Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Review: The Best Affordable Fitness Smartwatch

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Ever tried sprinting with a sundial on your wrist? Neither have we. Enter the sports watch Xiaomi Amazfit Pace. This review will investigate whether this gadget is the Usain Bolt of sports watches or just another runner in the park. Spoiler alert: It might just redefine your fitness game. 🏃‍♂️💨

Are you curious about its battery life, tracking accuracy, and whether it can withstand a surprise rain shower during your marathon training? Stick around, and we’ll spill the beans. Because, let’s face it, no one wants a watch that throws in the towel before they do. Ready, set, read.

Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch with Alexa Built-In for Men Women, GPS Fitness Tracker with 60+ Sport Modes, Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, 5 ATM Water Resistant, for iPhone Android(Black)


User reviews

Great value with very flexible features, works for ADHD Reminders maybe even Kiddo Potty Training. Overall I am really happy with the purchase. I wanted a simple and affordable watch, that looked professional and that also allowed me to help manage my ADHD focus using "interval timers." There are very specific (and expensive) watches that target ADHD users out there (usually kiddos), but I wanted something that looked and felt more traditional (and adult), in addition to having more robust "Smart Watch" features, and this one fits the bill for me!Pros---------------------------------------------------------------------- Small watch face: fits my wrist well and does not feel bulky- 20mm quick-release strap makes changing straps easy- Can customize the watch face background with my photos (yay for cute puppies!)- Has a screen lock feature: could be useful for children, or those who might accidentally bump the screen- Zepp App: GREAT features and you can customize almost everything. A little confusing to find where all the settings are, but if you are patient, you can find everything you need. Some of the settings reside ONLY on the watch itself, so don't forget they are there (all watch illumination settings for example are there, screen lock, changing the order of the SWIPE apps, etc). Access these settings by clicking the single button to load the App List, and scrolling to Settings.- You can schedule when you want the face of the watch to brighten on "lift", so you can wear it at night easily without the light coming on. You can set the hours during which you want this feature on/off. Similarly, you can also schedule when you want the screen to brighten in response to a notification. Again, very thoughtful features and designs.- You can customize the Vibration Pattern for different types of alerts, which is awesome! You can also adjust the strength of the vibration (low/med/high) (for the whole watch, not per notification). So if you want it to be almost silent, you can choose the low option.- You can customize the order of the SWIPE apps on the watch, and exclude some completely (for example removing Alexa) Change this on the watch settings itself.- Battery seems solid so far and full charging only took about 20 mins. I have only used it for 1 full day, so I'll update if the battery seems lacking in the long run.- Automatic Heart Rate Monitoring & HR Features: Will take HR throughout the day based on intervals of 1m to 30m intervals or you can set it to manual only. Also has a heart rate alert feature, which will alert you to a heart rate over a threshold (110 BPM - 150 BPM at 10BPM increments), or you can turn this off. Finally, when the watch detects that you're working out, it can also automatically increase the rate at which is samples HR, to give you a faster set of readings. I haven't tried that yet but seems very thoughtful.- Has a Pomodoro Timer App: however, this will stay in the foreground while you're using it- Using the To-Do List feature, notifications stay on the screen and "stack." You can customize what the message says, however only UNICODE characters render (not emojis). You need to snooze, complete, or ignore them to clear. I like this b/c I can't just blow through a notification without taking a break to do something about it. On the Zepp app side, it will show you any tasks you ignored in red, which may also be useful for some folks. You can see your whole list of tasks on the watch, and mark them complete before they pop up, but you can only add new tasks using the app.- Has a Find my Device feature for both your Phone and the Watch. The Watch doesn't produce any sound, but you can force it to vibrate using the Zepp app on your device.- Has other useful apps: Compass, countdown timer with pre-set intervals, stopwatch, world clock, remote picture taking, menstruation cycle tracking, and additional apps to add manual information you may also be collecting into the Zepp App: like body temperature, blood pressure/blood sugar, etc.Cons (very small list)---------------------------------------------------------------------- Maximum of 10 unique alarms allowed in the Alarms App (note, the To-Do List app does not appear to have this limitation and can function like a daily repeating alarm).