Check out the best running shoes of 2021

Our pick for the best running shoes of 2021 are ones that are stylish, comfortable, supportive and using the new technologies for all your needs.

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The best running shoes of 2021

The best running shoes of 2021 will have something very unusual. This is all about the new technology in the best running shoes for men that will transform your sneakers into powerful fitness tools.

In today’s monster business, we’re talking about technology-enabled fitness tracking (fitness band). The software that gives you instant feedback on your physical performance (daily tracking info from smartwatch). Superior materials (higher quality upper), active support system (better durability), and wireless connectivity to a smartphone (effortless connection). Getting a new pair of running shoes is no longer just about that patented rubber sole. It’s a multi-faceted experience that gives you insights and insights into your body.

No one knows when technology will change the way we run. But these days, every runner wants to stay active, push themselves to the limit and use technology to their advantage. That’s why we will show you the new technology in the best running shoes of 2021 that will help you push yourself further. In the coming days, we will release a blog post that will let you know about these new technologies, how they will make your pre-existing shoes better. How they will help you improve your gait, and how they will benefit athletes and non-athletes alike. 

Characteristics of running shoes

Comfortable shoe

If you want to support the foot, find a comfortable shoe.

The most important thing is that your feet are comfortable and stable when they run. If you feel pain or discomfort while wearing them, then there’s probably an issue somewhere else.

Comfort is key! You can’t be too careful if you don’t want to get injured.

You need to choose a shoe based on comfort first. Then look at other factors such as stability, fit, etc.

In general, the most comfortable shoes give your toes some room to spread, have cushioning that supports your foot shape, and have some flex in the upper so it moves with your foot.

Stability shoe

A good shoe should provide enough support without being overly rigid. They shouldn’t hurt your knees or ankles.


Your shoe size may not match up perfectly with what fits your foot well. So try different sizes until you find the right fit.

Cushioned shoe

Cushions absorb shock and reduce impact forces. Some people like thick cushioned soles because they offer more protection against injury. Others prefer thin cushioned soles because it allows greater flexibility and freedom of movement.


Shoes must allow your foot to move naturally during exercise. For example, runners who wear high heels often complain of knee problems.

Durable material

Running shoes made of leather or synthetic materials tend to last much longer than those made of canvas or mesh. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually tear down over time.

The best solution for durable shoes is to buy several pairs and rotate through them regularly.


Traction refers to the ability of a shoe to grip the ground. This helps prevent slipping and falling. Traction also improves performance by reducing energy loss due to friction between the shoe and the surface. There are two types of traction:

Static traction provides firm contact with the ground. The main purpose of static traction is to keep your foot from sliding forward or backward.

Dynamic traction uses springs inside the shoe to create tension. When the spring is compressed, it creates resistance which increases the force needed to pull off the shoe.

Some shoes feature both kinds of traction.

Adidas Ultra Boost 21

The Adidas ultra boost is the most iconic running shoe. The Adidas ultra boost 21 features a stretch knit upper for optimal fit and breathability. Comes with a molded heel counter for support and stability and signature ultra boost technology for comfort at every step. 


It has been designed using three layers of technology. It includes Flyknit 3D fabric, TORSION® SYSTEM™, and Dynamic Fit collar. These three layers work together to deliver maximum breathable airflow and superior moisture management.

Adidas Running Shoes for Men
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Flyknit 3D Fabric

It is used to make the upper part of the shoe. Its unique structure makes sure that it will never stretch nor break even after long hours of use.

Torsion System

Its sole unit consists of four torsion bars. Each bar is connected to the midsole via a rubber band. As soon as the runner lands on his/her forefoot, these bands tighten around the heel area. This prevents excessive motion of the ankle joint.

Dynamic Fit Collar

It works in conjunction with the Torsion system. It keeps the sock-like liner snugly fitted to the wearer’s feet. This ensures proper alignment of the foot bones while providing comfort and stability at the same time.


It weighs only 8 ounces. That means that it can be easily carried anywhere. You don’t need any extra equipment when carrying it.


It lasts up to 300 miles per month. If you run 10K every week, then you should have enough mileage to get one year warranty period. 

Hoka One One Rocket X

This pair of Hoka One One Rocket X Running Shoes is designed specifically for runners who want to feel lightness and speed during their runs. These shoes feature a unique combination of technologies which make them ideal for long-distance training or racing. 


This model has been made in order to provide maximum protection against sharp objects such as stones and branches. Its soleplate is covered with rubber spikes which will help prevent injuries caused by slipping on wet surfaces. 


The Hoka One One Rocket x Running Shoe comes equipped with a number of different features including a padded tongue and collar, reinforced side panels, and a durable outer shell. In addition, these shoes also come with a removable sock liner that can easily be replaced if necessary. 


