood upright, but the data in the center seems suspicious. At the very least two evenings, I awakened to use the toilet in the middle of the evening. However, the data the following day said I spent no minutes awake. Not just was I awake, I strolled 20 feet and also back to get to my restroom.

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The other significant functions function well. The step tracker was exact concerning just how much I walk each day.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Review - Multiple Sports Modes

If you perform a desk job, you might like the feature that informs you when sitting long. I often tend to get lost working. Next point, I recognize 4 hours have passed. With this, I obtain a little vibration allowing me to recognize I ought to stretch my legs. And also, if that sounds bothersome to you, do not worry. You can transform it off!

There are 21 different watch faces to pick from, and many of them are entirely different. You’ll find some minimalist layouts with just the moment, as well as a lot more great faces that tell you your recent heart price, steps, battery level, and also lots of even more info. A lot of the faces can be found in various shades so that you can fine-tune the appearance of the watch.

You can get alerts of text messages, telephone calls, as well as various other applications. Nonetheless, you can not engage with them. That suggests you can’t react to any text you could get. Not that I would certainly intend to text from a tiny watch face consistently, yet it would be good to have a quick option to allow somebody recognizes that I get on my method or leave a simple “alright.”.


This smartwatch leans extra on the physical fitness tracking side than the watch side of things. As such, we require to dig in and look at the fitness monitoring features by themselves.

To access the health and fitness menu, you merely swipe left from the major watch face and pick the activity. Now, the activities are mainly concentrated around running and biking, so if you’re doing something not on the checklist, you’ll need to pick the closest thing (for hockey, I choose elliptical, as it looked like the closest).

When you start an activity, you’ll get constant heart rate tracking and many data points. Turning the GPS on, you can see distance ran, calories burned, time, and more.

When you open up the Amazfit application on your phone, you can sync data from your workouts and get a much better idea of exactly how you did.

There are also standard exercise plans that’ll remind you when you need to venture out there and even work out. This is an excellent feature for anyone who needs a little direction and a pointer that it’s time to reach work.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace - 50 meters waterproof

I am more than happy with the features for health and fitness monitoring, yet I wish it had extra activities. Still, that’s something you can most definitely function about, especially when you consider how much extra you’ll conserve choosing this gadget over something like an Apple Watch, Fitbit Ionic, or Garmin.

Daily Usage

Now that we’ve spoken about what the watch can do, we need to look at what it’s like dealing with the Amazfit Pace daily.

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While not best, I’m reasonably happy with the watch. Using the watch for two weeks, aside from a pair of small complaints, it did explicitly what I wanted it to do.

After putting on the watch (consisting of rest), I need to say that it is very comfortable. Not only that, however it looks quite stylish no matter the setting. It’s likewise very light, so I neglected it was also there a lot of the time.

As pointed out in the past, I’m not so sure just how accurate sleep monitoring is. However, it’s still nice to get a basic suggestion of the number of hours I rested the night before.

Mentioning resting, I’m a little a deep sleeper, so the alarm had not been sufficient to wake me up. I needed a loud siren to draw myself up, and a light resonance on the wrist just didn’t cut it for me. Your gas mileage may differ there. However, I’d most definitely recommend establishing a backup alarm for the first night simply until you’re sure that Amazfit is loud enough.

Battery life

I discovered that I got approximately two days of life with the heart rate monitoring set to the continuous mode setting in my screening. With that off, I had the ability to get closer to six days, which is rather great.

Battery life of Xiaomi Mi Band

Again, while not without a few problems, using the look for an extensive amount of time affirmed what I currently believe – this is an excellent device for the price.

Should You Get the Amazfit Pace?

So after this Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Review, we’ve come to the main question: should you spend your hard-earned money on the Amazfit Speed? If you get on a spending plan and are not looking to drop upwards of $400 on another identifiable brand name, you need to purchase the Pace. It has all the functions you could anticipate from a smartwatch with a little price. Not only that, however, it looks good and fits.

It has got nearly the same performance as a premium smartwatch, all for a price of around $120.

If you are significant concerning physical fitness tasks and such, obtaining one of these will aid you in keeping track and improve your sessions.


  • Excellent battery life.
  • Always-on screen.
  • Precise action tracker.
  • Looks excellent.
  • Great value for cash.


  • Poor display high quality.
  • The application has restricted functionality.
  • Non-intuitive UI.

Where to Buy: AliExpress, Gearbest, Amazon

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