- Getting notifications to work was difficult I believe because of translation issues in instructions. Clearer instructions would be helpful, but I did ultimately figure it out. The added support link that provides help for notifications in the Zepp app did not have an accurate description of the app's settings I need to enable. This is my first smartwatch, however, so perhaps other users would already know of this requirement and not struggle as I did.- The music controller app does not appear to work with my podcast app of choice: Overcast. Not a huge deal, and may not be Zepp's issue. It can't play/pause, but the volume adjustment works. Does work fully as expected in other music/podcast apps.Nice to haves---------------------------------------------------------------------- Please add a real "interval timer" feature! I want a feature that lets me set a repeating timer for a specific interval, like 15 mins, which will go off, without user intervention, and keep going off at each interval during a set schedule (for example between 8 am and 6 pm). As mentioned below, you CAN achieve this in multiple ways, but it takes more setup than I would want. But still very happy that I can make it work.Tips/Tricks/Hard To Find Features---------------------------------------------------------------------- iOS Notifications Troubleshooting: In my experience, for notifications to function properly on my iPhone, I needed to ensure that my iOS setting for the watch itself had "Share System Notifications" on (Bluetooth--> (i) button --> toggle to on), which was easy to find, and not the root of my issues. Ultimately the notifications would not display on the phone because I had (Settings --> Notifications --> Show Previews) set to off, this HAS to be set to "When Unlocked" or "Always" to show up on the Watch. Once I figured this out, everything started working as expected. I don't love this, because I don't like the contents of my messages being visible on the phone, but when it's locked this is not an issue, and I just changed the App-specific Notification Settings to not display Phone Banners.- Watch Face Features: If you long press your watch face on the device you are given the option to switch faces (which you can also do in the app) however, on the device, depending on the face, you can customize the widgets shown (steps/HR/etc).- Using To-Do List as Interval Timer for ADHD or even Kiddo Potty Training: Since there is no feature (that I can find) that lets you set one reminder "to go off every 15/30/60 mins." You CAN enter manually a task at every interval you want in the Zepp App, then on the item, there is an option to have it repeated every day, just on weekdays, or something custom. Simply hit the + ADD button at the bottom. Type what you want the reminder to say in the box (UNICODE only), then hit the calendar/date button, I set the time I want it to go off, hit OK, and then there is an option for "Repeat" at the bottom of the task, Once will have it only go off once, on the day and time you selected, but the option "every day" will turn this one item into a repeating reminder. Other options include week/month/year and custom for specific days, like Wednesdays, for example. This is super tedious to set up, especially if you're doing 15 min intervals, but luckily you only need to set it up once, and I have found all the other features of this watch make it worth it (for me). NOTE: Another option might be using a different app on your phone and forwarding the notifications to the watch, which may require much less tedium. Initially, my notifications were not working, so I didn't go this route, and I like the idea that the watch will still remind me if the phone is not nearby (which would be relevant for a Kid at school). However, if you're someone who always has their phone in their pocket, I imagine this could be an option as well.
Good watch....affordable price. My Fossil 5 Generation Smartwatch started giving charging problems so I decided to get a new smartwatch.After doing some research online I decided to get the Amazfit Bip U Pro……… This Amazfit Bip U Pro. has a very sleek design with a minimal and lightweight feel, weighing only 31 grams, plus a large and bright screen for the price.The face of the watch measures 3.63cm and is rectangular in form. The screen doesn’t take up the whole face, there is a bezel around the whole edge of the watch.The whole body is made up of polycarbonate and is built well and the display is protected with curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for additional protection.This watch shines when it comes to fitness and health-related features with the inclusion of heart rate, SpO2, sleep, breathing tracking and much more. It comes with a host of workout modes, including running, swimming, cycling, elliptical training and walking.You can navigate the watch by either using the button on the right-hand side or by swiping through it on the touchscreen.Setting up the Amazfit Bip U Pro is a snap. After removing it from the box turn on the watch, and the face displays a QR. Capture with your phone’s camera. The Zepp app automatically began downloading and then sync with your phone and watch via Bluetooth it takes less than 10 minutes.I particularly like the following features:1. Notification of incoming calls, text messages, apps, calendars, alarm clock, weather forecasts, and2. Support controlling the music and camera of your smartphone.3. The heart rate monitoring feature appears to be accurate.4. The fact that it is water-resistant up to 50 metres,5. It has s a PedometerThis budget smartwatch also comes with several great features including built-in GPS for outdoor tracking and a voice assistant with Amazon Alexa integration. In fact, it’s one of few budget watches to have GPS.So far, this watch has lived up to my expectations so far, I have no regrets about purchasing this Amazfit Bip U ProIf you’re looking for an affordable fitness tracker with a good battery at an affordable price, then the Amazfit Bip U Pro is the one for you.