With its soft leather uppers and cushioned foam insoles, this pair of Hoka OneOne RocketX Running Shoes provides excellent shock absorption while allowing your feet to breathe properly throughout your entire workout session. 

Lightweight – At only 8 ounces per pair, these shoes weigh less than half of other models available in the market today. Therefore, they won’t cause any unnecessary strain on your legs when performing intense workouts. 

Durability – Thanks to the use of premium materials like nylon and polyester, these shoes are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. As a result, they can last up to several years without requiring replacement. 


If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of running shoes that offer great comfort and durability, then check out the Hoka One One RocketX Running Shoes. Rocket Runners are designed specifically for trail running. They offer exceptional traction thanks to their sticky Vibram® soles. You can count on them to keep you safe when tackling challenging terrain.

Asics Gel Nimbus 23

The Asics Gel Nimbus 23 delivers a smooth ride with ample cushioning and a full-length Ride Steady technology for stability. 

The Gel-Nimbus 23 running shoe is designed for the neutral runner looking for a cushioned ride to keep the foot comfortable with each step. Asics’ leading technologies also help stabilize and control the foot through the midsole and outsole, to reduce stress on joints and tendons. It’s excellent stability running shoe.

Experience the thrill of running, no matter where you are! Our GEL-Nimbus® 23 running shoe has a smooth ride thanks to a high-quality cushy midsole made with ASICS’ signature Propulsion Trusstic System and Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System. 

The new ASICS GEL-Nimbus® 23 running shoe, featuring a fresh new look. It is the go-to shoe for neutral runners who want to cushion but not sacrifice speed or performance. This running shoe features a stiffer chassis with a remolded midsole. 

The NIMBUS 23 incorporates Asics signature technologies. It includes FluidRide to enhance cushioning, Guidance Line for minor wear, and more stability. Uses also Guidance Trusstic System to eliminate the need for midsole inserts. Finally, FlyteFoam provides lightweight propulsion from heel to toe. The upper construction has a more tailored fit than the previous Nimbus versions to provide a supportive and secure fit. 

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The Gel-Nimbus 23 running shoe features an array of new technologies that provide the best ride possible for intensive overpronators. The new FluidRide midsole material ensures that runners have a comfortable and supportive ride. The strong rearfoot and forefoot GEL® Cushioning Systems ensure impact absorption. 

Saucony Guide 14

The Guide 14 is built for the girl with an active lifestyle, that wants to take on various terrains. The updated midsole offers a smooth and seamless ride. For added comfort, Saucony added Dynamic Support and Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technologies which create a foot-hugging fit and provide responsive cushioning that helps reduce fatigue on long runs. It not only provides full feet protection but comfort as well! 

The Guide 14 is our cushioned running shoe for the mileage maven. It delivers excellent comfort and support on the road or rails-to-trails paths with its Fresh midsole Foam and a newly updated OmniJoint™. This shoe features 0mm of Cush+ underfoot with a smooth and flexible Polyurethane outsole. This is wrapped in a technical running style at home on dirt and gravel trails on the city streets. 

The Guide 14 is a lightweight trail running shoe with optimal torsional rigidity and rock plate protection, perfect for challenging terrain and monolithic mountains. Guide 14 provides the best balance of responsiveness and cushioning on either trail or road runners. 

Saucony Guide 14: Go-anywhere, Do-anything Training Shoe

Our Guide 14 is your new go-anywhere, do-anything training shoe. Featuring various technologies in a lightweight package offers the stability and cushioning for any distance run, along with a plush ride and easy on/easy off. 

This classic running shoe provides a great combination of lightweight and cushioning. The Guide 14 is built for neutral runners who prefer under-pronation control and a softer, more flexible ride. 

The Guide 14 was created to satisfy runners seeking a lightweight, beaded-up running shoe ideal for training on roads and trails. 

Whether you’re running a 5K or Tough Mudder, Guide 14 has what you need to crush your goals. A flexible, adaptive cushioning system helps shock absorption from repetitive impact and ensures comfort mile after mile. You’ll love the lightweight, breathable mesh upper that allows heat to escape. Stride confidently with a rugged outsole that grips the road and adapts to any surface. 

Brooks Levitate 4

The Brooks Levitate 4 is a high-performance running shoe that takes you through every step in your run: stability, support, and comfort. The midsole is a Full-length BioMoGo DNA Propulsion unit, which provides a soft cushioning ride. Dynamotion Fit™ adapts to the anatomy of your foot. 

The Brooks Levitate 4 is a supportive, neutral running shoe for runners with a normal to high arch. The latest edition of the Levitate series provides an optimal blend of foot support and cushioning. 

The Brooks Levitate 4 is a zero-drop running shoe with an engineered midsole, cushioning platform, and the new Liveliness Foam. This stability shoe is perfect for running outdoors in hilly terrain or on rougher terrain such as gravel roads, outdoor tracks, or trails. 

Brooks Levitate 4: Push the Limits of Speed

Flat-out fast. Designed to push the limits of speed, the lightweight and responsive Brooks Levitate 4 puts a world of terrain at your feet. Its high-performance features and innovative design make it faster with every stride. 

Sleek, stylish, and swift, the Levitate 4 is ideal for runners who want to maintain an efficient stride. Packed with Brooks’ innovative technology, you get a shoe that’s light and fast yet cushioned and supportive. The foot-hugging sneaker style upper provides a secure fit while offering ample airflow through the mesh and sculpted overlays. There are also convenient features such as overlays made from recycled yogurt cups and reflective sidewall details so you can run in confidence even when visibility is low. 

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Lightweight, responsive, and with the unrivaled fit of Brooks’ BioMoGo DNA cushioning, the Levitate 4 is the ultimate daily trainer. Our Select Outsole pods offer additional durability, while treads provide grip and traction. 

Lightweight and breathable, the Levitate 4 will help you run stronger and faster than ever with its midfoot strike zone and responsive cushioning. 

Nike Zoom X Invincible Run

Get ready for a revolution in ground-breaking comfort with the Nike Zoom X Invincible Run. The ultimate running trainer puts Nike’s advanced technology into an upper that provides extreme flexibility and lightweight. It comes full of useful features such as a comfortable sock liner, an innovative lacing system, and a distinctive rounded heel. These shoes are sure to keep you looking and feeling good no matter how far or how hard you’re running. Nike’s smallest zoom X foam shoe yet, the lightweight, breathable Nike Zoom X Invincible RS, features Nike’s longest-lasting foam cushioning. 

The Nike Zoom X Invincible Men’s Running Shoe is for an athlete looking for lightweight comfort and natural flexibility. The shoe features a flat-molded forefoot with a midfoot strap, an external heel counter, and a lightweight Phylon™ midsole. It also includes the innovative Nike ZoomX midsole, which provides energy-returning cushioning while promoting an efficient stride. 

Nike Zoom X: Sleek and Stylish

The Nike Zoom X Invincible is a sleek and stylish running shoe that the original Air Max Invincible inspired. It has a textile upper, with synthetic overlays for structure and support, together with a brand new outsole design to maximize foot movement. 

Embark on your own game of conquering the course with the revolutionary Nike Zoom X running shoe. Designed to help you move quickly and easily, this technologically advanced, lightweight sneaker features flex grooves, a foam-padded collar, and a Nike Zoom X cushioning system that maximizes propulsion. 

Nike Zoom X is an ultra-lightweight running shoe that reduces leg fatigue when the miles add up. It’s a 5-strike shoe that combines responsive cushioning, a stable ride, and a hyper-flexible feel to run faster and longer without losing speed or power. 

The Nike Zoom X is an all-new lightweight trainer with a springy, responsive ride. Engineered to help you run farther and faster, it has a full-length Zoom Air unit for lightweight cushioning. The upper incorporates an open mesh that combines Flywire cables to create a dynamic fit that flexes enough to feel like an extension of the foot. 

Nike Men’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

The Nike Men’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoe offers legendary Nike comfort for all types of runners. 

The Nike Men’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoes keep your speed high and your energy higher. Made for the neutral runner, these shoes feature a lightweight mesh upper and a redesigned Flywire midfoot construction that provides a lockdown fit. A Cushlon midsole with blown rubber in the forefoot offers soft yet responsive cushioning. Supple cushioning is built into the heel and the rubber outsole with multidirectional flex grooves traction on various surfaces. 

The Nike Men’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Running Shoe was designed for athletes seeking a solid platform to extend their training. The ZoomX foam midsole gives you a fast foot-to-surface response, and the innovative upper delivers reliable lockdown in a more natural shape for enhanced comfort. 

The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 Men’s Running Shoe features a lightweight mesh upper with a supportive midfoot strap for a locked-down fit. A stretch upper and integrated tongue wrap combine to provide flexible support and extra comfort. The Zoom Air units deliver soft responsiveness in the forefoot while the heel kick is made of a Phylon-like foam, giving you excellent cushioning. 

Goal-racer-inspired, the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 was created to meet today’s athletes’ all-around racing needs. 

The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 running shoe is ideal for long and short runs thanks to the minimal support and enhanced cushioning provided by its Zoom Air cushioning units. The dual-density midsole helps cushion the impact, while the rubber outsole offers traction on various surfaces.