Perfect Starter Smartwatch. This watch is almost a 5star! I’ve had mine for just over a year and I have become one with it. I wanted to see how I would get along with a smartwatch but did not want to spend too much. I decided on this one, great price point and it looks and performs great. I love the features, my favorite and most used being: pomodoro tracker, alarm, stopwatch, cycle tracker and find my phone. I also like how you can set the times where movement will activate your screen so the screen won’t bother you during bedtime and early mornings. What keeps this watch from being a 5 star is its connection issues. It doesn’t stay connected to its operating app which then limits features like weather and find my phone. I don’t like getting notifications on my watch but this one loses the connection to your phone to be able to consistently do so. The Alexa feature (which was a selling feature for me) is a limited 50/50 hit or miss. Other than that, the watch has a spectacular battery life and is so light and comfortable to wear. I had fun with nice bands and definitely miss it if I’m not wearing it for whatever rare reason. I’ve upgraded to an Apple Watch only because of the connectivity issues (and great deal) and actually prefer the smaller knob on this one. This watch looks great, I would recommend for small wrists. The design looks very similar to that of an Apple Watch. I’m going to keep mine around as a backup. It’s a near perfect starter smartwatch
So durable and easy to use. This watch gets beaten up daily, dunked in water at least 30x a day, I've accidently worn it while acid washing 2 Pools, chlorine washing a pool etc etc. The features are really nice and compared to most at the time I bought it (2.5 yesrs ago), the battery lasts pretty long, even with heavy usage. I love it and have even considered buying another from same company even though this one is still goin strong!
I am impressed by this watch. Which satisfies my needs of heart rate monitoring interval down to 5 minutes and sleep monitoring etc. The watch face display is great and rich of choices. App on mobile phone works well. Detailed explanations of all definitions, concepts are helpful. I have not used many of the functions it provides, e.g. sports settings, msgs, warnings etc. so I cannot make comments on them. The charging is easy and battery life is good even with my intensive sampling intervals. What are not clear to me are how I can get my blood pressure, blood oxigen, ECG etc. measurements. Do I get them manually? There are no instructions provided. I especially like the side button on the watch which gives me sure access and display for frequent needed data right away. Other watches always leave me frustration when I need to see the time, or the current heart rate, or battery remaining %. This button is a sure, instant access which I like very much. This time I have a good choice of the make and type of smart watch monitor after 3 others used in the past year.
relógio com várias funções, preço ok e mega prático
Es un buen reloj para el buen precio por el que se maneja, buenas funciones, aunque estaría bien que pudiera almacenar música y el sensor SpO2 pudiera ser más preciso, Alexa no funciona, siempre marca un error de red, pero fuera de eso el GPS es muy preciso y la aplicación ZEPP es muy fácil de usar y muy precisa, buen tamaño y la pantalla clara sin ser Amoled
1) GPS feature is why you buy this watch. No need to link with phone. Accurate gps tracking. Sometimes, gps signal gets lost but overall no complaint. Only suggestion is that requires a little personalization. If the user could personalize the after report, it would be great.2) spo2 stress are ok but not accurate so it's a flip. Bp monitor is good. All day tracking is there.3) battery - if Full function used, then maybe 4-5 days but if used normally then 6-7 days and sometimes 8-9 days. So battery depends on how one uses. I feel that initial stage when you buy and set all functions on,then 4-5days later 6-7 day's.4) Todo function is shown in the zepp app but not available in watch.5) 1 flip side, not much watch'faces, though ok if you are not that choosy. But need wider range.6)Alexa is basic, so not worth discussing.7) One suggestion, could have added a calendar, it would have been very helpful.8) lots of small apps in-built, saves going to the phone. Big Plus.Overall,. A very good performance. Worth the 💸 money paid.
GPS is good. Daily use with long battery life as declared

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Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer, is producing excellent, innovative products worldwide. Smartwatches are becoming preferred, and they currently sport several of the significant features we obtain through our smart devices. The style of the Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Smartwatch is so attractive that anybody would love this gadget. Here is an in-depth evaluation of the capabilities of this smartwatch. This smartwatch, launched in 2014, is the first smartwatch with an international 28nm GPS sensor. This fitness-focused smartwatch takes pride in countless features and capabilities. Despite being over a year old, it is still at the same level and even better than many recently launched wearables.

Key Takeaways

  • The Xiaomi Amazfit Pace sports watch offers a range of features for fitness enthusiasts.
  • With a built-in GPS and heart rate monitor, it accurately tracks your workouts and provides real-time data.
  • The watch is stylish and comfortable, making it suitable for everyday use.
  • It has a long battery life, lasting up to five days on a single charge.
  • The Amazfit Pace also offers smart notifications and music control, adding convenience to your daily routine.

Xiaomi Amazfit: Specifications

  • Present: 1.34-inch display
  • Cpu: 2GHz dual-core CPU
  • Battery: 200 mAh
  • Storage Space: 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM
  • Connection: GPS, Glonass, Bluetooth
  • Sensing units: PPG sensor for heartbeat monitor

First Impressions

The Xiaomi Amazfit Pace makes a solid first impression with proper packaging and a watch face that does not stand out excessively. It’s ideal for somebody who desires the attributes of a smartwatch with the rectangular face we tend to see on many models.

Every little thing you need to use the gadget is in the box. First, it contains the watch itself with the sports band attached. There’s also the micro USB wire and the dock for connecting the watch to the charger. There’s no power block included, so you’ll be required to utilize an existing one or free from your computer.

Combining the watch with a phone is incredibly simple. For screening, I used my iPhone 7S And also. Even though it’s an Android-based OS device (not Android Put on), it interfaces with my phone fairly well. The watch will lead you through the procedure, scanning a QR code to connect the phone and the watch.

Amazfit Pace Layout

Xiaomi selected a rounded watch face, which is bold when many other looks out there are square or rectangle-shaped. It’s a good appearance, though.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Review

Most people I revealed the watch to did not realize I was wearing a smartwatch. If you want everyone to see your Apple Watch or another more in-your-face tool and immediately understand what you’re wearing, this may not be for you. If you want a comparable function set with a low-key style, you must consider it.

The Pace comes with an adjustable silicone selection band. I found it rather comfy, and the flexible nature implies it’ll fit just about any sized wrist.

As for colors, the watch itself is primarily black, and the band is black with orange accents. It’s fairly nice looking, but some users may find the orange a little more intense for their preferences. Luckily, it has a standard 22mm strap, so you can change it with one more band.


There’s just one physical button on the Amazfit, and it’s utilized for power and waking it up from rest. You can enable an option to wake the gadget by double-tapping the touch screen. This will make it so you nearly never need to utilize the small button.

The watch face is 1.34 inches (3.4 centimeters), making it huge and adequate to read easily, but it is a little fair to let it keep that even more traditional watch design. The resolution is 320 x 300, so the text and the user interface appear sharp enough.

The Pace features a transflective screen. You can freely utilize it in the sun without stressing over the glow. This is undoubtedly valuable for a watch designed to be used while running.

On the back of the watch, you’ll locate both green lights that function as the heart rate display and four gold calls for docking and billing the watch.

Overall, the Amazfit Pace is an excellent-looking device from a layout point of view. Big enough watch-face to look all-natural on larger wrists, but not so big as to subdue a smaller-sized one.


Allow us to explore the component that makes it wise – the characteristics. For a watch in this price array, it does a fair bit more than you’d expect. Its feature set includes a heart price display, step tracker, sleep monitoring, song control, phone notices, and more.

A heart rate display highlights you don’t usually see from more affordable smartwatches and physical fitness trackers. The reality is that keeping track of heart rate with a wrist-based device is notoriously challenging and must not be trusted for precise analyses. However, it still gives you a family member’s suggestion of your heart price contrasted to what it would typically be.

In my testing, it constantly revealed a lower heart price while resting. My resting rate often tended to fall between 65 and 75. While playing hockey, my heart rate was regularly over 100, which is where it must be.

In a much more nuanced examination, I took my heart price right as a trip was removed, as well as it checked out in the high 80s. This makes sense, as I get a little stressed about flying.


One of my favorite features is the capability to control songs and podcasts from the watch. The feature worked flawlessly with an Apple iPhone on an Android-based watch. It’s an excellent relief not to pull your phone out of your pocket to alter songs, stop the music, or readjust the quantity.

Nevertheless, I’m compelled to doubt the general accuracy of sleep monitoring. It did monitor the time I went to rest and the moment I stood upright, but the data in the center seemed suspicious. At least two evenings, I awakened to use the toilet in the middle of the evening. However, the data the following day said I spent no minutes awake. Not only was I awake, but I strolled 20 feet and back to get to my restroom.

The other significant functions function well. The step tracker was exactly concerning just how much I walk each day.

If you perform a desk job, you might like the feature that informs you when sitting long. I often tend to get lost working. The next point is that I recognize 4 hours have passed. With this, I obtain a little vibration, allowing me to recognize I ought to stretch my legs. And also, if that sounds bothersome to you, do not worry. You can transform it off!

There are 21 different watch faces to pick from, many of which are entirely different. You’ll find some minimalist layouts with just the moment, as well as many more great faces that tell you your recent heart price, steps, battery level, and lots of even more info. Many of the faces can be found in various shades so that you can fine-tune the watch’s appearance.

You can get alerts of text messages, telephone calls, and various other applications. Nonetheless, you can not engage with them. That suggests you can’t react to any text you could get. Not that I would certainly intend to text from a tiny watch face consistently, but it would be good to have a quick option to let somebody recognize that I get on my method or leave a simple “alright.”.


This smartwatch leans more on the physical fitness tracking side than the watch side of things. As such, we are required to dig in and look at the fitness monitoring features by themselves.

To access the health and fitness menu, swipe left from the major watch face and pick the activity. Now, the activities are mainly about running and biking, so if you’re doing something not on the checklist, you’ll need to pick the closest thing (for hockey, I chose elliptical, as it looked like the closest).

You’ll get constant heart rate tracking and many data points when you start an activity. Turning the GPS on, you can see the distance run, calories burned, time, and more.

When you open up the Amazfit application on your phone, you can sync data from your workouts and better understand exactly how you did it.

Standard exercise plans will remind you when to venture out and even work out. This is an excellent feature for anyone who needs a little direction and a pointer that it’s time to reach work.

I am more than happy with the health and fitness monitoring features, yet I wish it had extra activities. Still, that’s something you can most definitely function about, especially considering how much extra you’ll conserve by choosing this gadget over something like an Apple Watch, Fitbit Ionic, or Garmin.

Daily Usage

Now that we’ve spoken about what the watch can do, we must look at what it’s like to deal with the Amazfit Pace daily.

While not the best, I’m reasonably happy with the watch. Using the watch for two weeks, aside from a pair of small complaints, it did explicitly what I wanted it to do.

After putting on the watch (consisting of rest), I must say it is very comfortable. Not only that, however, it looks quite stylish no matter the setting. It’s likewise very light, so I neglected it. It was also there a lot of the time.

As pointed out in the past, I’m not so sure just how accurate sleep monitoring is. However, it’s still nice to get a basic suggestion of the number of hours I rested the night before.

Mentioning resting, I’m a little deep sleeper, so the alarm was insufficient to wake me up. I needed a loud siren to draw myself up, and a light resonance on the wrist just didn’t cut it for me. Your gas mileage may differ there. However, I’d recommend establishing a backup alarm for the first night until you’re sure Amazfit is loud enough.

Battery life

I discovered that I got approximately two days of life with the heart rate monitoring set to the continuous mode setting in my screening. With that off, I could get closer to six days, which is great.

Battery life of Xiaomi Mi Band

Again, while not without a few problems, using the look for an extensive amount of time affirmed what I believe – this is an excellent device for the price.


1. Is Xiaomi Amazfit Pace a good sports watch? The Xiaomi Amazfit Pace is a great sports watch with advanced features and accurate tracking.

2. How long does the battery last on Xiaomi Amazfit Pace? The battery of Xiaomi Amazfit Pace lasts up to 5 days on a single charge.

3. Can I track my heart rate with Xiaomi Amazfit Pace? Yes, Xiaomi Amazfit Pace has an integrated heart rate monitor for accurate heart rate tracking.

4. Is Xiaomi Amazfit Pace compatible with iOS devices? Yes, Xiaomi Amazfit Pace is compatible with iOS devices for seamless integration.

5. Can I receive notifications on Xiaomi Amazfit Pace? Yes, Xiaomi Amazfit Pace allows you to receive notifications from your smartphone.

Should You Get the Amazfit Pace?

In a world where sports watches claim to do it all, the Xiaomi Amazfit Pace stands out as a true contender. This review has deeply investigated its features, performance, and overall value. This sports watch has everything from tracking your runs and monitoring your heart rate to keeping you connected with notifications on your wrist.

But beyond the technical specifications, its personality sets the Xiaomi Amazfit Pace apart. It’s like having a witty and helpful workout buddy on your wrist. Whether it’s cracking a joke to keep you motivated or sharing interesting anecdotes about your progress, this watch knows how to keep things entertaining.

So, if you’re tired of boring fitness trackers that lack personality, the Xiaomi Amazfit Pace is here to save the day. Its sleek design, impressive features, and engaging charm make it the perfect companion for your fitness journey.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of the Xiaomi Amazfit Pace. Grab yours today and take your workouts to the next level. Your wrist will thank you!

The predecessor of Xiaomi Amazfit Pace is the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip.

Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch Fitness Tracker for Men, 60+ Sports Modes, 9-Day Battery Life, Blood Oxygen Breathing Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, 5 ATM Water Resistant, for iPhone Android Phone (Green)


User reviews

great smart watch. It is lightweight, comfortable, the battery lasts a long time, the zepp app is great, and the watch faces are plentiful and easy to find for free (Amazfaces). I have owned a Galaxy watch and a Fitbit and I have friends with the Apple watch. I would take this watch over any of those!
reliable. my wife wanted this, it is a budget one, but far better than we had imagined, plenty of functions, seems accurate step count wise, has a good sleep app on it, and the battery last for nearly a week, happy days!, a good purchase i am told
Battery life is even better than expected. I've been really pleased with the battery life on this smart watch. Most smart watches in this price range seem to have a battery life of 3-7 days. That's a complete deal breaker for me.So far my Amazfit BIP 3 Pro lasts as much as 20 days per charge - 5 or 6 days longer than the 14 days per charge that was advertised. And recharging it (even when it is nearly dead) only takes about an hour to an hour and a half. I am VERY pleased with that aspect of its performance. Hopefully that doesn't change or degrade over time, because it is the number one thing I like most about this smart watch.The other good things are that the step counting function seems to be pretty accurate when compared to my phone. The Zepp app synchronization with my Android phone seems to work pretty well also. The blood O2 saturation and heart rate functions also seem to work well and be pretty accurate.Unfortunately the sleep monitoring function doesn't seem very accurate at all. It consistently under-reports my hours of sleep, and it shows basically none of my sleep time as deep (REM) sleep.The "stress" monitoring function seems a bit hit-or-miss.The Zepp app needs a little work too, as it seems to randomly disconnect from the watch and sometimes reconnecting only requires toggling my phone's bluetooth off and back on to resolve the problem, but at other times it seems that the only thing that will get it to reconnect is to a completely restart my phone. That can be pretty frustrating.All in all, for the price, I feel like this watch is a decent value. Time will tell whether I continue to feel that way over the long-term.
Works with Google Fit. I had a fitness tracker watch before this one (GRV with InxFit app). I didn't like the proprietary app that came with the first watch so I decided to look for a second one. Being able to work with Google Fit was very important to me because I like to see all my fitness data in one place. This watch syncs very easily with Google Fit and the Zepp app is pretty good on its own, too. The app shows you your walking/running/cycling route as long as you take your phone with you (and record the workout when you begin). Shows you all the fitness data points you'd expect from a watch, including something called PAI. I'm very happy with this watch, it looks very nice and works well. You will probably have to pay $1 or $2 for a nice watch face if you want the kind that has all your fitness info right on it but other than that I recommend the watch to most general users.I will also say that if you don't have a fitness tracker and are looking to get your first one, this is a very good start for a reasonable entry price. Having a fitness tracker watch really does incentivize you to move more, get healthier and I highly recommend it. Even if you don't get THIS watch, get A watch.
Fitness tracking unreliable. The advantages of this watch are that it is affordable, good-looking and lightweight with long battery life, short charging times, and a nice user interface.However, I upgraded to this watch from an earlier Amazfit band specifically for better tracking runs, other fitness activities, and sleep. Across the board, the sensors seem flawed or limited. A few examples:- For runs, the distance clocked on the watch are literally miles off. If I run 4 miles, it will say 2.5 miles.- For sleep, the watch does not seem to be able to distinguish from time spent reading vs. when I’m actually asleep, causing it to consistently overestimate my sleeping time and quality.- For walking, it doesn’t seem to count any steps if I’m moving about with something in my hand, whereas it seems to think I’m walking (and counts “steps”) if I’m folding laundry or something.
Great all round watch. I’ve had this watch a month so far and it’s great. It’s lightweight, battery power lasts forever, it has everything in the watch like the more expensive ones. They also have changeable straps.
Great watch and tracker. This Amazfit brand is great. I was a true Fitbit fan, but after having to replace them almost every year, I decided to try something new. I won't be going back. The app interface is top notch with so many amazing features.I would recommend this watch. It is a great watch for a great price
Decent Fitness Watch. My Pros - Not weighty, good features, steps are pretty accurateMy cons1. The watch does not know when I am standing or moving even though it is tracking steps. I can go upstairs and back and it will message me to stand and be active2. App asked me to try things with no way to say no, so when I ignore it just asks again a few days later3. Band is too small for my wrist. Band size is not on the box or booklet, had to come back to the web page and hunt for it
Buen precio y buenas funciones
I finally bit the bullet to get a fitness tracker watch and the Amazfit Bip 3 fit the bill for my needs (i.e. I need a relatively inexpensive and long-lasting tracker/watch.Without sleep tracking, I'm able to get a good 3 weeks of life before needing a recharge and the step tracker is accurate enough for my needs. The long life was the main selling point for me and I have no regrets on the purchase.That said, I do highly recommend a screen protector as I already got a scratch within the first month of use.
Entrega o que promete e pro meu uso é mais do que suficiente. O app é razoavelmente detalhado e também é útil. Os dados podem não ter precisão total mas aparentemente dá pra ir regulando isso aos poucos ao confirmar ou corrigir a distância percorrida, por exemplo, ao final do exercício. GPS funciona legal e dá pra monitorar bem o básico, com alerta de vibração a cada km, por exemplo, ou para indicar faixas de frequência cardíaca. Satisfeito com a compra.
Buen reloj, no fui muy fan del color pero el equipo está muy bien.
Nice Watch. Price/Quality ratio is high. Use it to track my daily run and activities. The app makes it also easy to navigateur data

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  • GPS and GLONASS for a low price: The watch offers both GPS and GLONASS tracking capabilities at an affordable price point.
  • Accurate distance: The distance tracking during activities like running is accurate.
  • Decent battery life: The battery life is commendable, lasting around four days with standard use, including about an hour of GPS tracking.


  • OS lacks refinement: The watch’s operating system feels less polished than other smartwatches.
  • Poor display and backlight: The display quality is not up to the mark, appearing washed out with a blueish tint. The backlight also doesn’t adjust well to different lighting conditions.
  • Fiddly wake-up button: The watch requires pressing a specific button to wake up the screen before using the touchscreen, which can be inconvenient.

Overall, the Amazfit Pace is a budget-friendly GPS running watch that covers the basics. While it has some shortcomings, it offers decent value for its price. If you’re looking for a GPS running watch without breaking the bank, the Amazfit Pace might be a consideration. However, other options in the market might offer a more refined experience for a slightly higher budget.